Thursday, November 20, 2014

Like Squeezing A Handful Of Jello


FREETOWN, Sierra Leone (AP) — The World Health Organization says the transmission of Ebola remains "intense" and widespread in Sierra Leone, even as some improvements are being seen in the two other countries worst hit by the crisis.
Nearly 200 new cases were confirmed in Sierra Leone's capital in a recent one-week period.
The WHO report released late Wednesday indicated that Sierra Leone had the lowest percentage of Ebola patients who had been isolated — only 13 percent.
FTR, that means Sierra Leone's containment is going backwards.


Anonymous said...

Whatever the WHO and CDC are doing is obviously not working. Treating the infected and pretending to count the dead does not stop the spread of the disease. Business as usual will not halt the disease. Infected areas have to be put under strict quarantine to protect the rest of Africa.

Imagine if something actually bad like smallpox broke out. We're toast because these clowns have absolutely no clue what to do. One zombie on a subway would infect thousands.

geoffb said...

Bureaucratic infighting in Liberia. While in Guinea the numbers may start climbing as formally closed off areas finally get looked at.

Anonymous said...

From the "infighting" article:

American military helicopters ferrying doctors to remote areas were forbidden to fly back not only patients but even blood samples; recently samples from a village had to be walked to a road four hours away. At Monday’s meeting, according to the minutes, Dr. De Cock called this “unacceptable,” adding, “This has to change this week.”

So US .mil resources are transporting PEOPLE who will be interacting with sick villagers. Are those pilots protected? How can you fly in MOPP gear? How are the helos being disinfected? Are they designed to withstand the washdown?


This is beyond F'd up. What happened to "won't be working with people exposed to the virus?"

Get them HOME!


Virginian said...

On a related topic: does anybody have further information about the suspected Ebola case that was rushed to Bellevue Hospital in NYC today? The person of interest came to Brooklyn from---guess where?---Mali on 11/14. has the story so far.

Virginian said...

And on another website,, there's a report about a suspected Ebola case at Mercy Jefferson Hospital near St. Louis as of today. Does anyone have more information on this one? Since apparently the MSM and Ron Klain, the "Ebola Czar" at the White House, have shut down reporting on Ebola cases, suspected or otherwise, in the U.S., the "alternative media" and some UK outlets (the Daily Mail, etc.) are the only places that are keeping the public informed.

Jennifer said...

Virginian: As one commenter put it in the Daily Mail, the woman who died at the salon with, as a witness described, 'blood pouring from her eyes nose and mouth,' didn't have Ebola, she had TRAVEL FEVER. The US no longer has any cases of Ebola. Just the pc travel fever.

Aesop said...

At this point, I'm believing a post-mortem blood test over imaginary witness statements of bleeding everywhere.

Pics or it didn't happen.

Having done CPR and a few hundred Code Blues, someone falling out of a salon chair and getting field intubated doesn't enthrall me with surprise at the prospect of suffering a bloody nose, cut lip, etc. that's what happens.

Now, if you've got a witness with cellphone pics that can document that she was frothing blood before she vapor-locked, post the links. I rather doubt that was the case, or that anyone in the salon would have done other than run screaming into the street at that point, long before she keeled over.

So one unsubstantiated report of bleeding is most likely some jackass who saw a speck of blood, and wanted his 15 minutes of fame by getting in the NYPost or on local radio, as opposed to a solid report of actual events.

YMMV, but without something more substantial, and that doesn't smell like a 3AM caller on Coast To Coast, that's how I'm calling it.

Bezzle said...

The UK Daily Mail is a tabloid.

Meanwhile, however, Nigeria has its hands full -- and they're going to prevent Ebola from sweeping back in exactly how?

Anonymous said...

@mike- the fact it is a tabloid is a plus in this case. They are willing to buck the administrations hush order, and they are willing to report on stuff FIRST.

I don't take them as gospel, but they have been first with accurate coverage of the initial US ebola stories. Some got rolled back, but I'm looking for the heads up, not the in depth thought piece.


geoffb said...

A couple of items related to treating Ebola.

Shed GP linked to overactive immune response.

New Ebola Treatment Filters Virus Out of the Blood.