Wednesday, February 22, 2023

This Is A Gold Mine, Comedically and Militarily

 h/t Angus

Watch the whole thing.

The three minutes' summary at the end, starting at about 16:49ff, is world-class military analysis.

It's what a Pentagon briefing on Ukraine would sound like. If you outsourced the speech-writing to Dave Chapelle, Bill Burr, and Ricky Gervais. And had Brendan Gleeson (Mad Eye Moody) read it.

I'm sorry I haven't found this guy earlier, but Angus has mined a solid brick of 24k gold here.


Oh, and while we're on the subject:

Like we told you, months and months ago, and time and again since then.


Anonymous said...

One thing I do not hear about is the Ukrainian losses.

Occasionally you hear reports that UKR is suffering 100 or 200 or 300 casualties a day in Bakhmut/Zaphowhatis, or some place else. Are they true? Are their units being decimated like the Russians are?

There was a reason that Russian 155th Naval Infantry Brigade was staffed by untrained sailors and mobilized reservists. The original February 2022 unit was almost wiped out in the last 12 months, and rather than pull it out, reconstitute it, and train the new replacements, they get "On The Job Slaughtering" OJTS instead.

Are the Ukrainians suffering similar catastrophic losses, and are many of their units being hollowed out? I do not know. I hear lots of propaganda, but not many facts.


Tucanae Services said...

The vid on Putin's energy play is pretty accurate. I am surprised that some BitCoin miners have not opened shop in RU as the costs of energy is getting cheap in country over there.

Old Loggy said...

Aesop, you might want to try You Tube content creator PERUN. Although he is a gamer, for the last year he has been publishing a series of videos on the war in Ukraine that are quite interesting. Here is one of his videos.

Survivormann99 said...


I'm not saying that Ukraine will lose, but it is still a fact that the Russian Fat Lady hasn't sung yet. As Russian losses mount, Putin will be driven to adopt even more risky tactics. Autocrats like Putin do not fare well with their military and their population after their gambits fail. Putin will be keenly aware of that when making tactical decisions during the Spring Campaign.

Failing to maintain a vice-like grip on his generals and support of the population will end badly for him. Desperate men take desperate measures.

What I find troubling is that despite dozens and dozens of military "talking heads" on TV who have said that America is in the most dangerous period since the Cuban Missile Crisis, only a tiny percentage of Americans have done much of anything to prepare for a bad outcome if Russia goes nuclear in order to end a stalemate. Malls and reality TV shows get more attention than does preparing basements or stocking food for what might become extraordinarily bad times.

Meanwhile, Russia is expanding its robust nuclear shelter system, refurbishing old shelters, and conducting civilian nuclear war drills.

Anonymous said...

From the little I've seen, their losses have been substantially less and many of their commanders are being careful to preserve both men and equipment, very much opposite to what the Russians are doing.
I'd be curious to hear what Ukrainian civilian casualties are, especially effects from cold and starvation.

Anonymous said...

How clueless is the population about how close the West is to Nuclear War with RUSSIA? The question is not how close, but when?
Biden (Bidet) and the neocons want it so badly, that Lindsey Graham has become a defacto Democrat. And our military think they can defeat Russia and China.
We are so screwed.

Aesop said...

@Anon 8:51P,

The West isn't going to initiate a nuclear war with Russia.

If you're worried because you figure Russia is going to initiate a nuclear war with the West, you're the guy who'd rather let the kidnapper go, because he might shoot the hostage.

So tell the class how negotiating with terrorists works out in practice.

Vlad's problems end the minute he puts the gun down, and get back inside Russia's borders.
Everything after that is diplomacy.

He decided he needed to invade a sovereign country for his own ends.
You would rather play Chamberlain to his Hitler.
End of story.

Everybody talks a good game about being Churchill, until it's time to do Churchill shit.

Aesop said...


Putin should be looking out for himself, as should the rest of the Russian leadership. That isn't our concern.

If they feel froggy, that's their problem. I suspect that the minute he's a greater threat to them than anything else, he gets the Makarov Retirement Surprise Party. His problems end with the rest of the world the minute he concedes defeat, and retreats to within his own borders.

And if not, Brazil can worry about the world to come, while the Northern Hemisphere fights things out with sticks and stones.

What this comes down to whether Russia wants to disappear from the world stage for a century, or forever.

As I said above, as we aren't going to initiate a nuclear war, but will happily finish one, which he chooses remains entirely a question for Russia, not the West. The faster he realizes he's shoved his wedding tackle into a hornet's nest, and the quicker he pulls it back out, the happier everyone will be in the long run.

Anonymous said...

The Real USA will survive a nuclear war with Russia, the Real USA has bunkers well stocked. The Real USA is prepared.
If you don't have an invite to the shelter, well you ain't part of The Real USA.

Anonymous said...

Aesop, you’ll appreciate this one, too:

It’s about defense logistics/procurement and how the USA has such a dominant position among first world nations.

(Also, I’m surprised you liked Lazerpig, considering his videos saying the F-35 isn’t complete junk. ;)

Aesop said...

The F-35 isn't a complete piece of junk.
It's just a gazillion-dollar boondoggle, for far less airplane than we needed, at far too much pork cost.

The program managers - all of them, civilian and military - should be snatched from their beds with bags on their heads, taken to some remote desert spot, given a drumhead treason trial, and simply shot.

Whether the bodies were ever found or not, it would be a warning to others for decades to come.

John Wilder said...

I generally like Lazerpig. Interesting takes on weapons systems, especially.

Anonymous said...

Check out Dilbert from this past Sunday (3/5/2023).

Anonymous said...

His pieces on the military reformers are a hoot. XD

Anonymous said...

Perun is a fantastic channel.