Wednesday, February 1, 2023

The Unvaccinated Have Done All The Dying

 h/t WRSA

Words mean things. Pardon us for being slow to this epiphany, but with all due respect to the memelord who tried the above (most recent posting of the original version at the h/t link) and whiffed, to be funny, comedy requires truth. There was no truth in the original version of that meme, though it tried mightily to convey what you're all seeing with your own lying eyes. And that truth is, 

EVERYBODY is unvaccinated.

There IS NO Covid vaccine.

Never has been. Never was intended to be.

Once you stop stepping on your wedding tackle and admit the obvious truth, the only remaining purpose of The Jabs isn't disease prevention. It doesn't, so it cannot be.

But it does alter your DNA via gene mutation.

And induce massive spikes in miscarriages, stillbirths, cardiomyopathy, and coagulopathy, which have been killing people of Suddenly™ in wide swaths since Day One. And it's only going to accelerate.

I know hundreds of people, personally, who've been jabbed. I know of no person in Creation who's been vaccinated. Neither do you.

So stop bullsh*tting about this:

The unvaccinated are dying, because EVERYONE is unvaccinated. Still. By Design.

And the overwhelming majority of the folks dying of Suddenly™, are The Jabbed.

By a country mile.

UPDATE: And Just Like That!, somebody gets it:

From WRSA the day after this post hit.


Anonymous said...

Great point, Brother!
I know a number of people who have been jabbed - yet "surpringly" they're the ones getting the coof, again and again.
We unjabbed have not.
Boat Guy

streamfortyseven said...

Here's a possible answer: "How would “immune tolerance,” induced by repeat antigen shots such as mRNA injections, look like when the person is infected with Sars-Cov-2?

It would look like a “mild” infection without a serious fever that would last much longer than necessary and cause organ damage. The sufferer may say, for the first week, that they are thankful for vaccines and boosters making their symptoms mild. Then they start wondering why the infection is not going away.

Such tolerance may explain why boosted people are the slowest to clear Covid-19:

So: IgG4 antibodies have the opposite effect to all other types of antibodies and make our immune system ignore the particular antigen they are trained to detect.

You do not want to ignore a replicating virus — so the IgG4 antibody class would be inappropriate for viruses. Pollen, however, is a perfect case for IgG4 to prevent immune reaction and inflammation.

Switching to IgG4 binding against a viral agent is like opening your house doors wide for robbers and ignoring them as they ruffle through your drawers. The robbery will be “mild” - but the thieves will take away your stuff. And they will come back again."

My bet is that the vax was designed in this way to minimize the possibility of antibody-dependent enhancement - - note that the antibodies produced by the vaxxes are non-neutralizing, and consider: "Both ADE pathways can occur when non-neutralizing antibodies or antibodies at sub-neutralizing levels bind to viral antigens without blocking or clearing infection."

So apparently the big idea was to refocus the immune system towards tolerance, in the hope that the body would eventually clear the infection over time. This doesn't seem to have worked out...

Aesop said...

The bigger issue seems to be that the spiked proteins are inducing mega-clots, which is what's killing people "Suddenly".

Having an attempted vaccine merely not work is bad.
Having it actively kill the recipients is catastrophic.
Failing to inform people of both is depravedly evil.

Michael said...

As bioengineering is not my skillset what is your research and thoughts about "shedding" from vaccinated to not vaccinated people Aesop?

Would be a nasty extension to a planned bioweapon, maybe limited to very close as in family interactions?

The reports of adding the vaccine spiked proteins into our food supply to "overcome vaccine hesitancy" seems also a bioweapon delivery system? Like that meme that compares that to using Rohypnol to overcome "sexual hesitancy" aka rape.

Nasty "Leadership" we seem to have importing illegals (DO THEY get Vaccinated?) and using mass medica to propagandize us EVEN as of this morning's ads to "Get the Vaccine".

Thanks for addressing this subject.

MSG Grumpy said...

I agree with your overall point,
But, along with the reason that TRUTHFUL memes are so effective is that they use TRUTH, picture and few words to connect a reasoned truth with the lightbulb moment for those who receive the meme...
While your fixed meme is more truthful than the old, it can be miss-interpreted by the Pro jabbers to say that the un-jabbed are the majority dying.
Which it doesn't say, but the meme that applies the Truth point with a 2X4 is soooo much more effective.
Might I suggest a subtle change to your more truthful meme?
How about the words:
"It is the Jabbed who are dying" and come up with an equally effective meme to drive the point about vax vs what the jabs really are...

Don't shoot the me, I'm just the piano player...

MSG Grumpy

Anonymous said...

Noticed that they pulled the J&J actual vaccine over 20 reports of injuries but have kept the non-vaccines on the market despite 10,000+ reports of serious injuries or death.
I don't like to think the worst of people, but actions like this sure push me that way!

Anonymous said...

To add to Streamfortyseven's point, it seems that the jabs causing our bodies to produce spike proteins for an extended period would provide "cover" to the actual virus in the same way that continuously lofting swarms of decoy-drones would provide cover to a smaller number of attack aircraft and/or missiles vs. defending interceptors, SAM and AAA batteries during an attack.

Limited defensive systems are overwhelmed and waste time and resources dealing with the drones vs. the actual attackers, which they cannot differentiate. Thus, it takes far longer to clear the actual COVID-19. The fact that the self-generated spike proteins created by the jabs are also harmful is like the decoy drones also "kamikaze" themselves into vital infrastructure.

Aesop's observations of the moral dimension of this monstrous attack are absolutely on point. The Golden Rule works both proactively and retroactively: I believe that the depraved monsters have set clear ROE for the response by what they have done unto us.

My usual question in any crisis is "OK, so: what can we do?"... but this is the wrong question. To paraphrase Agatha Heterodyne...

"We are Americans. Our country is under attack. The question is, what CAN'T we do?"

This, I believe, is the right attitude. Now, if only we had a nice army to back us up...

Survivormann99 said...

I still see people who are wearing face masks. The only explanation for this is that they are liberal sheep who easily fall in line with liberal ideology,and are functioning within a bubble in an alternative universe that disappeared for most people months ago.

I have to think that a huge percentage of those who got the jab rest uneasy at night because they cannot ignore the news that seeps into the press coverage more and more with each passing day. When the likes of Bill Gates express concern for how ineffective the Vaxx was, and with the continuing news reports about 20 and 30 somethings who died of "Suddenly," this has to chip away at what is, at least for many, smug satisfaction for having done "the right thing" and gotten the Vaxx.

While denial helps many ignore the steamrolling reports of fatal Vaxx outcomes, the cracks in their Wall of Denial become more evident with each passing day.

After 2008, I wondered about how those in real estate dealt with the fact that most of their customers to whom they had sold homes either lost them after the crash,or were very far underwater. I wonder the same thing now about all of those physicians who bought the Vaxx BS hook, line, and sinker are dealing with the devastating health effects of their patients who took their advice and got the jab.

If the pandemic has revealed one thing, it is that the so-called "experts" are all too often not really experts.

June J said...

"Having an attempted vaccine merely not work is bad.
Having it actively kill the recipients is catastrophic.
Failing to inform people of both is depravedly evil."

The above most likely was the intended outcome. That they are depravedly evil is a given based upon all the depraved behavior they accept as normal.

Jeb Texas said...

Clearly & definitively said, brother! The most disheartening part of this crap is that the majority of we the people will never see this Truth, and so the guilty will not be punished (at least in this life,) for their evil.

ricker62 said...

Just had my semi annual with my PCP, he's more than a proponent of the vax, he's in love with it.
He's really pushing the "latest" booster, says it's really needed. All the usual stuff, you get the vax to stay out of the hospital, so symptoms are less, so you don't die. He says that.
He says the non vaxxed are causing all the new variants, that there would be no mutations if everyone were vaxxed.

Not going to say here what I told him about my vax status, but I told no boosters for me for sure.

It's more of a hassle to try to find a different PCP, than to just go along and ignore him.
But he's also really pushing the flu vax (like always) and the Shingles vax. And I'm not that old!

Anonymous said...

If Failing to inform is depravedly evil, knowing all this while forcing the not-vax clot shot at the risk of freedom and livelihood while also exempting yourselves from the jab.... vengeance belongs to the Lord but if he should be looking for a medium to exact. Here i am send me.

Greg said...

I'll reiterate a comment I've made in another post; Every medical appointment I check into, I'm asked "Are you vaccinated for Covid 19?" I look them square in the eyes and say "There is no vaccine for Covid 19. What they are calling a vaccine is no such thing, and I will have nothing to do with it". Often enough now, the MA or Nurse will agree with me, but they just want to fill out the checkboxes.
So now, I'll have ICD code Z28.310 in my medical records, and it'll be harder to expunge than a tattoo. HIPPAA was supposed to ensure medical privacy. HA!!! Pull the other one, it's got bells on it. Mandatory electronic medical records just means a massive database that can be bought, sold, and searched forever.

Plague Monk said...

Somewhat off topic, and I apologize for a link to Vox Day, but I think this is interesting and he deserves the tip:

I didn't go into the main medical article, as that is not an area of my expertise.

Mike Hendrix said...

In the Empire Of Lies, words really do mean things. It's just that they mean the exact opposite of what they used to mean, that's all.

AC47Spooky said...

Right on -- your logic cuts through the bullshit.

Aesop said...

@MSG Grumpy,

If the elephant said "The UnJabbed Aren't Dying", I would have no quibble whatsoever.
That's what it should have said from the get-go, if done correctly.
I worked with what I have, but I may make further effort.

Anonymous said...

The injections are gene.altering, there's no.going back from even one injection.
Apparently the more times a person is injected.the worse the medical outcomes are. But it my simply be that the eventual outcome for every mRNA injectee is going to be last same, as Dr. Dolores Cahill has asserted, but it will take longer to manifest the less number of injections a person has had. If I recall, she said 3-5 years post injection will be when the deaths from Suddenly really ramp up. As weren't at just about the two year mark of the mass injection campaign, that means in about a year.

Anonymous said...

I get a gleeful look in my eye and say "Thanks, I have been waiting for someone to give me the informed consent, I have some questions." They ALL wander off and don't bring it up again.

John Wilder said...


Anonymous said...

As the saying goes, Professionals built the Titanic, Amateurs built the Ark...

Anonymous said...

Agreed. If you want to be brutally honest, you could make it "the unmodified".

idahobob said...

Us pure bloods have not been jabbed, nor are we going to be.

Joe in PNG said...

The biggest irony of the whole thing is that if the jab is that dangerous, the Left has basically killed themselves off.
After all, it's the true-blue leftist who are getting the shot on a regular basis. It's the woke adjacent in the various armed services who are going along with the mandates.
But, then again, "Unexpectedly!" is a regularly occurring situation for Leftist in power.

Aesop said...

@Overgrown Hobbit:

1) First off, maybe try posting the correct link. (I was nonetheless able to find the study with suitable google-fu.)

2) Secondly, note that a study cleverly done three years after things got epidemiologically sporty is worthless, since it wasn't available before the pandemic. But thanks for referencing a lock company's ad three years after the horse escaped the barn.

3) Thirdly, and most importantly, maybe try reading your own links before you post them.

I say that because you evidently missed these absolute gems:

"The high risk of bias in the trials, variation in outcome measurement, and relatively low adherence with the interventions during the studies hampers drawing firm conclusions."

"The low to moderate certainty of evidence means our confidence in the effect estimate is limited, and that the true effect may be different from the observed estimate of the effect."

These weasel-words are cleverly hidden under the 24-pt type entitled "Author's Conclusions", and begin the first two paragraphs, wherein they admit they're talking entirely out of their asses, based on a total dearth of any relevant data to make any conclusions, other than "Who the fuck knows anything?".

IOW, in plain English: "This "study" is totally full of shit, nothing we said should be mistaken for actual valid information upon which to base any medical decisions, and we fully know and openly admit that. But we published anyways, because we know somebody somewhere may fall for it, and we had to justify spending our grant money on something besides beer, pizza, and our rent for six months."

In journalism, that's called "burying the lede".
In formal logic, it's called lying by obfuscation.
In plain English, it's known as "bullshitting" and "talking out of your ass".
Your source material just admitted to the universe, in black and white, that they're totally full of shit.
Is that really what you're hanging your entire case on...??
Or did you simply not read all that, which I gleaned in about 4 seconds' time?

4) So before you think you're going to accuse me of "complicity in crimes against humanity" based on such half-assed hogwash, you'd be better off checking your sources twice, before you bring a pop-gun to a gunfight, and then have it not even go off, because it doesn't even have a cork loaded.

5) Re-read the OP: Words mean things.

Granting your motives were honest, your perusal and grasp of the material cited was egregiously sloppy, and the value of that citation is somewhere just below that of used toilet paper in a cesspit. And I'm being generous with that description, assuming the "study" cited was printed on Charmin or other soft paper, just to provide some bare utility to the final product.

If that's what justifies grant money, I'm working far too hard in the business I'm in. I could be pulling down big-time grant money, for less than half the work I put into just this blog.

Better luck next time.