Wednesday, February 15, 2023


"VICTORY! Maybe Someday..." "in a pig's ass!"



Michael said...

I need to thank you Aesop, I just finished my taxes (estimated 1200 dollars so far to the Ukraine) and your advice about the Russian Ruble dying gained me a very taxable boost to my income last year using FX.

Any more economic advice I could prosper with, please?

Thanks in advance.

Yours Michael

Glen Filthie said...

Now now! We said a couple weeks to flatten the Kraine. Turns out it was something like 7 months.

🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 Long live Globohomo General Aesop!

They’re fighting NATO now, in case you hadn’t noticed. That’s gonna take a little longer. In the meantime, your friends in the media tell us you can save money by skipping meals! In Russia… the Ruble is the 3rd strongest currency in the world and its only getting stronger.

Tucanae Services said...

I note that the turrent ring is upside down on that tank. The turrent must have made one hell of a half-gainer on its way down to pull that off.

Aesop said...


By all means, go all in on the ruble. Check back with us next year, and be sure and tell us how you did!
In case you forget, we wont.

Riiiiight. They had to flatten the Donbas to save it. Where have we heard that logic before? That explains the 5 month retreat to Moscow: they didn't want to cause a panic.

You're the only one here obsessed with Globohomo. There's a Freudian slip in there, not unlike the one you're wearing.

But no, despite your earnest wishes, they're not "fighting NATO", anymore than we were fighting Russia and China when they flooded the Vietnam War with their toys.
Russia and China made that bed 60 years ago, now they can lie in it.
You can tell they aren't "fighting NATO", because their conventional troops aren't all dead or pushed beyond the Urals, and the entire Northern Hemisphere of the planet isn't a glowing slagheap of nuclear waste after a mutual exchange once Russia panics.

And the ruble is the 3rd strongest currency in the world? Where??? On Vlad's own list? Or just in Moscow?

Doesn't even make the Top Ten here:
Doesn't make even the Top Sixteen here:
Doesn't make the Top Ten here:
Doesn't even get a place in the Top 50(!) here:

So we see that all we have to do is listen to you for a minute, and realize the truth on just about anything is nowhere in sight. Again.

So maybe you could go the only place anyone wants it: Russia.

Maybe you and Michael could get together on a scheme to corner the market on rubles.
Vlad's ass probably needs another tongue bath.

But thanks for another episode of Delsuions On Display.
Ask your doc about upping your med dose.
It's Canuckistan, so he'll probably just ask if you'd like to kill yourself.
Bummer, dude.
Quit while you're behind. This is as good as it gets for you.

Glen Filthie said...

From your friends in Fwance - a little perspective. They struggle with table manners while you struggle with your crotches!😂👍

You’re welcome!

🇫🇷🌐 Intel Slava is proud to present a commentary piece by a friend of the channel. They are currently serving in a NATO military and wish to offer their opinion in the context of the increasing tensions we face in the world today.

Hello Intel Slava, I am an Armored officer of the French Army. I have been reading your page for some time to get a different view of the conflict in Ukraine. Thank you for what you do.

If I write to you today, it is to tell you exactly what it is like to be an officer in a Western European army in 2023.

In concrete terms, we are constantly being told about "high-intensity warfare" and "the return of modern warfare". We, specifically, are told about the importance of our role as armored officers, because "tanks will play a major role against our enemies". We are constantly being fed a pro-war arguments, very anti-Russian, very pro-NATO discourses (no surprise there). In other words, we are in an era like in 1872, when France had just lost against Germany, and the whole country was in propaganda mode to prepare the "revenge" (we call this "revanchisme" in France).

That's kind of the feeling I get (even if I don't really see the revenge we would have to take on the Russians, Lol).

But this bellicose speech is a facade, like a cat growling at a bear hoping to scare it. In reality our army is in tatters. We are unable to maintain our Leclerc tanks for example: only fifty of them are functional, a shame for "the first army in Europe"... A shame for an armored cavalry officer like me who is from ESM Saint Cyr and Saumur. It is not better in other sectors of the army, we have for example almost no more CAESAR (thanks Ukraine!). In other words, we have neither tanks nor guns.

The French like to make fun of China, which they say is a "paper tiger". The paper tiger is us. Our army was unable to eliminate 500 terrorists in Africa, it would not last 2 days in a real modern war.

But the most ridiculous thing is what? It is that our army is wallowing in this mediocrity. Like an old man who contemplates his reflection in the mirror, dreaming of his past glory. I'm thinking of a specific episode that happened recently and that justified my writing to you: an evaluation for my officer class that we just passed consisted in "eating properly" and "knowing how to set a table in a noble way", to respect the tradition of armored cavalry officers (supposed to be particularly noble)... Funny if it was just some tradition. Except no: it was decisive. Those who misaligned knives and forks got very bad marks, which would be reflected in their career and choice of regiment. The French army breaks the ambitions of young people who have been preparing for 6 years to lead tanks, for a story of forks...

This army is ridiculous, it is only a shadow of its former self. It disgusts all the sincere French patriots: most of my comrades consider leaving the army as soon as they can. For this reason in particular, because the army brings nothing. But also because they do not want, for some of them, to be the minions of NATO while they enlisted to serve France...

TL;DR: you don't have to worry about Western European countries, our arrogance is theater.

I give you my greetings, take care of yourselves and let's pray (whatever our obedience) that this conflict will stop and that Europe will find again a peaceful and multipolar balance.

Aesop said...

Thanks Glen, but everyone not called "France" knew the French Army was mostly an inside joke without you telling us. They haven't participated in NATO in, what, 60 years? The last military force they handled was Greenpeace.

Do Canada next?

Anonymous said...

In the link to the top 50 currencies, the Russian ruble comes in at #24.

Aesop said...

Well son of a gun, so it does.
Scrolled right past it.

Right ahead of Indian rupees, and Chinese yuan.
No idea why they'd be the biggest backers for Russia's current escapades.

But it'll really cheer Michael and Glen up to know it beat out the Bulgarian lev and the Mexican peso!

Still seems to have come in a good bit lower than 3rd though, huh?

Michael said...

Aesop, I am grateful your medical skill set is better than your economics.

It's NOT a Taxable Event until you sell and make a Profit.

So again, thanks for granting me your economic wisdom as I PAID Taxes on a very nice GAIN that I had to PAY TAXES on.

Carry On Nurse

Aesop said...


I wish your reading comprehension was as sharp as your tongue.

I said nothing about your gains, losses, taxes, or any other thing.
Invest in all the rubles you like. "24th strongest currency in the world, behind Indian rupees" doesn't inspire a lot of confidence though, does it?

Best wishes with that plan in days to come.

dthompson4447 said...

Educate yourself

Aesop said...

(And my patience for that stuff is miles longer than the average person's. Putting it behind a perennial "Subscribe to me, for I am the Big Brain on this!" banner didn't increase my appetite for it.)

Summary: "Any Day Now, Russia's Going To Do...Something™."

Okay, noted.
It must be true, you read it on the internet.
Call me when they take Kiev, and then the 10-year guerrilla war starts.

Putin will be elected Pope before Russia finally and totally prevails in Ukraine.
But he's willing to fight to the last convict and cripple before that day.

dthompson4447 said...

There is a link on that banner
"let me read it first"
requires you be able to read though
I guess you wish to remain un-educated,,
it was long because it had a lot of information,
likely mostly true

Aesop said...

I can read just fine.
And scanned most of it around the annoying subscription demand, after skipping the pointless history wander through Russia's alimentary canal.
I just see no need to sign up to be spammed by somebody who can't make a point in less time than a college Ph.D. dissertation.
That's why my summary was spot-on.
Let's re-visit Big Brain's prognostication, and see how it holds up, shall we?