Thursday, February 16, 2023

This Is All Your Own Fault, You Know

 h/t WRSA and Chief Nose Wetter

Apparently, too many folks in Flyover Country, from Ohio to New Hamster (oh, and some slop-over in Canuckistan; sorry, eh?), haven't been getting their boosters and dying of Suddenly™ fast enough to suit TPTB, so they've switched to more active measures to thin the herd.

Mighty white of them.

It's always predictable what happens when government has your best interests at heart, isn't it?

Just for giggles, nota bene that the vast bulk of that crap is hanging in the air below 2500m, i.e. at less than 8,000'. Most of it a lot lower. IOW, it's pretty well hugging the ground, not going up high and dispersing. All the way to Canada. PA, yes; but upstate NYFS and Vermont are getting heavily rogered by this. This isn't just the Ohio River Valley. It's the Allegheny. The Oswego. The Oneida. The Hudson. The St. Lawrence Seaway all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. Niagara Falls. Lake Erie. Lake Ontario. Along with hundreds of miles of lesser rivers, creeks, canals, lakes, and ponds.

I hope everyone is updating their "WHO and WHERE" lists as appropriate.


Charlie said...

Fortunately, Ohio is getting just a little of the fallout.
Prevailing westerlies are screwing everyone east and nne of ground zero.

ohio river is water supply for a big swath of the country, not good

Anonymous said...

where does this graphic originate from?

Aesop said...

It's an NOAA atmospheric model; I tracked it down, and updated the graphic with the source.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised they didn't do this down south or in Texas; from Ohio it's going to affect mostly New England who are their supporters.
I used to live an hour from there... Makes me glad I left...

Aesop said...

Penn-tucky and upstate NY are not their supporters.

And St. Louis, Pittsburgh, and NYFC may not have very many nice things to say about the regime either, when this trickles (literally).

Plague Monk said...

Here in Cincinnati, all the authorities are assuring us that the water will be fine, yet the local stores are running out of bottled water. Luckily for us, we have several dozen cases stockpiled in the garage; Man Does Not Live on Ammo Alone. We'll use the bottled water for drinking, cooking, the cats, and the aquarium. For toiletries and laundry, we'll go with the tap water until it gets to the point where I can use it as fuel for my R/C 1/6 scale Sherman tank.

Plague Monk said...

On a more serious note, I'm not surprised that this accident happened. Safety has long been a problem in the railroad industry, especially with Norfolk Southern. Some years I worked for the principal supplier of railroad train brakes as a designer. They had developed an electronic braking system that they were trying to sell to the industry, but the lead client engineer told me that it would take at least 50 years to do the transition. Near the end of my assignment, I was asked to generate 3D CAD models of brake system parts whose drawings dated to the 1870s and 1880s. NS and other companies were still using these components.
Here's a very good article on the East Palestine accident:
I read this article to my long suffering wife last night, angry at NS's incompetence and downright criminal behavior. My client, while trying to sell a product, was also trying to improve the track record(pun intended) of the industry.

Plague Monk said...

Lastly, I doubt that there will be any meaningful reforms at any level, and those affected are going to be left hanging in the wind. NS has too many well paid lobbyists who work with both parties to keep things as they are, unless they get paid a lot of money(and they'll still try to subvert/weaken any safety rules enacted). The RR industry as a whole is one of the most corrupt, and has been since at least the 1850s. But that's another diatribe...

Night driver said...

You were looking for the Mohawk River. Oswego is a nice college town, but.

The point got there, at least.

Only Buffalo, Rochester (do NOT say, "Mistuh Benny?" there), Syracuse and Albany are supporters. Utica and Rome tend to waffle to and from Supporter status.

Mike DeWine seems to be doing all he should be doing here.
When this is ALL in the record books it may well DWARF 3 Mile Island in effects...

night Driver, a proud former Mohawk Valley denizen.

John Wilder said...

And yet, the media is mostly silent.

Anonymous said...

The Ohio joins the Mississippi River. How long will it take for all the chemicals to be leached out of the mud and sand in the local creeks? Where will it spread in Spring Floods of the Ohio and Mississippi River Basins?

I heard FEMA has denied Disaster Area Staus to East Palestine Ohio, after Federal EPA punched holes in the 5 Vinyl Chloride Tank cars and then set the chemicals on fire.


Joe in PNG said...

Don't worry- Sec. Gay Unfunny Mr. Bean is making balloon jokes and blaming Trump!

Aesop said...

@night driver,
Google Earth begs to differ with you about river names.
's the only reason I so named whatever stretch of water they identified as such.

But yeah, either way, NYFS is fornicated.
Which means NYFC, in a few days after that.
Then, suddenly, the screaming and finger-pointing will begin in earnest.

Three Mile Island didn't do Mr. Peanut's electoral results any favors either.

But frankly, I'm surprised the Pentagon didn't blame the incident on a balloon crash, and then go to Defcon 3, just to sell the fraud.

LSWCHP said...

Here in Australia I asked my very well informed (at least from the MSM point of view) wife if she'd heard about this catastrophe. Nope. She hunted down a couple of tiny "nothing to see here, all will be well" reports in the local media.

The cone of silence around this incident is astonishing.

LSWCHP said...

I'm astonished that the guys in charge thought that setting fire to hundreds of tons of volatile toxic chemicals was a good idea, versus almost any other course of action.

Aesop said...

I've got a scoop on that going up:

Tucanae Services said...

1)FEMA says non to emergency support for E. Palestine OH.
2)Trump announces he is going there to talk to the folks (he won the county by 71%)
3)FEMA changes course and prepares to send aid.

Politics aside it is good to know that Trump still lives rent free in Demoncrats heads 24x7. And people wonder why I supported the idea of Trump as Speaker. Watching AOC have an aneurysm and die on the House floor would be worth the effort.