Thursday, February 23, 2023

On Negotiating With Terrorists

The same people pissing in their boots about nuclear war with Putin now are the first ones who "can't imagine" why neither Britain nor America ever stood up to Hitler until it was too late to stop WWII, because they'd have seen through that appeasement and isolationist malarkey right off.

Uh huh. And I have a bridge for sale, cheap. 

We faced down a potential nuclear war every day with every Russian leader from Stalin to Gorbachev, inclusive. It turns out they didn't want to eat a mouthful of shit and ashes for the next millennium either. If you're going to talk geopolitics with grown-ups, start off by growing a spine and a sack. Some of us have seen this game played most of our lives, Baby Ducks. And the Ostrich Strategy doesn't play. 


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Hitler?

Looking around the United States and Canada these last ten years, and I am starting to understand how Hitler came to power and why the "Good Germans" did not do squat to stop or overthrow him.


Plague Monk said...

I've been very disappointed by several bloggers and websites that in the past have been worthwhile reads but are now foaming at the mouth over Putard's disinformation campaign. No names, but there are about half a dozen places that are no longer daily(+) stops for me. Oh well, that gives me more time to look at cat p*rn and Aviation Leaks, not to mention gardening(instead of writing the hard sf/alternate history that I promised a publisher 3 years ago).

Keith said...

Like Plague Monk I've dumped a number of people I used to follow over the war. It's one thing to be concerned about where all the equipment were sending Ukraine is going or if Joe is really the one running things (he's not) but to deny the reality that the war is going very poorly for the Russians and that this is not WWII where Putin can simply order millions of men, rifles, and vehicles to appear. In fact he's learning what being on the wrong side of lend lease looks like.

Joe in PNG said...

Had the Putards been around in the 50's, and saying the stuff they are saying now, they'd likely get stomped for being a bunch of Pinko Commie Traitor Scum.
It's a massive irony that supposed Right Wing Conservatives are vomiting up late 60's Bezerkley Hippie Fellow Traveler nonsense- as if KGB Man Vladmir pretending he's a Christian suddenly makes Russian Imperialism good. Bunch of quislings, dupes, and useful idiots

JWMJR said...

If the war is going so poorly for the Russians why do they occupy over 20% of the former Ukraine territory? Why is Bahkmut about to fall? Why is Ukraine impressing at literal gunpoint 16 year olds to send them nto the meat grinder?
I have to many relatives buried on the bluffs above Omaha Beach and in Arlington cemetery and at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean to stand by silently and see my government and my tax dollars supporting an openly fascist regime in Ukraine

Aesop said...

Russia started the war occupying 15% of Ukraine's territory, they've lost most of what they gained since last February, literally decimated their forces, wiped out about 1/3 of their actual force capability, won and lost Bakhmut already before now, and Russia has been press-ganging cripples and prisoners for 8 months already. And they have the most openly fascist regime on the planet, after China, still. And they've spent 12 months shelling civilians deliberately and indiscriminantly, because of their total and perpetual impotence and incompetence on the battlefield, fulfilling the exact definition of "war crimes" in every definition in use since the Middle Ages.

You don't get to look at one side of the pancake and pretend you're telling the whole story.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Pretty sure your early concerns were nuclear war with Russia but not going to go look. I identify as mentally handicapped. Rex Kramer for president.

Aesop said...

My concerns were exactly that, but we only control not doing things so massively stupid that it would inevitably trigger such a war.

If we're going to say sending weapons to a country they're fighting is such a trigger, I'd like to ask that we be allowed to retroactively carpet-nuke Russia and China without consequence in response to the Korean and Vietnam Wars. Then we can discuss their current concerns from an even start.

Fair is fair.

If they get a flier on that, we should be able to send Ukraine all the shit we want, at our own discretion. If that fucks up their "Let's Rebuild The Soviet Union" party, and gets Russia's panties all twisted around their nuts, fuck Vlad and the jackass he rode to the party on.

If our assumption is the Russians aren't insane enough to melt the world down, Vlad's threats now are an empty bluff.
If our assumption is that they're too crazy to trust under current circumstances, we should have carpet-nuked them in the turmoil after the downfall of the Soviet Union in 1990, and called it a win for world peace.
But people can't play it both ways; pick one.

Termite said...

I would the 1st and 13rd Marine forces do if we decided to truly test Russia, and the Marines had full USAF and Navy air support? Da Ya think the Russkies would get an education...?