Thursday, February 23, 2023

Happy Birthday, Vlad

Signed, Everyone!


Joe in PNG said...

Another year of "Russia stronk! Putin is totally winning you globalhomos!" coming right up.

Anonymous said...

A big Problem for Vlad is that his Ukraine mistake is likely Non-Survivable.

If Putin fails, or decides to retreat from Ukraine, he will be torn apart if he stays in Russia. But there is no place else for him to find sanctuary anymore. Napoleon had St. Helena. Juan Peron was allowed to retreat to several other countries including Spain (Maybe it was a mistake, since he took over Argentina again in the 1970's until his death.) Even the mass murdering Idi Amin was allowed to live out his last days in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Then the short sighted rabid leftists decided Augusto Pinochet must be punished and he was arrested in London in 1998 for "Human Rights Violations." The old idea that dictators could find sanctuary died with his arrest and the rise of the feckless "World Court."

Imagine if instead of starting the Second Iraq War, the US and Great Britain promised Saddam Hussein peace if he took a few billions and fled Iraq? If Qaddafi could have fled Libya before both he and it were torn apart by a multi-sided civil war? Assad the Optometrist in Syria? The option of exile eliminates the selfish need for an internationally unpopular and murderous leader to drag his entire country down in flames because he personally has no other options.

Now Putin likely has nowhere to safely run to. Maybe China is the only country powerful enough to tell the Holier than Thou Moralizing Progressive Secular Left to f*** right off? But why would they?

Vladimir Putin will die in Russia. Whether his death is peaceful in his old age, or sudden and violent from failure in Ukraine, he will die in Russia.


Michael said...

As one who raises bees and enjoys the peace from political pollsters after posting my legal signage of beware of Bees.

I must note that bees commit suicide as they die from stinging, as the barbed stinger pulls their guts out.

Sort of like Ukrainian Trench video reports I've seen on German TV recently.

Aesop said...

The Ukrainians are willing to die to kick Russia out of their own country.

The Russian kids are running for the exits.

Joe in PNG said...

Why do people who loudly pretend to be American Patriots not grok the fact that maybe the people in Ukraine also believe in 'watering the Tree of Liberty with tyrants and patriots' for their own land? That they too might rather die on their feet than on their knees? Or may after centuries of Russian oppression and murder decide "never again"?

Michael said...

Bees are also willing to die for their hive.

As far as your lovely "source"

Radar online from Wikipedia

Radar Online is an American entertainment and gossip website that was first published as a print and online publication in September 2003 before becoming exclusively online.[1][2][3] As of 2008, the magazine has been owned by the publisher American Media Inc.[4] American Media's former Chief Content Officer, Dylan Howard, oversaw the publication until 2020.[5][6]

The print magazine was suddenly shuttered in 2008 after its primary backer, billionaire Ron Burkle, who owned a substantial interest in Star and National Enquirer publisher American Media, withdrew. Radar Online was relaunched in March 2009 with a rebranding, focusing on celebrity items about gossip, fashion, and pop culture.

American Media owns all the gossip rags of America.

Bravo, Golf Clap