Friday, February 3, 2023

Because I Said I'd Try


Still not perfectly accurate, but far closer to reality than the original meme.


Nori said...

Yes,the jab-deficient. Like the House & Senate and their staffs. Most if not all three letter denizens of privileged life are exempt,including the 4 letter USPS. SCOTUS & staff also!
Army,Navy,Air Force,and Marines were MANDATED to get the mostly peaceful Take-It-Or-Your-Career-Is-Over poison jabs.

Not noticing Died Suddenlly among ANY of the jab-deficient Ruling Class.

MSG Grumpy said...

Looks better to me,

I always say, "Take Joy in the little things in life"

I also warn the Wife:
"Never sacrifice the good on the alter of the Perfect"

MSG Grumpy

Rollory said...

Problem is, the people telling me the jabs are dangerous are the exact same people telling me Russia is winning in Ukraine and that we should be cheering for Russia to murder 40 million people anyway.

Medical and military judgements are not made on the same basis of skills and knowledge. Usually. Except in this case it looks increasingly like they are; specifically, it's "I hate those guys so I'll say the opposite of them" regardless of truth or falsehood or long-range consequences.

I haven't taken any of the covid shots and am not currently planning on it. But I'm not seeing any sky-is-falling stuff yet, and every time I try looking for clear and specific and reproducible data, evidence that is presented in a neutral and factual manner that I can pass around for discussion and hear what the other side's counterarguments are - it is incredibly difficult to find such. Instead it is always "Watch this video! Dumbass McGee DESTROYS the Pfizer madness!"

Videos are propaganda. Videos are also very nearly the only form of information the anti-mRNA side is passing around.

The argument is not going to be won like this.

John Wilder said...

Yup, and getting more obvious with every bit of data.

The Kansas Infidel said...

Do You Know Someone with ‘Long COVID’ and Vaccinated? Here’s a Guide for Spike Protein Detox by World Council for Health (IVERMECTIN!)