Thursday, February 16, 2023

Exclusive Press Conference With The Geniuses In Charge of the Palestine OH Response


First Groper Bonehead, and Tranny Secretary Buttplug, reporting for duty!


Michael said...

Pity WE don't defenestrate a bunch of crooks and panderers.

Would give the rest of the freak show a moment of pause if repeated often enough.

What was it called around her? The Air-Pinochet treatment?

But then again, the ladies' clothes stealing freak will get ITS day in court, a tap on the hand and probably get quietly re-instated in some Other Sock Puppet bureaucracy. Just as a nice FU to the rest of "We the People".

Cannot let the holi poli get uppity as they say in District of Criminals.

For all the noise on the internet I've still never seen a Morbark used for freak removal.

Maybe if Vlad used a Morbark for removing thieves of military stores He'd get better press?


Mike-SMO said...

They have no t d eleased the cause of the derail. It is clear that Norfolk Southern got the toxic chemical rules weakened so they could transport massive loads of toxic and hazardous materials as conveniently and profitably as possible. They bad obviously made no arrangements for tbe inevitable derailments. Now the Democratic regime seems intent on letting the White MAGA area suffer from that neglect. They route the hazards away from the Democratic cities Nd let the no -urban areas suffer. At least we know what they have planned for us.

Anonymous said...

Christ! ….thats a damn understatement.

John Wilder said...

And, still not a federal disaster area.