Sunday, February 26, 2023

Sunday Music: Head Over Heels

 First of three hit singles from Go-Gos album #3, from the heart of 1984.


Administrivia: It's also 1984 hereabouts, as apparently the rains have drowned local internet service. If I couldn't bootleg time at work, this post wouldn't even have gotten up today. We switched to music posts on Sundays because it's unfailingly the lightest day for blog traffic.

Regular posting resumes whenever TPTB decide that such service is any sort of priority for them. Which it apparently wasn't all day today.

And the weather-guessers predict three more days of monsoons starting tonight or tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for making it in for Sunday's music post

Maybe a consideration next Sunday if this continues:

Cheers to you.

Xzebek said...

I absolutely love Jane!! I have since Beauty and the Beat came out!

John Wilder said...

Great bubblegum.

Pat H. said...

That 6'6", 270 pound Teen" is to be tried as an adult, in a Florida court.

Bring back chain gangs.

Aesop said...

He'll be found mentally incompetent to stand trial, which should be a precursor for putting him in an institution for the violently mentally handicapped, ideally for life.

Pity they won't charge the "professionals" who mainstreamed a mentally defective thug into regular high school with criminal negligence.

I hope the teacher's aide sues everyone from the parents to the school district, and retires for life on her winnings. She might have been killed.

Pat H. said...

You want skilled music? I present this, the guitarist to the right of the stage is Kenny Greenberg, one of the most underrated in the country.