Thursday, February 9, 2023

R.I.P. Burt Bacharach


Yeah, he wrote a song or two. Or three.
Only eight Grammys, including a Lifetime Achievement Award, an Emmy, and three Oscars to show for it.
And a string of hits from the 1960s to the 1990s. No small number sung by Dionne Warwick.
At home, in Los Angeles, aged 94 years.
What a talent. What a life.


Anonymous said...

nice catch on Naked Eyes. I had no idea he wrote that 80's hit. Thx

Grandpa said...

another part of real music dies, to be replaced by the current garbage and satanic shit featured on the latest "grammys" - which, after the most recent gay satan fest I'm sure will win more "fans" than ever.
Rest in peace, Burt. You contributed so much to music, and the soundtrack of this ol' buzzards life. Respect, sir.
- the Original Grandpa

Jim Wetzel said...

Yes, 'tis pity that we humans eventually hand in our lunch pails. (On the other hand, I can name more than a few who should've checked out long ago. But that's another subject altogether.)

Anonymous said...

Classics. Every one.

Bon M said...

I was a kid in the 1960s and remember a heck of a lot of these songs.

Also didn't know he did the Naked Eyes one.

Rest in Peace, Burt.

mobius said...

sound track of my childhood

Anonymous said...

Great work posting these songs!!!

PaigeK said...

Great work, like the others said. Good tribute to the master.
Learned something new about the naked eyes tune.