Friday, August 9, 2019

When the U.S. Goes Flight 93 On Sen. Kneepads

h/t Kenny

Senator Kneepads is about to get an education on delusional grandstanding.
“I also have as part of my background and experience working on this issue, when I was attorney general [of California], and we put resources into allowing law enforcement to actually knock on the doors of people who were on two lists — a list where they had been found by a court to be a danger to themselves and others and another list where they were precluded and prohibited from owning a gun because of a conviction that prohibited that ownership,” she added.
Harris commented that she would send law enforcement door-to-door to confiscate guns from illicit people.
“Those lists were combined and then we sent law enforcement out to take those guns, because, listen, we have to deal with this on all levels, but we have to do this with a sense of urgency and we have to act. Enough with the talk,” she said.

Let's be clear here, if you're a felon in possession, or you've failed a court hearing on your sanity, with counsel present on both sides, I have no problem with this. That's what actual due process looks like. But Sen. Kneepads isn't talking about that. Those people should have ALREADY had their guns taken away. She's talking about doing this with "Red Flag" laws, which violate all constitutional and common law, and every rule of jurisprudence going back to before Magna Carta. (Common Core grads, look it up.)

That illegal abomination of ideas is going to get Officer Friendly a face full of buckshot, and he'll deserve it, every single time. And I hope it happens, until the cops wise up and tell the poiticians they're under arrest for violating everyone's civil rights.

Because if you try this, just like terrorists with box cutters on planes, you get a one-time 90-minute head start on this kind of egregious sh*theadedness in America, then everyone's onto the new rule changes, pushback begins, and we start stacking them all up like cordwood. Eventually, for sport.

They can run raids like that once. Maybe twice.
By the third wave, everyone knows the game, and it's open season on everyone of them, forever, and the only way to tap out is quit and change sides, or die.
By Day Three or Four, people have staked out their station houses, and they're getting picked off as they enter and leave. (Say, Officer Friendly, how many days MREs do you have stockpiled at the station house? Just curious.)

Then they go after their families, and TPTB.

Call that toss in the air.

If even 1/2 of 1% of those with guns get frisky, they're out of cops, feds, and military, in about a week, even if they take out 2 for 1 in defending themselves.

And they won't be able to put up sandbags fast enough when folks are walking onto military posts, shooting guys at the chowhall, or in front of the barracks at morning formation.

Most military posts will be locked down by their COs to stay out of things entirely, and those on the civvy side will either be leading the charges on the halls of power, or trying get to a plane or fast boat in haste.

Before that, or shortly after, by Saturday most likely, the coup happens, and Senator Kneepads is one of the first in a tumbrel cart to face Madame Guillotine. If she even makes it past 20' of wire noose and a handy lamp post.

Remember, Qaddafi was gunned down in front of a mini-mall. They didn't wait for Marquess of Queensbury Rules to kick in there either.

All that's left after that is thinning out the 100M or so who think gun grabs are a good idea, but we aren't a people that likes to fight a war twice, so that'll be next. Think Romanians and Ceaucescu. It's going to be an enthusiastic, if sloppy and brief, political realignment.

Happy Retirement Day, commie pigs!

And that's just based on popular sentiment, with no prior planning.

This is not going to go like they planned when the entire country goes all Flight 93 on them.
The look of surprise on their faces will be priceless, and the last thing that goes through their minds will likely be 158 grains of lead.

Pro Tip:
First guy to make a deck of cards of the 53 leading American Communists with the faces of their ringleaders on it, like we did with Saddam & Co., is going to be an instant millionaire.

The hardest part will be deciding who makes the cut for top tier.

Hands down, Soros should be the Joker in the deck.
Saying more might get one a visit from the Secret Service, but if mock-cutting off President Bad Orange Man's head is just boisterous free speech, then let's rock the First Amendment the other way, kids.

We've read our Solzhenitsyn, comrades. 




So come and take them, comrades.
Or at least, try.
We'll be loading magazines.


Aa Mc said...

If they come for the guns, blood will flow in the streets. Otoh, if they institute red flag laws, we could be toast within ten years. Red flag confiscations have gone on in Maryland and other states with narry a rebellion. The Left has come up with a winner.

Shrugger said...

Inspiring as usual Aesop. I hope you're right. Wonder when we'll find out.

Aesop said...

@Aa Mc,

They're betting the farm on that.
I wouldn't.
The kettle never boils over, until it does.

Mike Hendrix said...

Officer Friendly already knows all about that face-full of buckshot, and has gotten busy in a few states declaring his wish to be included out of this game (here's just one example). Which, good on him.

Anonymous said...

The majority of firearm owners and LEO’s will vote, respectively, for not being arrested/ prosecuted, and for their paychecks.

Provide the names of ten “oh but the rank and file” Bureau whistle blowers. Oh, I see, you can’t come up with any.

What has been will be. Only and until, and maybe too late, will enough rise up to put it down. Just like they did not do in Germany, Russia, China, Vietnam, Cambodia....

It’s over. All that’s left is the crying.

Aesop said...

@Anonymous 7:36P

Because Americans are notably so totally exactly like the generations of two-legged sheep in all those countries.

But if you believe that, feel free to just kill yourself now, and save Uncle the trouble. Because you're telling us more about yourself than you are about everyone else.

Anonymous said...

If it comes to this, it will be bloody.

Either it stops after about 10,000-100,000 bodies and a negotiated settlement; or it will be 20-50 million and widespread devastation. If someone uses nukes it will be 100 million to 200 million. Don't be surprised if everyone else in the world goes nuts too; and regional conflicts go hot like the mideast, India-Pakistan, China and its neighbors including Taiwan. Africans will take that a a green light to settle their own tribal conflicts. Half those conflicts will be finally decided with knives and spears and annihilation. All because the responsible adult in the room is busy at home.

I intend to keep on voting and jawing at my legislators as long as I can. Pick up a phone and let them know. This weekend!
Make lists of our friends and adversaries. Support our friends. Donate if you can. Campaign for them if possible. Vote for them you must. Cause mischief and consternation to the others. Support primary challengers. Protest their public appearances (non-violently, we aren't AntiFA).

Keep voting. Keep Prepping.


Aesop said...

We don't negotiate with terrorists.

If they come out with their hands up, unarmed, we can agree to start the Nuremburg treason trials with all due haste.

Chuck said...

"....Either it stops after about 10,000-100,000 bodies and a negotiated settlement; ...."

I ain't so sure about that "negotiated settlement" thing. Would you agree with your doctor if he excised 60% of the malignant tumor that's going to kill you and "waited to see if the remaining 40% decides to become non-malignant"?

Anonymous said...

Hope I can afford the deck of cards, just to keep score and all.

DTG said...

@Mike Hendrix, 7:17pm

Nice link - very VERY refreshing!! These men are PEACE officers!


DAN III said...


Why is it per the US Constitution, Article II, Section I, Paragraph 5....not a SOUL makes reference to anchor baby Kamala Harris NOT being a NATURAL BORN citizen ? Thus, INELIGIBLE to be POTUS !

Of course, the same failure to qualify applied to Barry "Obama" Soetoro. However, the media, bloggers, CON-gress all ignored that fact, i.e., the United States Constitution. Just as the 2nd Amendment has been/is ignored 10s upon 10s of thousands of times. Now, the POTUS, the alleged defender of the CON-stitution, is proposing further infringements on citizens of their 2nd, 4th & 5th Amendments with these bullshit Red Flag law(s).

Kamala Harris IS NOT constitutionally eligible to be POTUS. But, so what ? The CON-stitution is DEAD ! It means nothing and has not for 200+ years.

James said...

"if you're a felon in possession I have no problem with that",well I and many do.

To start off,not a felon,that said,where in the 2nd,a reaffirmation of birth rights,does it say "law abiding"?With all the laws on the books these days all could be convicted very quickly for felonies,and thus,all firearm rights abridged.

Keep real/violent criminals in jail(or kill em),but,once ytou leave you get your saddle/horse and firearms back.

Too mentally ill to own firearms,your in a hospital(and like the past in say Soviet Union see that coming to those who disagree with party lines)till treated,then,your a free citizen with all your birth rights.

Aesop said...

Crazy people don't get "cured".

Now, look up the stats on felony recidivism, and try to make your case there.
I'll wait.

Here's a booster chair for you:

"44% were arrested again with a year of release. An estimated 68% of released prisoners were arrested within 3 years, 79% within 6 years, and 83% within 9 years."

Subtle hint: 5% of the population commits 90% of the crime.
And always has.
Get your panties as wadded up as you like, but your feelz bear no relation to reality on the ground.

And lastly, the Constitution is not, nor ever was meant to be, exhaustive.
Nor was it written in a legal vacuum.

Penal codes and English common law going back to medieval times are the basis of jurisprudence, and felonious conduct has long entailed revocation of some rights as part and parcel of the punishment; it is not limited to the period one is incarcerated.

Don't like it?
Rough it.
That's how it is, and has been, for centuries.
If that's news to you, you're not tall enough for this ride.

DTG said...

Agree with Aesop that crazy people don't get cured; that's why we had institutions, until about 30/40 years ago. Now, they live among us.

Regarding recidivists: Anyone, and I do mean anyone who commits, or attempts to commit, a crime against another peaceable person in a violent manner should be dealt with immediately, by the victim (or his/her protector - parent, relative, caregiver, etc). Only one condition needs to be met for the use of lethal force: Fear for the life of the victim or to stop a violent crime that could end with the victim's life being lost.

The argument that convicted felons can't own weapons, including firearms, assumes, just as all gun control laws do, that the convict is going to observe said law, which we can assume he/she won't, if they have mischief on their minds.

What's missing is the incentive NOT to commit more felonies. In Michigan for example, there is NO crime (and I mean NOT ONE) that carries the death penalty. If the perp survives the arrest process, he or she will have 3 hots and a cot, education, fitness training, and so on for the rest of their life, even if jailed with no hope of parole.

So....where's the incentive not to do evil? It's there, but it's very, very thin and has hardly any teeth to a true recidivist.

My .02

Jim Scrummy said...

I am still calling tails (for our side...the Freedomistas) for the coin flip. Tails never fails!

Kamaltoe Kneepads ain't gonna be the nominee. The Hawaiian chick (some find her hawt...? Me, she's kinda meh) took out kneepads in the last debate (if you can call it that?).

Red flag laws are the gateway to confiscation. Period. We all know that, that's why orange man better not even let his daughter have any more say on this issue. She's the wolf in the WH, against us, the FREEDOMISTAS. She needs to have a nice steaming cup of STFU and sit her pretty little a$$ down at the little kids table.

Next up the the whole Po-Po/Military confiscation thingy. Let's look at the numbers. There are 2 million people uniformed personnel in the military (active, guard, and reserve) and about 950K po-po (local, state, fed), so about 3 million total for team confiscation. How many on team confiscation would be in the Door Kickers Union? Maybe 200K in the military, at best. How may cops? Spitballin' maybe 50%? Team Freedomista has 150+million gunowners (many po-po and military in this group), and let's just say 3% of Team Freedomista show up. So my mafths would say that's 4.5 million for TF. Most cops I know want no part in this crap, because they like to live. So who knows? I'm sure the stupid cops will like to get their confiscation on, and lose badly on day 2 thru ?? DoD has run over the last 30+ years a war games involving this type of scenario. The end result is DoD not wanting to be apart of this crap. Why? Because they would lose, bigly. I know this because, well I know some of the people who do war games for DoD.

Of course all of this sanity doesn't solve the stupidity on team confiscation. Nothing will, because they, team confiscation wants us dead, for their utopia. So, I believe the best defense is to go on the offense, when the coin flip is called. Until that time, I'll keep doing my PT, range time, and enjoying my life with my other pursuits.

DAN III said...


Although American citizens have the means to reenact live, the events of 19 April 1775 at Concord Bridge and Lexington Green,do they/we/us/you/I have the will ?!? And the ....


Jim Scrummy said...


Great question? I ask that everyday of myself. I know in my case where I live in NOVA, I am surrounded and outnumbered greatly by the commies. I don't have a choice. I know I have to fight to survive, especially for my family. I trust no one in my immediate neighborhood. Period. Everyone in my neighborhood, the commies and the rinos would sell me out in a New York second. I know that from being "neighborly" towards them. I collect intel, constantly from all sources. I do recon runs on the days I do running for PT. So, I get to know my area as best as possible.

I can't answer for other people, but for me I know that when that balloon does go up, it's game on for my family's survival. That's what motivates me everyday, even on the crappy ones where my body is aching from yesterday's PT. The best part is my wife now understands it too. It took some time, but she gets it.

But hey, it's Saturday, let's enjoy the time we have without a two-way range, and live our lives to the fullest.

John Wilder said...

To think we'd both quote the same quote on the same day.

Whoulda thunk it?

Anonymous said...

It happens that I have a certain familiarity with what happens AFTER the Oww-Oww moment of the chief commies.And is not nice.Not nice enough to justify the effort of shooting them in the first place.Job needs to be done in a thorough manner.At least the upper 1% must get the medicine.The rest 99% aren't worth a spit anyway,that will always follow what they're told and in 10 years they will convince themselves they were always the best friends of freedoms.But if the upper 1% does not go away,they will regroup,reinvent and start the crap again.

A.B. Prosper said...

Who cares of some former felon has a firearm ? If someone really can't have firearms they can be either on parole, probation or in custody or hell just shot if we roll that way

For nutters, same thing. if they can hold down a job, it's no one's business. if they can't lock them up or pension them off with a state minder.

This has the salutary advantage of removing the need for background checks and the rest of the hullabaloo and allowing regular checks with due process of the few people who can't have firearms .

This of course is too cheap and logical and doesn't allow political disarmament for control or genocide so its not on the plate obviously.

A.B. Prosper said...

Aesop I'll also note that it wasn't universal for felons to barred arms until 1935. Some states did but not all so there is no mandated US tradition for that.

My way is cheaper anyway and makes sure you don't have to have a background check, permit , waiting period or extra fees. Hell in my system you can legally mail order a gun , just show you are an adult when you pick it up.

I'll note too that if you know the darknet it's not that hard to have a gun and ammo delivered to you. There is an extra cost as sort of street tax and the risk of fraud but it's easy. That is if you don't swipe one or know a guy who knows a guy

I get the idea of actions having consequences but these things end up punishing the rest of us and people who are no longer a problem.

Also DTG, a lot of the people responsible for crimes live tenuous violent lives already and are pretty fearless of death, especially compared to suburban white guys . It's not really a deterrent that they "might" be executed and no the US is not going to take up torturing people

I'm ambivalent about the death penalty. If some moke gets shot dead in the commission a violent crime, public service. Executing someone who surrendered even when guilty just seems wrong to me. YMMV

WOZ said...

Sobibor October 14, 1943

Landroll said...

A case in Alabama in Gadsden resulted in a ruling that a felon could possess and use a firearm in defense of himself when being attacked.

Marina said...

I'm a French-Canadian woman living in Quebec,Canada. I got here several months ago because of Ebola. I stayed because of the absolutely great writings of Aesop on differents subjects and from other commenters who have been really tops. I stayed also because I agreed whole-heartedely with the political content. I read for a while without commenting, posted a few anonymous too before signing as a woman.
I love this blog. When you guys talk in tech terms about guns or military preps I read it all (fast though) even though it's chinese to me. Of course I prefer to read about stuff I understand. I've been heavily following world politics for many years and not getting younger, especially US, you being next year and the main world economy. My country I fear is just doomed I suspect probably Europe as well. You guys are probably the only ones that have a chance of winning at least parts of your country back if not all of it. You have lots of guns, lots of willful ex-mil with strong morals, your Constitution even though it's currently being abused, that document still stands and other things I can't think right now because it's late here and I'm tired.
As much as I really wish for you not to live thru a civil war or a bunch of skirmishes and civil unrest or anything along these lines I also do not want you to lose hope especially you Anonymous 7:36 because if you go down then there will not even be a sliver of hope left for the rest of the world.
You're the only Country/People that has the resources to turn this around or parts of it around. At least if the evil left continues with their "forward march for progress" everywhere then I'll have the consolation that they didn't win everywhere. Selfish of me right ?
I wish I could write more eloquently but English is not my native tongue nor am I writer per se so my English has more of an utilitarian bent. Anyway, I hope you understand the spirit of what I'm trying to say.

James said...

I may not be tall enough for the ride but tall enough to see how compromise on birth rights has led to all the so called gun control acts/bans ect. and the now insanity of red flags.Folks,you do realize in many states using fireworks like bottle rockets/firecrackers a felony?The powers that want to be will create more felonies daily,keep real criminals in jail/or,if deserving shoot em ect.,keep real loonies in a place were they can actually if possible get help ect.

Allowing the camel's nose under the tent without swatting it immediately has gotten us to where we are today.So,when even more insanity passed and enforced by a basically corrupt justice system,well,tough,just rough it.

I will say while I disagree with many here do wish all here the best in the future and whatever that holds,we may not agree but like it or not we are in this to a degree together anyhow,enjoy the weekend.

Aesop said...


And how long before that nonsense was overturned, and the judge required to attend a senility hearing?

There are idiots who've posted here that think the 2nd Amendment means felons have the absolute right to possess firearms while in jail. Seriously.
"I don't see any exceptions in that Amendment, therefore anything is legal!"

The law may be an ass, but it isn't a JACKass.

A.B. Prosper said...

I wouldn't tar strong supporters with the same brush as idiots. It's always been normal to disarm jailed prisoners , persons on parole and freed felons were only sometimes disarmed historically and in the US

The problem is that in order to sometimes keep guns away from felons there is a bunch of legal folderol you have to go through and the constant failures lead to a slippery slope for more laws.

That waiting period, background check, extra fees , registration are sold to keep Freddy Felon away from guns.

And no you are not going to get the political capital to hang any felon with a firearm. This would become a license for cops to murder people.

Common sense says can no more stop bad guys from acquiring guns than drugs and we've incarcerated a larger percentage of our population than any developed nation other than maybe China and the supply is still abundant and cheap

You also won't be able to get the political capital to search all incoming cargo or close the borders completely which is the only way to stop drugs from coming in. There is too much money at stake

Truth is outright lost the war on weed, many states and in the case of our state, the people made it clear they had enough of that nonsense and made it legal. This was not only a loss but a terrible loss as you know modern weed is dangerous and often 2-3x stronger than the strongest hash back in the day.

last, gun people are very cocksure about their "uprising".

Were I on the other side I'd see that gun folks have weak organizational skills and little will to fight or victory organizational skills and we have a large hostile security state.

Given we've had red flag laws used on dubious ground with no real backlash, what would make them think a people that would allow themselves to be invaded and the people abused to such a a degree have much fight in them?

I wouldn't.

Besides while you may get another AWB, they other guys are coming around to understand that ammo is the real choke point is ammo

At some point, after President Trump if the libs get power it will probably come to bans and regulation on a massive scale with heavy court stacking to make sure its "Constitutional."

It might behoove people to prepare for such an outcome and not be another lone gunman which in a nation as violent as this is background noise

Aesop said...

Anonymous said...

No one is shooting.

Aesop said...

People are shooting.
And they aren't going to keep missing, or coming in second place, forever.
The JBTs serving those orders are going to get their shit pushed in one day, because they aren't going to be rolling on legit crazies.

One day, they're gong to stack up on some dude who knows his business, and won't just roll over for4 seeing his rights ass-raped, and at that point, the local PD is going to post a lot of sudden job openings.

Betting on winning every roll of the dice, forever, is a long shot, and a poor wager.

Anonymous said...


"Because Americans are notably so totally exactly like the generations of two-legged sheep in all those countries."

I think that you are speaking about a group of people who used to exist, as in "the past is another country".

You now live in a culture that condones and applauds entities such as NAMBLA and parades exalting debauchery while calling it "pride". A culture that, 30 years ago, assimilated and co-opted former family-oriented resorts such as Disneyland with special days set aside for the perverse. A culture whereby the highest levels of law enforcement in the government conspired (and will remain immune from prosecution) to overturn an election and then overthrow a sitting president. A culture where adult males in the U.S. military are made to walk in high-heels. The aforementioned is not a tic on my part; I think that such behavior is axiomatic of a much larger and deeper corrosion of the culture in many other areas. The attributes that I enumerated would not exist unless the culture condoned them, even if just by tacit acquiescence. Despite the fact that you, and maybe even a million others have heartfelt and abiding courage and patriotism, the culture itself does not. I would love to be wrong; I even hope that I am. (And I still do not see the law-abiding rank-and-file whistle-blowers.)

Like Abraham asked, "would you spare it for ten good men"?

And not even 10 could be found.