Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Fiat Anarchy

Frequent commenter A.B. Prosper responds to our essay this morning regarding the plight of Johnson & Johnson:
"I wouldn't worry about J&J, the medical companies can simply refuse to sell in the US if they like.

This kind of leverage is why the vaccine injury compensation trust fund exists, the companies that make them basically said 'we get protection or you do without.'"

J&J isn't the issue here, A.B.

The issue is fiat anarchy under color of authority.

Setting the precedent that uninvolved innocent parties can be rounded up, sued, and financially ruined for the unrelated actions of evil people using not-their-product, as if apples were elephants and horseflies were horses, because the defendants happen to be minding their own business legally and above board, undoes all trade and commerce in anything, in about a minute.

That's a civilizational death sentence.

It's Kafka-esque and surreal, and the only answer is rivers of blood and heads on poles. If that starts tomorrow, just for this reason, I'm all in.
It's that bad.

This is the kind of thing that justifies slaughtering the entire judiciary and executive organs that uphold or enforces it, as quintessential casus belli. It stands the law and common sense itself on its own head, and endangers society itself, intrinsically and explicitly. This is one of those things that authorizes marching people to Madame Guillotine in wholesale batches.

What happens to J&J is something to which I'm relatively indifferent. In the end, they'll make out okay.

This judge and OK's AG, OTOH, need a fine public lynching about five minutes ago, as outlined in the OP.
This is the Dred Scott case of the 21st century, and if upheld, it's sufficient grounds for another civil war/revolution, with all the trimmings.

A sitting judge has ruled that the innocent must be fleeced because evil exists, somewhere else.
J&J is merely standing in the dock in your stead.
If they can be judicially ass-raped without a shred of legal rationale merely on some lunatic judge's say-so, nothing and no one is safe.

That's sufficient grounds for lopping off heads and burning down legislatures, just for openers. And if the dullards amongst TPTB don't see that, and nip it in the bud, good and hard, that's exactly what's going to follow, and it will be wholly justified.

What comes after that is the real problem.

You don't want a civil war?
This is how you get a civil war.

Ask King George how that worked out for him.


Anonymous said...

The other two corporations saw the light and gave in to the blackmail,

"Oklahoma escalated the trial after resolving claims against OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma LP in March for $270 million and against Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd in May for $85 million, with only J&J remaining as a defendant."

T-Rav said...

On a not-unrelated note, this is the latest out of Missouri. I don't know all the facts, but it seems like another abuse of power:

Anonymous said...


Government can now use this ruling to control industry and commerce, wholesale.
Kind of sets the stage for government medication control. Only government can supply your medications.
Get healthy.

Anonymous said...

Lawyers around the country are licking their chops at this ruling.

NE Heretic

J J said...

In another appalling case of judicial malfeasance, a judge in Texas ruled a man must pay $96k in divorce settlement. The man divorced the woman because he found out she was married to another man when he married her. Yes, the judge is a woman.....

Anonymous said...

We once were a " nation of laws" with " equality before the law" but no longer. Yeah this is some rinky-dink County judge and I would expect (and hope) J&J wins on appeal -I mean, there ARE grownups in OK, are there not? Still, that such a thing can happen does not bode well for any kind of resolution save blood in the streets.
Boat Guy

Old NFO said...

As others have said, Judicial and prosecutorial malfeasance... Dammit...

Anonymous said...

This is tiny compared to what 10%/year growth in cost of living is doing to the middle class.

To date, the only seriously prosecuted felony laws which large numbers of average persons are willing to make war to defend their disobedience of, is gun registration laws.

I imagine that means Americans are willing to be put naked and cold in a cave in the dark, as long as they get to hold their gun.

Anonymous said...

Good luck putting those holding guns into cold dark caves ms. anonymous--------
Johnny Gee

Mike-SMO said...

Yeah & No. Vacines, beyond all the direct risks....

If you pat 10,000 people on the shoulder, sure as anything someone will drop dead, have a stroke or a miscarriage, or have a child prove that he/she/xe issed the line where brains were handed out, and they will blame YOU and sue your A$$ off cuz the jury felt bad for the survivors and hated Big Whatever.

No nation can afford the vacines if the company has to bear that risk. The country (and I) think that the vacines are worth the trouble, so Uncle Sugar carries the risk since Uncle can afford it or growl enough to scare the vultures.

Medical care is so expensive cuz of the protection payments needed for the idiots hiding behind the white masks. Everyone "knows" that the boys and girls behind the masks are incompetant drunks and druggies, 'cuz if they weren't, they would have prevented what happed to poor Ignoramus III. He waz a gud boy, turnin' his life 'round on his way to be a rocket scientist except for YOU, MF! Pay up!

Hey! If the gubmint wants herd immunity, they can pay for the "Ooops".

A cousin and Daughter-in-Law are immune suppressed due to rotten guts. A dear friend is suppressed due to the Rheumatoid. I'm old and de facto immune suppressed. Get in line or go to your distant hollow or Bug-landia where your vacine-free butt has been saving souls of the doomed. I've done the calculations for me & mine. Screw you.

Just sayin'.

By the way, our county prosecutor will not go after child support cheaters. "Disparate Impact"., or some such. We all know what that means. Get a "pre-nup" or hire a professional. Stop whining! You are harshing my mellow, Bourbon, that is.

Borepatch said...

I think it's even worse than you say. It can be weaponized by politicians so it becomes not just a form of graft but also essentially a form of proscription. The Romans raised that to a high art. Ask Ovid how that worked out for him.

Yeah, we'll have to shoot our way out of this one.

Anonymous said...

The Empire is falling.

Any action to abrogate the law of personal responsibility.

To the elitist progressive it is always the fault of someone else.

Glen Filthie said...

What are the possibilities for and an appeal, fellas?

beau said...

has anyone seen the film clips of J & J hired thugs out forcing perfectly innocent citizens to become addicted? didn't think so, since the 'legal system' is about money and money only, 'justice' being an ancillary outcome of the proceedings of this 'legal system'.

once again, we are treated to the nonsense that people do not make choices. it is ALWAYS someone else's fault and the bigger the 'someone else' the greater the charade to facilitate the movement of funds from those who earn it to those who steal it.

America become amerika is not a good, nice, or desirable thing, unless, of course, you are one of those made from a finer clay than the remainder of us and thus deserve ill gotten funds extracted be sent your 'deserving' way.

A.B. Prosper said...

We may well have to shoot our way out of the mess Borepatch but that can't happen until people realize that the US can't and won't survive the war.

More importantly they have to accept that the US as a historical nation is too diverse ethnically, politically ,culturally, religiously and economically to exists as a single polity o

There isn't enough concentrated power in any group to take the whole thing or to go exterminatus on other groups.

It must break.

This is not a new problem either, fear of Communism was the only thing that kept the faux comity of the post war period together anyway and we were as near as could be had in our history, monethnic and monorelgious


Its Brazil 2.0

This is the ultimate black pill I suppose but it does come with an upside, if you win your own nation can keep the Chinese, globalists and the multinationals out and someone can get people to have lots of kids, you can always do manifest destiny 2.0 down the line,

You want the intermountain west or Cali or whatever you don't have Come and take it if you can.

June J said...

The "US", the entity formed by the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution hasn't survived anyway. Trying to keep "it" together by force is a fools folly. Unfortunately, those on the left have no intention of letting anyone go peacefully unto their own lands. They want everything and will kill as many deplorables as necessary to achieve their goals.

Aesop said...

@Glen Filthie:

100% J&J will appeal.
The decision stands in no way with long-settled law and rules of jurisprudence (starting with the nominally guilty being required to have actually committed some articulable crime under law), and was simply one lackwit (to be fair, they all start as lawyers) in robes making the rules up ad hoc.

We shouldn't have to depend on appellate courts for common sense.
That judge should be removed, and in haste, and the AG impeached.

Crooked prosecutors and crooked judges making up laws on the fly is a recipe for revolution. A little street justice couldn't happen to a nicer group.
And it will, sooner or later.

That's why this is concerning.

Anonymous said...

“That's a civilizational death sentence.”

As opposed to what? Late-stage democracy is characterized by widespread systemic degeneracy and institutional collapse in the same way that late-stage AIDS is characterized by widespread opportunistic infections like pneumonia and scabies.

It seems to me that the FBI and DOJ are now openly abandoning any pretense of equality before the law is a much more serious problem for us, but really, we’re just arguing about whether the tuberculosis or the Karposi sarcoma will get us first.

John M.

Aesop said...

Equality before the law is vital.

The J&J decision sets the law aside in toto.

It's literal anarchy on the whim of any judge.

Chuck said...

Of course J&J will appeal. And, probably, "win" although "winning" will cost a significant percentage of what they would have paid in the original judgement, and everything J&J sells forever will go up in price to cover the exorbitant legal expenses incurred in "winning."

After they "win," start paying close attention to J&J: I'd bet that at the very least what they now have as "operating divisions" will very quietly become "operating companies," still associated under the J&J umbrella but completely financially and operationally independent. The occupants of the J&J board room now "directors" will become "managers" responsible for "managing" the collective interaction of several completely independent entities, some of which will probably be chartered in non-USA jurisdictions (think "Liberian-flag freighters.") That way, when the Next Leftist Crusade happens, whatever it attacks - say, The Band-Aid Company, LLC - can simply be sacrified whole. Turn off the lights, shut the doors, fire the employees, leave the stripped carcass for the Lefties to dance around, move on. Once that's past, "create" The Small Self-Adhesive Bandage Company, LLC, and go back into production; new name, new address, new people, "new" product.

Of course, as "small independent businesses" are sacrificed those products will, at least temporarily, disappear which - guaranteed - will result in calls for "nationalization of businesses too important not to have in the US" and we all know how well government runs things.

ADS said...

I will forever be indebted to Johnson and Johnson for creating the No More Tears baby shampoo for me to mock people online with. I'll fight under their banner. Militia service for a multibillion medical company wasn't the dystopian future I expected but it's good enough, let's dance.

A.B. Prosper said...

ADS, I wouldn't lift a finger for any corporation for any reason since I'm one of those cranks that things really large corporations are a bad idea even when they do good things

Smaller, better distributed enterprise is closer to the original nation in theory and practice.

Marx was an idiot and his followers evil but alienation from the means of production, in non Commie everyone becomes employees and renters instead of yeoman business and landowners is a huge part of the problem we have now.

Much juris these days is of course bullshit , another example being the Sonny Bono Memorial Copyright act which spits in the face of a long established principal 28 years max for copyright so Disney can extract more rents for Mickey Mouse

if this nation is to be put to right, the corruption, cheap labor rent seeking and other parasites will have to go since these banksters and other leeches do more damage to the nation that all the welfare abusers put together.

Rant aside the rule of law is bloody important and J&J and everybody else even Disney is entitled to due process and every idiot that erodes it pushes the US farther to ruin