Thursday, August 22, 2019

Oh, About The Weather...

For those of you needing your Olbinski fix, this year's project, Vorticity 2, went up last month.

If you have the time (and bandwidth), go to Vimeo, and watch it in 4K, as it was shot.
FULL screen, if you please.
Unless you have a 75" TV you can see it on.
It's worth the trouble.

This guy is a time-lapse artist, and he paints with God's own brush.
This will be the best 7 1/2 minutes you spend today with your clothes on, in all likelihood.
Like one of the YouTube commenters, I'm hoping for the extended 10 hour version.

Just to see what the Almighty sees when he looks out the window every day.


Nori said...

Vorticity 2: When the Lord and Mother Nature go dancing.

Stunning video,thanks, Aesop.

Dinochrome One said...

It was hypnotic. Imagine this on a continuous loop played on a 72" screen with hifi stereo sound. I've been this close to a tornado in eastern Missouri; we followed it for fifty miles and saw damage just after it passed.

On behalf on all the riders-on-the-storm, thanks for seven and a half minutes of rapture.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. That was an awesome display of God working through Mother Nature.


Old NFO said...

That was impressive! To put it mildly. They power of Mother Nature is amazing!

Papa said...


Bezzle said...

Also check out Pecos Hank's YouTube channel