Thursday, August 8, 2019

"Common Sense" Gun Control Isn't

h/t It Ain't Holy Water


Anonymous said...

Same thin as common sense slavery laws. Or common sense religious persecution laws, or common sense interstate travel restriction laws, or common sense speech or press censorship laws, or any myriad of other supposed rights protections that are at risk
if red flag laws are allowed to go forward.

FredLewers said...

They're gonna take that red flag across the red line so fast they'll be halfway to hell before they can say "Hey! That's not fair to fight back!"

Anonymous said...

"They're gonna take that red flag across the red line so fast they'll be halfway to hell before they can say "Hey! That's not fair to fight back!""

Damned right. Gotta be an idiot to fight fair in a gunfight.

Anonymous said...

Yes, gun crime is the reason we want more gun laws. Glad to see that higher education paying off.

Unknown said...

One must be the lowest form of asshole to want to come to power, to lord over other people. Intelligence, not even skill, is required. All which is necessary is a marketing campaign and wrangling admission to the 'in crowd'.

Either we limit voting to only landowners (minimum 15 years) or we go hot. Assumed is any and all attempt of voter fraud, in any form, is a capitol crime which warrants death of all parties involved, no matter the degree of their involvement. Hey, we don't even have to prove it, we'll have 'red flag' laws.


Unknown said...

Correction: 'Intelligence not required, not even skill.'

The communist media, knee-jerk politicians, and the like are angling for a French style revolution.


Anonymous said...

We can easily turn the tables with Red Flag laws.
Start filing dozens of complaints against your libturd neighbors, especially the "connected". Overwhelm the authorities with these complaints, call them in anonymously if you can, and don't let up. Bonus points if two or three of you call a complaint in on the same Commie.
Remember, they do not need proof to kick in someones door at 5 a.m. Just the complaint.
Carry on.

Grog said...

"Common sense is what tells us the earth is flat."

The Gunner's Guru as published in Guns and Ammo many moons ago.

A Texan said...

I love this blog...I tune in at least every other day to see if there are new posts, esp. about Ebola, preps or how you're going to fisk the dumbshit of the Day.

However, I think that we all know that the 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with street crime. Oh, having a firearm (or 2, 10, or 50) because of the 2nd Amendment protection of one's right to own them does make dealing with street scumbags easier, to be sure. However, that's not why the 2nd exists.

Here's a refresher, for those who were never taught about it:

In 1775, conflict with the government of His Majesty, George III of England, started in earnest on our shores with the attempt by one of Big G's generals to seize the militia armories in Lexington and Concord Massachusetts (yes, they actually had guns and such in that state back then, with the approval and encouragement of most of the citizenry). In the course of time, and with great effort and bloodshed (and a bit of help from the Frogs, who were still butthurt at the Limeys regarding the ass-kicking that they got in the 7 Years War not too long before), we beat the snot out of the Limeys and got to keep our own country. We started out with the Articles of Confederation, which turned out to be a first class clusterfuck, so TPTB at the time (all of whom fought in or supported the Revolution, and knew WTF was going on) decided that we needed a more powerful central government...but not TOO powerful, lest we have a domestic dictatorship over the people instead of one HQ’d 3,000 miles away. So they designed the Constitution - which is, essentially, a unilateral contract entered into by the people of the country (you know, "We the People") with ourselves. It grants limited powers to the federal government, then divides those powers among 3 roughly co-equal branches, which are supposed to jealously guard their respective powers against the other 2. Then, because some people thought that despite the words in the Constitution, there might be a problem. So, a promise made (and kept - amazingly enough) that a "Bill of Rights" would be passed by Congress and sent on to the states as a package, to amend the Constitution to specifically protect certain rights from the federal government. The 2nd Amendment was obviously among them.

The inclusion of the 2nd Amendment had NOTHING to do with dealing with street criminals. It was written by revolutionaries against the established order of the day and was meant to be something of a quality control check on the new government that they had just created. It also supported the clause in Article 1, Section 8 of the body of the Constitution that granted Congress the power to "grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal" (basically, letting Congress let any citizen, or group of us, become privateers to operate against foreign merchant or warships in time of war). To make that clause actually mean something, people had to have all kinds of weapons (including ships with multiple cannon - the WMD of the day - otherwise taking on enemy warships would have been a rather fruitless enterprise). FYI, the Continental Congress granted many such letters, and the actual Congress did so quite often during the War of 1812.

So, while I'm glad that I have firearms with which to protect myself against street criminals, their illicit and impolite behaviors are NOT why the 2nd Amendment exists. It exists to scare the ever-living SHIT out of would-be tyrants, so that they decide not to even try to tyrannize us and, second, to shoot any sonofabitch (or just bitch, as the case may be) who actually has the guts to try to do so. So, please don't tell us in the future why criminals will ignore gun laws, as if that's why we have the 2nd.

Regardless - love you and this blog, so please keep up the (99.9%) good work.

Aesop said...


People commonly knew the earth was obviously round, from the time they saw ships sail over the horizon and then return.
The Greeks had calculated the earth's circumference to within a few hundred miles, 3000 years ago.

The flat-earth bullshit was just over-amped hype from lackwit history text editors fluffing up the importance of Columbus' voyage.
It's never been much of a thing, except among trendy iconoclasts with tiny minds wrapped in tin foil..

Anonymous said...

This. Only this.

Anonymous said...

This should happen more often.

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

Common sense: