Saturday, August 24, 2019

Damn You, Palpatine!

Vader Lives!

Satan's gotten rooked on his deal with her, and I'm pretty sure
she's giving protection money to the vultures too.

Don't get the wrong idea. We wouldn't wish a death from cancer on anyone, not even Ruth Vader Ginsburg.

But we heartily wish she'd see the futility in trying to cling to the post until she keels over in her pudding one morning, and take retirement, to enjoy her few remaining years giving libtarded lectures to future cat ladies at such reliable lunitariums as Barnhard, Wellesley, and Smith colleges. We still have two female progtard fruitcakes (but I repeat myself) for her to hand the torch to on the court, and after all, how can anyone ever miss her if she won't leave?

Not for nothing is there never a mirror in the room with her; rumor has it she casts no reflection in one.


Anonymous said...

I don’t wish death on anyone, however I have read some obituaries with great pleasure.
Mark Twain.

Greg in Allston said...

Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation hearing is going to be epicly lit. I have little doubt that the Kavanaugh hearing freak show will pale in comparison.

Doc John said...

More to the point, "Unlike the Left, we would not wish a death from cancer on anyone..."

Anonymous said...

It would be supremely ironic if the almost as ancient Associate Justice Stephen Breyer suddenly left the court first.


Roger said...

I would not wish death upon her. However, the vicious show that will follow her passing
will make the (very) nasty clown show of Justice Kavenaugh's inquisition seem like a Mr. Rogers show. I shudder to think of the depths of depravity the dims will bring forth to vilify the next choice.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aesop;

She will stay there until she keels over, they ain't gonna give President Trump another supreme Justice unless they absolutely have to. RBG knows it so they will have to drag her cooling corpse out of the court. And yes the replacement for RBG will be a harpy call of the 1st magnitude making the Kavanaugh hearing look like amateur hour.

Monsoon Matriarch said...

I think it is curious that she survived pancreatic cancer in 2009. Not all healthcare is created equal, I guess.

Glenda T Goode said...

She will be on life support Propped up on a gurney hardly if at all conscious and they will wheel her in and out for the court sessions. Anything to delay the appointment of another associate justice.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is so far past her good by date that you have to get a calculator and an almanac to figure out how long that actually is. Any other jurist with any sense of respect of the institution would have stepped down long ago. Ginsburg does not have that level of respect and she is clinging on for dear life trying to outlive Trump's presidency.

Jurists on the Supreme court (among others) are supposed to serve until they are unable to and should not serve due to political considerations. However, Ginsburg has been nothing but political in her positions on cases before SCOTUS as well as anytime she has opened her yap outside of the court.

Pancreatic cancer is one of the worst cancers to have as it is very difficult to treat and there is generally no cure. That she has lasted as long tells me she is not and has not been 100% mentally. Imagine if you will a republican on the court that is that old and has that cancer as to what the liberals would be saying about incompetence and too old to serve.

I say, let the vultures circle the Supreme Court building. The libs should be in hysteria soon over her impending demise.

Jim Scrummy said...

I read (internet rumor) that her treatment was the next last type of treatment before terminal phase kicks in? Since I am not a medical professional, I have no idea if this is true or not? Do not wish this woman any ill will, so I hope she sees the "light" and retires immediately and spends the rest of her time with her family. Wishful thinking on my part of course.

Unknown said...

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised (after all, they're idiots) that the professional imbeciles in the House have not proposed a bill that no U.S. President may nominate more than two justices. There would be a sunset clause of 2024. That is, unless the next president-elect is not a commie D.

A companion legislation would be to abolish the nomination process all together; those currently enrolled at Electoral College (Go Marmots!) would cast votes.

Anonymous said...

Would it be inappropriate to for everyone to send her a pillow from Mike Lendel?

Robin Datta said...

Steve Jobs had life extension in two increments: a Whipple (pancreatectomy) and then a liver transplant. Of course the mischief was one or more steps ahead each time. Absence of evidence (in this instance, of disease) is not evidence of absence.

Pancreatic crab in 2009? Ten years on simmer should put one close to fully done now.

A Texan said...

@Glenda T Goode:

While I have just as much dislike for the Left as you undoubtedly do, and no respect at all for RBG's opinions that have little to nothing to do with the words of the Constitution (which is to say, about 90% of them), I'd dispute that she's incapable from a mental P.O.V. (at least as of a few months ago). I saw an interview that she gave to one of the (multitude of) Lefty television or cable stations, and she seemed to be quite lucid and even had a pretty good sense of humor. Of course, her responses were slow, and she hung her head down almost the entire time, but she's not (or was not - I can't speak for her present condition) mentally incapable. Evil and/or wrong, yes; but not incapable of understanding or communicating on a high intellectual level.

That said, I wish that the old Leftist hag would simply retire, and spend whatever little time she had left with her family. That'd be better for her, for them and also for the rest of the country.

The Freeholder said...

"She will be on life support Propped up on a gurney hardly if at all conscious and they will wheel her in and out for the court sessions. Anything to delay the appointment of another associate justice."

Best reason I've heard to re-elect Trump.