Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Half-witted, and Half-@$$ed

h/t SiG and Kenny

If we had actual justice, court houses would all have a spiffy
 show-and-tell display on the front lawn most days.

Much has been made on right-leaning websites of the recent roll-back of the Obozo-era EPA ruling that anything up to and including your child's wading pool was "waters of the United States" subject to federal jurisdiction.

Folks are celebrating because a half-bright judge recognized this went a wee bit too far.

Natzsofast, Guido.

This is merely the verisimilitude of justice.

It's also as stupid as taking your car back to the same jackwagons who didn't fix it right the first time, as if they'd eventually get it right after trying all other options.

The correct ruling would have been to abrogate the entire Act as a violation of the takings clause in the Bill of Rights, and refer the entire EPA SES from then until now to twenty US Attorneys in the specific jurisdictions for prosecution, for violation of civil rights under color of authority, and conspiracy to commit same.

The people that issue such rulings should be at risk of prison for overstepping their bounds.
Anything less is merely a bastardized monarchy without the handy option of direct popular regicide.

The Founding Fathers would have hung the entire EPA in Lafayette Park, and sold tickets to the event, followed by a bonfire on the site where their former offices were converted to charcoal and rubble.

"BYOB" on the invitations would refer to a wine bottle of high-octane.

BBQ, fireworks and a social dance afterwards, around maypoles decorated with the severed heads of former administrators.

Sending the EPA and Corps Of Engineers to their room, to rethink the "waters of America" statue, is like assigning a convicted child molester to community service by having them run a day care center.


Anonymous said...

Like their not going to come back with the same bright idea only "better".
Tom S.

Anonymous said...

Floggings on the courthouse lawn would be a dandy addition to the Toolkit of Justice too. Obviously, serious floggings would have to be reserved for serious crimes. After all, when the 8th Amdt. was written publick whippings were not considered to be cruel or unusual.

For crimes committed in tandem (e.g. rape and murder) the perp gets skinned with the Knout/cat o' 9 tails before the hanging. Added bonus: he doesn't absolutely HAVE to survive Act 1. If the whip kills him that's OK.

And none of that crap about doing it when the Productive Sector is at work. Sat. morning would work just fine, thank you.


Anonymous said...

I love the author and his opinions. I wish you were king for the next ten years and could drain the swamp and its inhabitants.