Friday, August 30, 2019

Technical Difficulties

Helluva Thursday/Friday, but all's well that ends well. Details upcoming.


Unknown said...

Tim Allen is funny but you're no comedian. You have some righteous stuff but if you can't figure a crescent from a vise grip, God help you. We're about the same age as far as I can figure, you have no good excuse, except you are the worst of a jarhead...which in that case I would have greatly enjoyed hearing how your D.I. held Pvt Pyle as your ideal Jarene over your sorry head. Turn in your man card if you haven't already.

My age you would have already assisted by age 14 in engine rebuilds and by age 17 been lead on super MOPAR (or Cheby if that's your cuppa swill) rebuilds. Or five payer chess boards if you're like that. (I actually went to school with a Clark Kent and he was everything you think he would be).

So, go back to your triage and bandages which you know so well and help your brethren to level up. (To help you to fell good about yourself, I once went through a 100 pack of bronze screws from Home Duckyou to get twenty good ones to build a box for the outdrive on my boat. It aint just you.)

Aesop, you write so well, but you come off as a often is my response as 'Tell us how you really feel'. But do not venture into what you know not.


Aesop said...

Rick (or should that be Dick?),

After the obligatory "Fuck you; strong message follows", you might have noticed, if your wits were anywhere as sharp as your poisoned pen, that none of my problems Thursday and Friday were due to any lack of personal facility with hand nor power tools, of which I have a cornucopia, and with which I'm well-versed. I've torn down and built entire fucking houses, FFS. So my man-card is well-punched. I haven't screwed around with electrical stuff very much, because I haven't had to, but if only you'd taken a chance on the fourth grade, you would have figured out that I correctly diagnosed and repaired the electrical problem with no outside assistance, and only a few basic items.

Most of my troubles the last couple of days were solely and entirely due to Fortune 500 companies, who should damned well know better, substituting cheap-ass p.o.s. hardware for by-God spec steel made in America parts, or neglecting to include them in the first place. That, and 50-year old wiring finally failing all by itself, with no outside help.

Not to any nancy-boy problems figuring out and using tools.

And unlike people working on some p.o.s. MOPAR rig, nota bene that in the piddling medical field, we do most of our work on the item in question while it's still running. Until you can repair your rig while it's tooling down the highway, you might want to throttle back on your swelling chest just a wee bit.

Pity your reading comprehension couldn't deduce all that without being told, but you can always go back and punch your third grade teacher for the shitty job they did for you.

And not to pile on, but if you were really as bright and accomplished as you imagine, you might have noticed that you posted your reply on the wrong post, to a bare picture, and not on the post which you referenced, but clearly never read nor comprehended. Learn to code, bro.

I'll leave your screed up for instructional purposes, or until you feel inclined to take it down out of well-deserved shame, embarrassment, and humiliation at the facilities which you lack. Better luck next time.

Or, you can just leave it up for one and all to point and laugh at, and in testimony to your abilities.
Walk tall, man.

George True said...

The entire comment by Mr Unknown left me going "Huh???"

Somebody says they were experiencing technical difficulties. That could mean anything.....literally anything. It could mean technical difficulties at work for any number of reasons, and within or not remotely within Aesop's ability to control. It could mean technical difficulties with the website, or with a computing device, or with the internet.

Mr Unknown apparently thought it could only mean Aesop not knowing how to operate or fix power tools while working on some kind of home improvement project. How he would arrive at that particular conclusion among myriad other possibilities is beyond my ability to fathom. ESP? Wild ass guess? Only the inner workings of his mind can say for sure. Or not.

Then to launch into an attack on Aesop's manhood on top of it all. Weirdness on top of weirdness. If I had to make my own wild ass guess, I would say that Mr Unknown was already in a bad mood from having his own manhood being called into question by his bipolar BPD wife, and then unbeknownst to him the ganja he smoked to calm down was laced with LSD. Hey, my guess is probably a lot closer to the mark than his was.

George True said...

Okay, so I made this comment before I read the next post detailing that it WAS a do it yourself project at home. I still stand by the rest of my above comment. And my WAG about Unknown's home situation is no more inappropriate than his diatribe about Aesop's supposed lack of manhood, or too much verbosity, or whatever.

Hey man, if you're bored, you are just one click away from the solution. Nobody is forcing you to stay, or to be here in the first place. Aesop has no obligation to entertain you, me, or anyone else. Or to write in any style other that the one that suits him.