Saturday, August 10, 2019

What An Amazing Coincidence Dept.

Pedophile procurer to the rich and famous Epstein found dead in his cell, while on close observation suicide watch.

Nothing to see here.


Anonymous said...

Ann Coulter predicted this weeks ago and suggested Epstein be moved to a more secure location. Didn't read her piece (haven't in quite some time) but the girl called the ball on this one.
Boat Guy

Jim Scrummy said...

So, he was Arkancided. I didn't have 8/9 in the pool. Surprised he made it this far..., I had 8/1. Knew he wasn't going to make it to trial. He's already talked, so he took the L to save whatever family he has left.

So, Billy Jeff and "that guy born in Linz, Austria female spawn", get off free, again... Won't matter, death is still batting 1000. Lucifer is waiting for these two with open arms, welcoming them home.

Unknown said...

I caught reference to that as well. Knew it was simply a matter of time. Who's next? 😝

John Wilder said...

The Mrs. laughed out loud. Think Jack Ruby was involved in this one?

Linda Fox said...

MTHead said...

So much for "Police Protection". They can't keep rope from a guy on "suicide watch" in an jail cell! To funny! But they think they can stop morons from shooting up Walmart with AK's?

John Wilder said...

Best quote so far:
"I was stunned by Epstein's suicide, though probably not as much as Epstein himself."
-John McAfee

FredLewers said...

Suicide watch apparently means watch without interfering...

Borepatch said...

Boss Tweed: "As long as I count the votes, what are you going to do about it?"

Anonymous said...

According to Q, Epstein's death was staged in order to move him to a more secure location and to prevent the further destruction of evidence by high profile individuals as yet to be indicted. It's all part of the plan. Trump has the upper hand in this game of 37d chess.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to hear the facts in this case.

So far, I have heard reports that the convicted pervert was:
On suicide watch
Not on suicide watch
The MCC was normally staffed
The MCC was short handed and the required 30 minute checks didn't happen.
The MCC cameras mysteriously malfunctioned.

I don't know what to think, other than this is the most widely expected, but not anticipated suicide ever.
And I lost the dead pool. I picked my birthday.

How many of the victims or other witnesses will want to talk? If they can get the pervert, they can get anyone.


Anonymous said...

Shocker!!! Like 99.9999% of people familiar with this story didn't predict the outcome.

The real shocker is he is lasted this long.

The real story is the FBI is investigating. BBWWAAHHAAHHAA.

You know, the guys who get lost going down a well with a map and a flashlight.

How do you spell coverup? LMFAO.


Anonymous said...

Plussed the Tran...

George True said...

Yeah, Nemo, that was my reaction as well.

Do you mean the same FBI that 'investigated' HRC's missing 33K emails, while simultaneously aiding and abetting the destruction of evidence with Bleach Bit and hammers?

The same FBI that said 'nothing to see here' when Obama and Valerie Jarrett used the IRS to target the Tea Party and other political opponents?

The same FBI whose director, deputy director, and senior agents were the prime players in spying on the Trump campaign in 2015 & 2016 ?

The same FBI that conspired to take down a lawfully elected president by lying to and misleading the FISA court?

The same FBI that failed to examine the DNC's computers in the aftermath of the Seth Rich execution murder, even though it would have been trivially easy to determine if the Wikileaks emails had been downloaded by an insider?

The same FBI that didn't seem to think that HRC selling 20% of our uranium to Russia and subsequently receiving kickbacks to the Clinton Foundation was the least bit suspicious?

The same FBI that didn't think that there was anything amiss with the Clinton Foundation receiving EIGHT BILLION DOLLARS to administer humanitarian aid in Haiti with almost none of that money going to actual disaster relief?

The same FBI that made sure that no actual evidence of what really happened in the Las Vegas mass shooting will.ever see the light of day?

Well then, I am so very reassured that the FBI is on the case in the Epstein execution, er...suicide. If the FBI is on the case, you can rest assured that the case will.never be solved, and justice will never be served. The FBI - more corrupt and more criminal than the KGB of the old Soviet Union could ever have hoped to be.

Pat H. said...

I love it, they've got an AMBU bag attached to Epstein's corpse. Great optic.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...


George True said...

Something else occurs to me. Epstein was arrested deplaning from his private jet that had just landed at Teterboro, NJ. Reports said that he was 'shocked' that he was being arrested.

Stop and think about that for a moment. Epstein was supposedly a billionaire. Even though recent reports say he actually had 'only' about 500 million dollars to his name, that is still more than enough to afford to fly anywhere in the world on his own private jet, more than enough to have a team of bodyguards, and more than enough to have his own intelligence network and intelligence people. And yet he, and they, apparently did not see or anticipate the looming threat of being arrested, or there being a secret grand jury indictment by SDNY.

How is it possible that he and his intelligence network did not see the threat, and thus he walked (flew) right into a trap? The most logical answer is that TPTB wanted Epstein dead. But how to get to him through layers of security people, especially if he is staying out of reach by staying out of the country?

The logical answer is to let him and his operatives think that he is untouchable, because he still.has friends in high places. Except that he secretly doesn't anymore. Then lure him in, by instilling in him a false sense of still.being protected. And then once he is in custody, the execution is a foregone conclusion. It can be carried out at a time and in a manner that is the most optimal and advantageous for plausible deniability.

Sure, there will nsturally be suspicions. But since nobody will be able to prove anything, they will get away with it. And with the FBI on the case, any evidence that would indicate that it was not suicide can be conveniently altered or done away with altogether.

The arrest and jailing of Epstein was probably not for the purpose of prosecuting him. Rather, it was most likely for the purpose of having him killed.

Anonymous said...

Or perhaps not ...

The British Police long ago realised that ear prints are as unique as finger prits and they regularly check for ear prints on the windows of houses that have been burgled where the criminals have listened to make sure the room is empty before breaking and entering.

Now, check this blog post and check the pictures of the ears of the "body" compared to Epsteins:

Either he is somewhere else and out of the public eye and being interviewed or someone else is being buried as Epstein and he's as free as a bird under something similar to the witness protection scheme and will live his life out anonymously.

Phil B

MTHead said...

Did anyone check to see if bill & hill were on the execution watch list, ah, I mean the visitors log?

Anonymous said...

It's just a coincidence that Jeffrey committed "suicide(sic)" one day after a document dump naming people like Dershowitz, Prince Andrew et al., just a coincidence.

NE Heretic

Paul said...

Stinks to high heaven. And where are they getting these pictures of Hillary? She has not looked this good in decades.

I am concerned we are seeing body doubles of Hillary.

Marina said...

Here's a post I copied: Epsteins death was one of the most anticipated suicided ever.
In addition to the rumors posted above, I also copied these:
He was secretly whisked to Israel, the body is someone else.
He's had plastic surgery.
And a man who looks very different from Epstein!!!
The picture is not the same guy! I'm an artist with an eye for fine detail!! NOT THE SAME!! The ears are off.

- Personally I haven't seen the pics and won't. But definitely the rumor mill is on full alert and people are going nuts.

Anonymous said...

Was listening to a YT Vlogger yesterday who says there is connection to Epstein mansion in Ohio, connection to John Kasich, said that Epsteins mother owns a small airlines and it's connected to DS, that Epstein was a pilot, owned a flight training school in Florida, and was involved in training 911 hijackers... I haven't tried following these crumbs but sounds very suspicious.

TCK said...

Given the kind of guy Epstein was, I suspect we might be seeing some dead-man switch Wikileaks dumps in the near future.

idahobob said...

How convenient. Strange that so many deaths are tied to the clintons.

Anonymous said...

Nice theory and all but pretty sure killing him at his home or just shooting down his plane would've been much easier than killing him in a high security prison.