Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Hey, About That Border Wall Idiots Think We Aren't Building...

Turns out we have been building one, for some time, and the 57 miles constructed just adjacent to San Diego (for the long-term retarded out there, just one of numerous similar builds underway, not the sole effort) is already helping there. Like you'd expect.

That's 57 miles where you can't just walk in.
Where 1 guy watching miles has time, if you try, to call in back up to pounce on you.
Where you can't cut through.
Where you can't bring in 80# backpacks full of dope.
Where a herd of 100 doesn't get through, including 10 guys who don't quite look like wetbacks, and are carrying Korans and prayer rugs.

For reference, the entire CA border with Mexico is only around 200 miles.

Imagine how much it's going to suck for Mexico, and their cartels, when there's 2200 miles of it, from the Gulf to the Pacific.

They might have to attempt the novel (for them, since ever) approach of unf**king their own hosed up country, instead of using the U.S  as an economic tampon for their failed socialism, and then importing their misery here out of desperation.

And every time you shovel another load of illegals formerly here back over, they won't be able to just return the next day anymore.

What a concept:

Plug the leaks, then bail out the boat.

Almost like the people (including this blog) who tell you "Walls work" know what they're talking about or something.

One other happy thought:


Anonymous said...

It's a good thing .mil is down in the border states, those being Texas, Arizona and California according to that Chair Force General.

Anybody heard anything about those troopies, besides those Jarheads doing the human-trafficking-bit out of SoCal?

Any "embedded urinalists" talking about all the hardships of the duty?

Are any still down there playing Cigar Store Indian while getting shook-down by Federales?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, Brother. A good morale-boost.
Boat Guy

Beans said...

I find it humorous, in a dark, fatalistic way, that DameBramaged Ann C and others have been screaming about 'no NEW border wall.' But the existing wall, in many places, is/was inadequate or falling down or both.

And screaming their little heads off that 'Trump isn't following through' even though Dems and Repub politicians have been fighting against it tooth and nail, and activist judges have been dropping injunctions like mortar rounds.

Loving this. Loving watching all the anti-Trumpers lose their collective wits, all 2 ounces of it, over the whole border.

And really losing their poop over a privately funded and built wall.

What's that line from that song... "Future's so bright, I gotta wear shades..."

Tina said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU for making the point! I've argued til I am blue in the face. Not only is there new wall in places where fence didn't exist, but also 30 foot steel reinforced with tech and roads is NEW WALL when compared to the stacks of old pallets and four foot rusted chain link that was claimed as "wall" before!

There's another aspect that has gone unreported: all those barriers were previously punctured by open roads. Trump's big beautiful Wall includes access-proof gates to make the roads as inaccessible as the wild country for those who should not be crossing. Last week, Border Patrol awarded another contract for Texas wall that includes a bunch of those strong gates, so more are coming soon!

Anonymous said...

No new border walls!?!?!?! Oh noes!

No way?!? I mean we have been adding all these millions of miles of new borders between Mexico and the US since Trump was elected President, and he hasn't put up walls there? / sarc

We have had the same f-bombing border since the 1850's! Of course there is no new wall, we are replacing old walls. In some places the existing "wall" is a single strand barb wire fence, or a few signs

And Aesop, PDT originally said in 2015 he only needs 700 miles of border walls. That probably is a 90% solution. I hope he does do the entire border. It would be a great infrastructure project if nothing else; even though you & I know the smugglers will adapt and overcome any partial fences.

I hope he builds a fence from the Gulf to the Pacific. Hell, I hope he pays Mexico to do the same on their side too! That would be useful foreign aid!


James M Dakin said...

Trump ain't Hilary, and he isn't King Kenya. Small favors. It could be a lot worse. That said, for all you who think he is your newest bestist buddy, please consider his debt to the Rothschild's:
Only slightly off topic, as this overshadows most of his actions.

Tina said...

@Beans, my husband and I contributed a few inches (square inches, not linear) to the privately built wall and we are as proud as punch of those folks! We also got some insight we had not had into part of the previous roadblocks to preventing incursions, when we saw the whole International Boundary and Water Commission fiasco over their gate. Thank goodness for Trump's excellent appointment of Ms Jayne Harkins, who is also tackling the "Mexico's Raw Sewage" problem - another issue that was ignored by her predecessors and previous administrations. I am cheering her on, she seems like a real go-getter!

Anonymous said...

It's called supply and demand. As long as there's demand, they'll move heaven and Earth to get over here. Hakuna Matata!

Beans said...

Tina, glad you and so many others did. And, yes, the whole fiasco over the gate access was just like a small child throwing his toys when he doesn't get his way.

Can you find anything more petulant than a whacko leftist denied his/her/its whacko leftist destiny?

Shadenfreude has become a national pastime in these Trumpy times!

And I'm still not tired of winning. Tired of the whining, but not the winning.

Full Metal Patriot said...

Longtime reader, first time commenter. I just want to say great article. Keep up the good work.

Aesop said...

Apparently, midnight clown posting is now a thing.

Just say no, kids.

lineman said...

It's hilarious to watch isn't it...They must hand out scripts of what to say...LMAO

sdharms said...

it is not that liberals think the wall is not being built, it is that they and the media are making a concerted effort to make US think the wall is not being built, thus lose faith .

Bezzle said...

In fairness to Coulter, Trump took his jolly sweet-ass time about it (what with Jared continually tying his shoelaces together). It should also be noted that conservative localities in Mexico were instrumental in castrating the communist "caravan" fuggernaut that had been slowly grinding its way toward a confrontation. In short, the whole thing never really boiled to the telegenic rolling-heads the press was shortstroking for.

Anonymous said...

" Trump took his jolly sweet-ass time about it "

--clearly you've never worked on anything defense related. A 5 year lead time is SHORT, and 10-15 years to completion is FAST.

To get ANYTHING new actually in place in only 2 years is almost a miracle. (and NO it doesn't matter that .mil can roll out concertina wire and set up guard towers in x amount of time, because they can't and won't do that here.)

There is a process in place and moving it faster is like pushing on rope.

Add in the ability to monkey wrench pretty much any aspect of the construction (a project for a badly needed system I worked on was set back FIVE YEARS when a losing bidder sued under some minority bidding rule. He lost, but the project lost funding, staff, and us in the mean time. When we finally stood it up, it was 5 years out of date and paid for by a completely different agency) and again-- miracle if there has been any new progress at all.


VINA said... two idiot Republicans are running for President Trump. That will take more votes away from Trump and my family and others are figuring that this is how the idiots who hate Trump will get into office and run this country closer into he*l then it already is.
Wonder who is paying these two fools to run against Trump...Hummmmmm..