Saturday, August 3, 2019

Navy CNO Finds His Balls; JAG Astonished

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Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson

It has been awhile since we could deliver some good news about the military in general, and the Navy in particular. This story warms the cockles of our cold green amphibious heart.

After a years-long string of bad news, finally a ray of sunshine for Big Blue: their CNO has testicles:

(SAN DIEGO) “Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson today dismissed all charges in the case of Lt. Jacob Portier,” a Navy statement said Thursday. “Richardson took this action in the best interest of justice and the Navy.”
Cmdr. Jereal Dorsey, a Navy spokesman, said the decision came from Richardson, not from President Donald Trump, who this week rescinded medals awarded to prosecutors in the Gallagher case.
Richardson also ordered a full review of the Navy’s Judge Advocate General Corps.
“Recent events indicate a need to review the leadership and performance of the (JAG) Corps,” Richardson said in a memo.
Richardson said the review should address training and professional development, with an “evaluation of the JAG Corps officer career progression and community values for promotion selection and detailing,” the memo said.
The lead prosecutor in the Gallagher case, Cmdr. Chris Czaplak, was removed before trial after a judge ruled that his efforts to track defense attorney emails amounted to misconduct and violated Gallagher’s constitutional rights.
Lt. Cmdr. Jacqueline Pau, the CNO’s spokeswoman, also said late Thursday that Trump had not ordered the move, and that Richardson acted on his own to restore confidence in the military justice system.
“The judicial system is not broken, but let’s let this review play out,” she said. “We will be transparent with what we find. We understand it’s important to maintain the trust and confidence of the American people.”
Richardson has also stripped the authority to prosecute Petty Officer 1st Class Corey Scott away from Region Legal Service Office Southwest, which previously prosecuted Gallagher and were set to prosecute Portier. Navy authorities had floated the possibility of prosecuting Scott for perjury after he testified that he, not Gallagher, killed a wounded ISIS fighter in Iraq.

Navy Region Southwest spokesman Brian O’Rourke said he could not comment on the case.
“The news came as a surprise,” he said.
Let me break this news down to those who never served, in civilianese.

1) Obozo is not the president any more.

2) Fabulous Ray Mabus is not the SecNav any more. Ass Carter is not SecDef.

3) The Navy has decided to begin a return to warfighting, rather than Social Justice Warfare.

4) The prosecutors in the cases of Gallagher, Portier, and Scott , in particular Cmdr. Czaplak, are about to receive blisteringly brutal OERs, at the direction of CNO, that will force their retirement in short order, and had best begin updating their resumes and looking for life with some corporate shyster firm immediately. Their days in uniform are about to draw to a hasty end. Their early retirements will be feted with rotten eggs and fruit, to a metaphysical certainty. (Prosecutor Czaplak should have a court martial of his own for "conduct unbecoming" dangled in front of him, just to make things interesting. It would do much to curb the excess stupidity of the JAG corps, and the officers of the Navy in general. The prospect of a federal conviction, making him unemployable for life, would be a fitting end for such a miserable excuse for a man.)

5) The JAG commands, at every level, that awarded (since-rescinded, by order of the President)  Navy Achievement Medals to the prosecutors in the Gallagher case just retired as well, whether they know it or not. The review will give them about 60 days to get their shit in one bag, and get off their respective bases, without getting sliced and diced officially. The brighter ones will put in their retirement papers immediately, and leave skidmarks getting away.

6) There are about to be a whole lot of openings in the JAG Corps for bright young civilian lawyers who want to serve their country, and the Navy, rather than do SJW at their expense.

7) Those openings will be created by the 50-200 abrupt departures of people previously and foolishly promoted to their positions by officers who thought their job was to ruin the Navy rather than defend America.

8) The JAG tail is about to find that the Navy is the dog that wags that tail. And it's going to sting, and leave quite a mark when they get done administering that reminder, as it should. The only pity is that CNO cannot order keelhauling of derelict officers.
The fun part is that he can professionally ruin people in large swaths, by order.
His hatchet men, unconstrained by wrath from above, are about to set to that task with a vengeance, and the shrieks from even Congress will not avail in what's about to happen.

THIS is how you run a military branch, kids.
The message has been sent, and received, by All Hands, that the bullshit of the Obozo Era is over.

Military justice, much like military intelligence, is generally an oxymoron. But occasionally, the angels land on the scales of that justice, and it works out all right in the end.

Hopefully, CNO Richardson will not stop there, but let this opening salvo ripple, before setting the Navy back on task with a purpose, and cutting loose the deadweight accumulated by a disastrous prior administration. And, looking at world events, not a minute too soon.

And, yet again, my epicaricacy knows no bounds.


The Gray Man said...

If there is hope for the Navy then maybe the Army will stop being a risk-averse do-nothing force too full of black women; and get back to being a warfighting force (which includes getting rid of most of the black women in the ranks).

I’m not holding my breath.

Aesop said...

It's easily fixed.

Eliminate the female PFT across the board, and adopt the male standard universally.
Anyone already in gets one month prep time per year of actual service to comply, no wavers for age or infirmity.
Anyone who fails the PFT/PRT twice is separated under a general discharge, on the date of the second failure, as unsuitable for service.

Thanks for playing, and enjoy civvy street, where you belong.

Then specify job specific physical performance standards, per each MOS.

Anybody in Army ground troops who can't ruck march XX miles carrying XX pounds in XX:XX time, adíos. All separate female standards are gone.

Anybody assigned to tanks who can't pick up 40 shells weighing 50# in 5 minutes, or assigned to artillery who can't lift twenty 90# shells shoulder high in five minutes, bye-bye.

Can't run a 40# hose-pack up two ladders, kick down a door, and carry a 170# dummy back down? Can't be a firefighter.

Can't do anything vaguely combat-related: you're only suitable MOS assignments are non-deployable jobs, in CONUS only.
It's not fair to men or women to send troops to do tasks they cannot perform.

If you can't leave CONUS, then I guess you'll just have to suffer at never getting higher rank or command, but fair is fair, and it has nothing to do with what you're packing in your skivvies.

Give them a pink file jacket, stamped PERMANENTLY NON-DEPLOYABLE, and call it a day.

Anybody who has to live in a tent has to be able to fight, if called on, to the infantry standard.

All the BS stops in about ten minutes.

We don't care about your genitalia. Just your muscles. It's a physical job.

Bezzle said...

Get a load of this horseshit. They are not letting go easily.

Anonymous said...

From your keyboard, Aesop to God's eyes.
Bride mentioned that Gallagher's retirement was being held up but I haven't found anything else on that.
Gotta love the bio on Navy Region Southwest (GCM convening authority)
Boat Guy

Anonymous said...

Epicaricacy - never use a German word when an English one does just as well.

Opie Odd

RandyGC said...

RE: "Get a load of this horseshit. They are not letting go easily."

"Hours after Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson ordered authorities to dismiss all charges against SEAL Lt. Jacob X. “Jake” Portier, prosecutors told the military judge hearing the case that they couldn’t actually dismiss it."

Sounds like some JAG officers need some immediate TAD orders deploying them to Antartica or Diego Garcia.

Anonymous said...

Get knocked-up before or during deployment, get dishcharged

Cederq said...

Now, the CNO needs to look at the Navy and Marines and their practice of allowing Non-Citizen Hispanics for enlisting without vetting them with no gang or cartel influences.

Aesop said...


Don't be silly.

" ARTICLE 90. Any person subject to this chapter who willfully disobeys a lawful command of his superior commissioned officer shall be punished, if the offense is committed in time of war, by death or such other punishment as a court-martial may direct, and if the offense is committed at any other time, by such punishment, other than death, as a court-martial may direct."
(The standard there is dishonorable discharge, forfeiture of all pay and allowances, and confinement for 10 years, in peacetime. I'd like to see some Navy JAG prosecutors awarded that punishment. I suspect the court martial will take about ten minutes.)

I would pay cash money if the CNO himself would fly to NRSW Command, in person, and explain those particular facts of life to those commissioned c**ksuckers of the prosecution in person, with a detachment of Masters-At-Arms behind him, carrying a bag of irons and shackles, and ask if any further clarification of his direct, specific orders is necessary.

Whoever made that pleading to a military judge isn't going TAD, he's going to the brig. His CO will be retiring NLT COB, Friday. If he's lucky, while still at liberty to do so.

I have never heard tell of any admirals that were prone to mincing words with people four or more grades below them, and unless I miss my guess, that whole command is about to be gutted, and then shuttered, with everything they've touched labeled HAZMAT, and set afire as tainted goods.

I suspect somebody's first flag-rank CO in that chain of command is about to get ahead of that goatrope with enthusiasm, and probably a flamethrower. No one who gets to O-7 and above wants to be reduced to Ensign and retired Monday morning because the idiots he commands can't understand effing English.

There's not many military lawyers (and no smart ones) with the guts to tell the senior officer of their service to piss up a rope, and live to tell the tale.

Get some popcorn; this is going to be great fun.

Phil said...

Why am I not surprised by the lack of ethics in the JAG corps? They are Lawyers after all.

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

"We don't care about your genitalia. Just your muscles."

So Trans women are in? ;)

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

I don't think things have gotten so bad in America that we should let War Criminals off easy. Ask me in 20 years and we'll see.

DAN III said...


Although your remarks are spot on I will state the US Army is no
better than Navy re: Social Justice. Not that long ago I remember tearing down Army posters with the word "Diversity" emblazoned on them. Below that were three SJW females in ACUs expressing with their cutesy smiles how wonderful Social Justice is in the United States Army.

Soetoro-obama has done more damage, courtesy the electorate and media, that will last for decades in fUSA !

RandyGC said...


You're right. But nothing says that said personnel can't await the processing of the paperwork (or proceedings of the Court Martial) in some exotic port of call.

I said TAD since I know how fast that process can work (pack your deployment bag, plane leaves in 4 hours, pass through the immunization line on the way to embarking)and thought it would be an nice precursor of things to come. PCS to Leavenworth or discharge papers can follow later

And Hey, at least I translated TDY into Squid/Jarhead speak!

Aesop said...


No, trans "women" are psychotic, and crazy is a positive bar to enlistment.
Anybody outside shouldn't be enlisted, and anybody expressing the desire should be separated.
To rule out barracks lawyers using trans as a dodge (think Klinger from M*A*S*H*), they should be shipped to Diego Garcia, for a mandatory out-processing that will take the balance of their remaining term of enlistment, while they spend all day in the lovely equatorial desert climate making and filling tank traps all day long.


My brother, father, and uncle were Army; my grandfather was Navy; my other brother, my cousin, and myself, were all Marines.
(No one in the family was Air Force, because all our parents were married.;) )
I am thus militarily bilingual.

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

Can a trans woman hold a rifle? Nuff said. The world doesn't care about our obsession with our underpants areas. Major McHandsy and his junk inspecting magnifying glass need to find a hobby outside of the armed forces. The rest of us have wars to fight. Or better yet, let him go cry to Putin and Assad about the sorry state of our fighting boys and girls. It's not like they feel differently and look how "great" their fighting forces are. Oh wait...

Aesop said...


Nice try, but epic fail.
A retard can hold a rifle.
A child can hold a rifle.

Lack of sanity is an absolute bar for enlistment.
So no trannies in the ranks.
Do not pass "Go", do not collect $200.

You've had two bites at this apple, and you're still missing the obvious.
The military is not a social experiment to populate with all the circus freaks you can pack into the ranks.

The .Mil has an actual real-world mission, and one that is not compatible with, and takes priority over, using it as a laboratory for anti-civilizational experimentation.

Trying it the other way has gotten us to soldiers marching in red high heels, planes that cannot fly, women who cannot do their military jobs, a Navy that can't conn ships, aircraft carriers that can't launch planes, and combatant ships that can't fight.

Those so enamored of that nonsense over the actual mission ought to take the social science experiments, and the attitude that such things don't degrade the entire institution, and put them both where the sun don't shine.

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

"soldiers marching in red high heels, planes that cannot fly, women who cannot do their military jobs, a Navy that can't conn ships, aircraft carriers that can't launch planes, and combatant ships that can't fight."

That's just Imperial Bloat, my friend. It happens to every empire in it's old age. Not a great time to be picky, is what I'm saying. Ask any recruiter how the numbers are looking right now. You might want to invest in red high heels.
Do they love America? Can they aim, pull trigger, repeat? Here's your gun and ammunition box, get out there! Deciding to infringe on personal liberties so the brass don't have to imagine icky genitals while they smoosh toy soldiers together in the war room is a nonstarter.

"The military is not a social experiment to populate with all the circus freaks you can pack into the ranks."
NOBODY CARES. If they can .Mil without reaching for their inhalers or magically sprouting bone spurs then they got the job. Full stop. I don't give a good Goddamn if they're all wearing pink tutus with dildos stuck firmly up their rear admirals, if they can fight and want to fight, then get out of the way.

Aesop said...

1) You have no personal liberties in the military. You have a mission. Anything that interferes with accomplishing it - like insanity - means you don't get to belong. The military is not the Little League: Everyone does not get to play.
This is why we don't recruit patriotic blind and deaf members either.

If we ever need volunteers to clear minefields with pointy metal rods and pogo sticks, I could see a use for the circus freaks, but we're not there yet.

2) Just because you don't care how the current nonsensical policies are fucking up the military, and have, doesn't mean nobody cares.

You are out in the lunatic cornfield if you believe any of the bilge water you're bailing. Restating that nonsense doesn't make it so.

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

"This is why we don't recruit patriotic blind and deaf members either."

I said if they CAN fight. Nice try.

"Just because you don't care how the current nonsensical policies are fucking up the military, and have, doesn't mean nobody cares."

That was more hyperbolic than literal. Only pearl clutchers and good old boys who like imaginary pasts care. Then there's the rest of them who have a job to do. The saluting and the yes sirs happen because it's in the manual, not because they agree with those up the chain. They're not all so immature that they're going to worry about the one having their back also going to bugger them or something. They're too busy trying not to die to worry about bathroom politics. CAN they do the job or not. Nothing else matters. And yes, unit cohesion, following orders and getting along with other human beings is part of the job. Psychotic trans people need not apply. Well behaved, civilized,and (probably most important) willing to fight trans people, come on in. Don't like it? I heard Blackwater's hiring. They like all straight male armies and war crimes too. Knock yourself out.

2Cav said...

Ten kinds of bullshit, wrapped up in a lovely horseshit sauce.

Simple math- the population of trans people in the United states is VANISHINGLY small. A rounding error.So, if they ALL joined, maybe, one battalion? Doubtful, that. So their contribution is not needed.

That being said, ONE such loon in a fighting unit can have MASSIVE disruptive effects. Men don't like Barbies who are Kens. Reality.

Like having a female enter an all-male init.

Either, your military is serious, OR, you are a goat-fuck so ial-justice experiment..

No middle ground.

Your choice.