Thursday, August 15, 2019

What Could Possiby Go Wrong? Dept.

Yeah, no.
We already know where the boxcars drop off, thanks anyways.

But if you're feeling froggy, come and take them.
Best bring a lot of friends, and single men should come first.
Your move.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who's studied history at all (which means no one currently in politics) sees what the Left is doing to the Right:

1) De-person them. They're not humans, they're deplorables.

2) Suggest that they're not "keeping up with the times". Clinging to guns and religion.

3) Put them in a no-win situation. If you don't fight back you're conceding defeat. If you do fight back you're being mean.

4) "Compromise" where we get nothing and they get part of what they want (and can come back later for the rest). "We're not banning ALL guns, just SOME guns, see we're letting you keep some!"

5) Allow, or even encourage violence against us, while arresting those who defend themselves (Occupy Wall St, Antifa)

As has been noted before, for the Right violence is not a rheostat, it's an on-off switch, and they do NOT want that switch to be thrown.

Mark D

Anonymous said...

The left are cowards. They'll not be coming for our guns. They might try to pass more laws, but we'll simply not comply. When we don't comply, they're too scared to do anything.
Non compliance is working in states such as CT, MD, CA, and NY.

The left do not have the physical assets to enforce any new laws in a meaningful way. And half those assets would refuse orders that could be construed as illegal anyway. They don't have the numbers behind them, so they won't do anything. They'll just keep throwing tantrums.

The louder they scream, the more in control we are. Don't worry.

Anonymous said...

@Ned2: I'm not so sure about that. History (again that messy word) is chock FULL of people and nations who confidently started fights, then got their asses handed to them. The South in the American Civil War, Russia in the Winter War, Germany in Russia, Russia in Afghanistan. Not to mention on the smaller scale, like when Moldylocks cancelled her dental work at an Antifa event.

Anonymous said...

I’d like to add to Mark D’s comments... how commies LOVE to outlaw religion... vs. FREEDOM of religion! (however “quaint” such beliefs might be regarded as???)


lineman said...

Gun owners love to compromise especially when they don't own the items being banned and are scared or propagandized into letting them take away our guns piecemeal...NRA is very good at that...

RHT447 said...

When I was stationed in (the former) West Germany, I spent one of my R&R days walking the grounds of Dachau.

To the progs--come on over. I'll wait.

Mike_C said...

Semi-off point, but I just had a mental picture of Mel Gibson in his William Wallace costume shouting:

"They want to take our guns, but they'll never take our Freeeeedo!"

And across the field a hysterical Chris Cuomo froths at the mouth.

enn ess said...

It's all about confiscation and control of the peon by the so called elites/ruling class, same as it's been throughout history. And all the gun grabbers are crying "we have to do spmething".
Judge Napolitano has a good article out regarding "doing something".

If we need to "do something", as the gun grabbers insist, how about next time your in a crowd or situation where some wanker pulls out a gun and starts shooting, you pull out your gun and shoot the moron back. There, problem solved and you've "done something".... gumming types and confiscators need not apply.......

Anonymous said...

Don't threaten me with a good time...

Mike_C said...

I call BS.
1. Boat Guy doesn't fake swear. He's the saltiest seadog here.
2. It took him nearly 12 hours to notice an imposter? A likely story.

Anonymous said...

This is rich. 11:21 11:48 and 12:18 think they can imitate me. I'm just going to sit back and let the poor guy tucker himself out.
Boat Guy

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Which Boat Guy do I shoot? Quick, say something only the real Boat Guy would know! Ha. Can someone get the troll repellant?


Anonymous said...

Ah. Most likely one of the shitheads we called out earlier.
Dream on, dipshit.

Anonymous said...

My theory: Aesop wants to switch to a subscription model so he ran mega psy op and wrote a "controversial" post to get the trolls out here so people would willingly switch over.

Anonymous said...

To All:

BG is the real Boat Guy. All the others are fakes. Don't listen to their lies. Carry on.

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

Jeez. Just when you thought there wasn't enough time in the day for these guys to masturbate in their mom's basement, they show up again. This smells like Boat Man all over. Don't worry, Boat Guy. We know what's up!

Aesop said...

These retards just keep driving up site traffic, which gets me more internet notice.
Rock on, idiots.

And no, not interested in a subscription model.
Nor are my posts controversial.
Except to retards.

Anonymous said...

@ lineman 646. Absolutely hit on target. Bulls Eye. Funny the sheep's who are staunch 2A supporters willing to give up the things they don't have. All the while shouting "We have the 2A amendment". LOL. "Shall NOT BE INFRINGED". Yeah "Shall not be infringed" according to your level of comfort. Right! Ahhh what the fuck I don't have a bump stock, never had the need. Ok I'm fine with this ban. Assault rifles well I don't have any, hmmm ok I'm good to go with that ban too. Red Flag laws Yeah sure, I'm in. My neighbor is a bit twitchy, a tad weird. Doesn't mingle. Hmmm he does have guns. Hmm not too friendly. He's vet. Hmmm I don't know! Oh that news caster is awfully hostile, hmmmm I think he may go off at any time.

Trash Man said...

Relax boys and girls. I'll take care of this. Give me a few hours.

Pat H. said...

Here comes a squad of five neo-Bolsheviks, threatening the US Supreme Court.

IamLegion said...

Right there with you. Aushwitz with rooms full of human hair taught me. Moloney Labe

John Wilder said...

And this is why I'm optimistic. I don't think it will be easy, but I'm optimistic.

Nori said...

“Anonymous” seems to be abundant across the Interwebs.
Boldly going...into virtually nothing.

Give yourself a moniker.Or out yourself/selves as Ben Rhodes,Deputy Director of Doggerel.

Aesop said...


I think that would be Ben Dover.

Mike_C said...

Hah! I'm flattered that TiredFullMetal is now pretending to be me, but only very slightly flattered. You don't have my style right, but it was clever-ish of you to use a numbered list, since I used one to list your mistakes in the FMP screed (partially, not going to give away ALL your tells here).

For those of you playing at home, the Braveheart thing was really me.

Anyway, just stop. You're obviously fairly bright, and actually seem a decent and reasonably sincere person (not irony, despite your little games). I have the strong feeling you're a younger (<35) white "trad" American (not a POC, probably not Jewish) with at least one liberal arts degree from a "good place". Not a veteran, never seriously worked a blue collar job -- or even ever had more than a transactional conversation with persons working such jobs, and certainly not a "gun nut". You're here to stir up a nest of Deplorables and have a little fun with the hicks, maybe even change a few minds. Apart from the fact that it's a waste of time given your tactics, keep in mind that although your Swarthmore (or whatever) degree is indeed a thing to be proud of, it doesn't mean you're smarter than all us Deplorable hicks. Credentialism != intelligence, nor does it equal wisdom, and it sure as hell ain't experience. Plus, you might be surprised by the credentialism that some of us can haul out.

If I'm wrong about the young, white, Swarthmore (or Bard, or hahaha Oberlin, etc) things, go ahead and prove me wrong. Or don't, and just stop with the bullshit. Either one would be good.

Mike_C said...

Sorry, meant to write FullMetalPatriot. In the future, coffee then posting. A few more tells for the class. Some of the words are not spelled like I would spell them. I mean sea dog as one word? The numbered list is not as long as mine either. If you're going to list, make it count. Lastly, more puns. Why pretend to be me and not make it fun? That's enough for now. Figure out all the tells and maybe you get a prize.
Again, you seem real bright, if maybe with a lot of time on your hands. (Between jobs? Work from home on a fancy com-pu-tor?) But poking a hornet's nest never made the hornets consider your position. Go get some life experience doing something with your hands. Enlist. Do something with yourself and maybe the rest of us won't seem so mysterious. Remember, the Hills have Eyes is not a documentary.

Mike_C said...

"you seem real bright"
Don't give yourself airs. I said "fairly bright". Though you're clearly socialized only to the level of at most a prepubescent teen, if that.

And I wasn't giving you life advice because frankly I don't give a shit so long as you go away. And now you're cut off from the adult attention you so clearly crave. I'm out.

Anonymous said...

Just ignore him. He'll tire himself out eventually.

Unknown said...

"First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me"- Niemöller
It's far to easy to get caught up in the grind of every day living and turn a blind eye to what directly doesn't affect us...yet another reason to build our families and tribes to keep us mindful of our values and traditions and to protect our way of life. Mowgli