Monday, December 17, 2018

This One Year, At Re-Education Camp...

"Did someone say 'Nose pencils?
Captain Blackadder reporting for duty. Wooble. Papaaaa!"

College Socialist Re-Education Camp, deconstructed by Wilder, i.e 4th Generation Warfare, Part Deux:

the essence of 4th Generation warfare is about removing the willingness of your opponent to fight – to making them see their own position as an immoral one, to winning ideologically. 
What’s the easiest way to win ideologically?  Education.
Go hither. RTWT.

All tulipomania bubbles burst, eventually.
And Adam Smith's "Invisible Hand" is going to break this one with a hard right cross to the jaw. Economics is merely the gravity of money, not the sociology of unicorns, and the inviolable rules are "TANSTAAFL", and "What cannot continue, won't."
Mind the backsplatter when this one goes off.


Old NFO said...

And it will, MUCH sooner than they expect.

John Wilder said...

Yup. Love Blackadder.

Anonymous said...

I went to a mid sized state college out here in flyover territory. The cancer is very real through most of the curriculum. Even us STEM folks are forced to spend half of our first two years in the soft studies lobotomization machine. I think I did permanent dental damage to myself grinding my teeth through soft-pitch soft-studies classes taught to retards by battlecunt dykes at the 3rd grade level. In my mandatory diversity class "the history of african americans in the united states" (the other choice was introductory feminism) I was the only student who could write above the 4th grade level.

All is not lost, however. The engineering building was populated with kick ass students. All of us were heavily armed. Most of us drove big pickups. More than half of us had a side business or were self employed, doing things like welding, machining, and gunsmithing. ROTC and a range were in the basement. You could have stood up a company of pickup truck dragoons at a moment's notice from our classrooms. The engineering building was also 75% white 25% asian, compared to the assorted diversity blend of low IQ mutts slouching across the rest of campus.

Aesop said...

Sadly, I fear we will have need of the First Pickup Truck Dragoons Regiment in the future, and sooner rather than later.