Wednesday, December 26, 2018

$116 Billion A Year

h/t 100% F'ed Up

$116B per year.

That's how much money we set on fire annually to pay for illegal aliens in this country.
Enough to build, arm, crew, and deploy 6 new supercarrier task forces every year, forever.
(Hint: That would have doubled the current number deployed, in just the two years since Trump has been president.)

Or, enough to keep the Social Security/Medicare Ponzi schemes solvent for another century.
Or to hand out nearly $7000@ in grants to every one of the 16.9M college students in the U.S., every year. (As 1/3 of them are at 2 year J.C.s, that would virtually make college attendance free, for all but the students at the most expensive institutions.)

Half the entire budget for the state of CA. Nearly the entire annual state budget for TX.

Or, a $400 annual tax refund to every man, woman, and child in the U.S. Actually $800, if we limited that refund to those among the 49% who actually pay taxes.
(It isn't like that money is earned by government workers actually producing anything, or getting a paper route.)

Cost of Trump's Great Big Beautiful Wall:
$30B, first year.
$0, every year after that.
America makes a profit of $84B/yr, forever, the moment we start tossing the 30-40M illegals over it after it's built.

Rule One of Boats: First you plug the holes; then you bail them out.

Build. The. Wall.!!!

And leave those excess federal employees furloughed until it's built.
If necessary, until Hell freezes over.


Mike said...

Thanks. And happy New Year (target rich environment, as it might be..)

please keep up the high-level oppo rants and comedy (not too much pathos.. )

Keep yo' head down, as my retired (36 year) border-patrol brother always says..

Anonymous said...

The wall is a good thing, but not enough.
We also need to deny benefits to illegals, and if "certain" jurisdictions refuse, we need to cut federal funding to them as well.
That is the answer, and nothing less will fix this problem.


Anonymous said...

If the damned wall keeps out 5% of them, it would pay for Chuckie Schumer's current Temper Tantrum.

Never mind that this shutdown is costing the federal government how much per day?
How many non-essential employees a not working, but will be paid for not working anyway when Chuckie and his clowns stop obstructing government?

Anonymous said...

"Non-essential employees"...


Anonymous said...

And while the wall is being funded, Trump should be talking about changing the law to punish American employers who employee ILLEGAL aliens. That action would slow down, likely encourage illegals to move out of U.S. to begin with.

None of the supporters of the illegal aliens are stepping up to do their part. They could sponser a family or individual to become a legal citizen. I don't think it costs a penny unless the illegal goes on welfare in which case the supporter than becomes fiscally responsible for handling that.

If. IF.

Anonymous said...

... there was a story in yesterday's news about 400, FOUR HUNDRED, illegals being released in one go, somewhere (I think it was Dallas) in Texas recently. FOUR FUCKING HUNDRED ...and then people in .gov wonder why we hate them.


Anonymous said...

In addition to the "wall", perhaps change the deportation process to be performed by an extra large trebuchet, and from a county adjoining said wall instead of within eyesight.
While I dream I'd like a helicopter.

Anonymous said...

A ten thousand dollar fine per day per illegal employed by a business. Business to be required to close and equipment impounded until find paid. After the fourth or fifth example publicized then suddenly we have tons of unemployed aliens. They will head home as they get hungry. Question is, do we have the cojones?

Anonymous said...

@anon 4:15 and @anon 6:35

There are already laws and fines on the books to punish employers for hiring illegals; they're just never/rarely enforced.
All this was passed in 1986. Congress has spent the last 30 plus years defunding laws that were passed then. This is all a dog and pony show.

We're well and truly fucked. We can build the wall, but between land and ocean, there's over 20 thousand miles of border to protect. The 5 billion apparently builds only 215 miles.

If we don't feed/house/educate/provide med care for illegals, they will self deport.
If we apply existing law to employers, they will cease employing illegals.
If we deny them access at the border, they will simply cross somewhere else. Or buy a plane ticket. Or get on a cruise ship. Overstay their visa.


Aesop said...

1) The estimate for the entire 1800 mile border wall is $30B. There's no start-up cost involved, this is simple subcontracting, so $5B pays for 1/6th of that.
That's 300+ miles or so.

2) Planes and cruise ships cost money. So do actual passports.
They currently just walk across the border.
Which, with a wall, they cannot do. Ever.

The guys I worked with shut down one crossing point, which, by itself, was responsible for 50,000-100,000 crossings/year (by actual count of footprints, and groups: 3 groups of 50-100 migras/day at the three shift changes of the agents when the entire border was unattended, x 365 days/yr), not counting the dope mules and drug vehicle convoys.

We turned that into 0-2/yr in less than four years, and we got more of that accomplished with a video recorder and thermal camera than with the tactical gear and shooting irons (though one requires the other, if you want to go home every night).

When you make it easier than falling off a log to get here, stay here, and latch onto Uncle's teat here, you get 40M illegals in 40 years.

You make it damned near impossible to get here easily, and easy to throw them out with little hope of making it back, and you shut off the tap.
Couple that with shoveling loads of them over the fence once you can concentrate on the ones here rather than the ones trying to get in, and you can turn this bitch around.

The alternative, just as suggested with homeless wastrels in the previous post, is that people who note that government is the problem, and not the solution, will adopt the 3-S approach, at the border, and with gusto.

And once white people start shooting brown people for being brown, and then lead starts flying in both directions, it doesn't stay at the border. In short order, it opens nationwide.

And then you live in Sarajevo circa 1992, anywhere from San Diego to Maine, and from Florida to Seattle.

Hispanics are currently 18% of the population of this country, some 54M people. And that's mainly the legal ones. 30-40M illegals is a reasonable guesstimate of how many more there are.

If 1/3rd of the this country were Canadians, it'd look like Montreal.
Instead, it looks like Tijuana.

Anyone who wants to see what that civil uprising looks like up close and personal , without exhausting every other possibility first, is simply insane.

Anything that can be done to turn the fire down under that teapot, and solve this without going to guns, is investing wisely for the long term.

Anything else, IMHO, is just pouring gasoline on the fire.

Anonymous said...

A confiscatory tax on remittances would be a great start.
Plus some remotely controlled M61 rotary 20mm cannons in towers. Obviously this would require clear warning signage about the danger involved to the invaders.

beau said...

1. NEVER rehire 'nonessential employees'.

2. BUILD the wall.

all will be better off, even the 'nonessentials', having to learn what a real job is and to actually have to work for a living.

Pat H. said...

I want a 50 to 100 year moratorium on ALL immigration, not just illegal immigration. We simply do not need new immigrants in this country.

The sole exception I'd make would be a total open door policy for Boers from South Africa. Other than that, no immigrants at all.

ghostsniper said...

Ladders can be leaned against a wall, ala Viet Nam, and then they come right over, unless it is guarded by men with guns. If men with guns are guarding the border then no wall is necessary. Men with guns can be deployed to the boarder TODAY. Fort Hood, the largest military installation in the US, is in close proximity to the border and it is slammed with soldiers with guns drawing pay. The money for border security is already being paid!

I did 37 months in Germany in the Army 1974-78 and spent a lot of time guarding the East German border. There was no wall. There was barbed wire. And lots of men with guns. Isn't the primary role of the military's to protect the US?

Aesop said...

Show me the guy who's going to bring a 20' ladder, and then move it to the other side while sitting on spikes.

Not. Happening.

You're never stopping every swinging Ricardo.
But if, instead of 1M successful illegal entries, you knock that down to 10K or 20K, you've got 100 times the resources to chase 0.1% as many attempts.

For the other 99.9%, it's a wasted effort, because it's too hard, and too expensive.

Right now, it's neither.

They're climbing a 7' PSP mat or 4-strand cattle fence, and defeating 10,000 agents looking for footprints at the fenceline by tying $2 worth of Mexican blanket to their shoes.

And you aren't muling 80# dope bundles over or under a 20' wall that goes 10-15' down, without driving the cost of going over or under to epic numbers, which you then have 10X the number of agents to look for and interdict.

The Soviet Union threw in the towel when they couldn't spend enough to beat us.
Cartels are even easier to beat.
We only need to try.

For 40 years, we've been doing essentially nothing. On purpose.

Anonymous said...

75 Billion left the US in 2017 thru remittance too the Caribbean, Central and South America. can add that to the total loss as well. say 50% is illegals sending money home. that is 37.5 Billion. only 50 states, that is 750 million that leaves each state every year. bleeding us like stuck pigs. funding the worlds welfare program. this is #1 bullshit.

Robohobo said...

Brilliant! Book marked!

Anonymous said...

I have always found it interesting that every time we have a govt "shutdown", it only applies to non-essential personnel.
If they are non-essential, why the hell are they even there in the first place?

Dan said...

Let's be honest and rational. If you build a wall and walk away thinking you're done you're a moron. No matter HOW massive a wall we build if left unchallenged the criminal invaders WILL eventually find a way over, under, around or through the wall. To prevent this we will have to patrol and defend the wall.....with deadly force if required. Since we must be willing to KILL people to prevent them breaching the wall we don't need a wall. We just need a stout fence that will slow the invaders down long enough to allow effective targeting by weapons. But there aren't enough people in America with the balls to do what is necessary....KILL INVADERS. If we kill 50 the rest will get the message.....crossing the border will cost you your life...and they will STOP COMING. 50 dead bodies AT the border sends the necessary message. Instead we allow THOUSANDS to cross the border every year with HUNDREDS or more dying in the desert.....EVERY YEAR. Now THAT'S "common core" math. Proof we are a clever species. NOT an intelligent one.

John Wilder said...

I'd say that I vote for that, but I already did.

Aesop said...

Find where I said build a wall and walk away.
I'll wait.

The wall is "a stout fence".

And you don't need to kill people crossing it. (Unless they start something first, in which case, open fire. Stupid is as stupid does.)

But we don't need belts of claymore mines, or remote miniguns, or metric fucktons of tank turrets mounted on pillars every mile, or B-52 Arc Light strikes, fun and entertaining as all that would be.

Just turn them around.
When it takes hours to days to weeks to breach it, you can watch it a helluva lot less, with fewer people, and from further away, and stop 99.99% of even mere attempts.

Don't believe me; look up how many people pole vaulted over prison walls last year.
It's a non-starter.

Currently, a border breach takes between 0.2 and 30 seconds to maybe two minutes, depending on the site, the barrier, and the method chosen. Once a group has a 10-minute head start, most times that's the last you'll ever see of them until they hit the big city.

The PSP planking fence was nearly breached in 10 minutes by a few guys with a backpack oxy-acetylene rig you can buy at Horror Freight, and they had a convoy of half a dozen dope vehicles (heavy pipe bumpers and tires filled with concrete to defeat spike strips and barricades) ready to pour through at 80MPH. We stopped them on their side with two feet left to go before they'd cut an entire garage door entry. They never came back in that sector after they were detected. Just not worth it.

The barrier wall going up in multiple places needs hours, and far more logistics than can be assembled before any attempt would be detected, and stopped.
And unless you can fly, when you come down, you're going to break a leg.
Cripples are far easier to track and catch.

When the lemon isn't worth the squeeze, it takes even less presence, and the infinitesimally small number who get over, under, or around, could be corralled in minutes, not trailed for days.

The is America: we do technological solutions in our sleep, and it runs in our DNA.

All Pedro's got are his blanket booties, a jug of water, and the willingness to risk death in the desert, because nobody's watching very hard, and the climate is a bigger barrier most days than all the king's horses and all the king's men patrolling it are.

Build the barrier fence, and you can turn 75% of the agents loose for interior workplace enforcement, and start throwing the illegals you catch here over it, or deporting them back home to Sh*tholia.

Game Over.

You build that fence to avoid having to do a war.
Which is what you're got once you start shooting people at the border in wholesale lots.
And it never stays one-way beyond about the first ten seconds.

Anonymous said...

But we don't need belts of claymore mines, or remote miniguns, or metric fucktons of tank turrets mounted on pillars every mile, or B-52 Arc Light strikes, fun and entertaining as all that would be.

OK, how about declaring a 200m free fire zone @ the border? That would allow all to participate in the fun and entertainment aspects. The few who make it past the wall won't get far.

Anonymous said...

God bless you, Brother for continuing to talk sense, clearly and succinctly.
As with other topics discussed here; I support doing anything we can to avoid or postpone "going to guns" because as you note, once that genie's out of the bottle there's no telling where, when and how it ends.
Boat Guy

Dan said... EFFECTIVELY protect the border you MUST use deadly force. Something we are NOT doing currently as evidenced by the THOUSANDS who succeed in entering America every month. The UGLY TRUTH no body wants to admit is that as long as the benefits outweigh the risks they will KEEP COMING. And when the only real risk is merely being sent back to TRY AGAIN there is no incentive to not keep trying. People denigrate the Berlin Wall but he truth is IT WORKED....and it worked because it was enforced by DEADLY FORCE. So YES!!!!! Want to end ilegals invading America? Kill a bunch trying. Don't have the balls to do that? Then say goodbye to your culture and country. THAT is reality.

Aesop said...

Congrats. You get a post.

Night driver said...

And so, ANOTHER reason for the Wall, except it won't cover airports....

Doctor exposed to Ebola brought to United States

| 12/29/2018 03:50 PM EST
| Updated 12/29/2018 04:45 PM EST

A U.S. physician who was exposed to Ebola while treating patients in the Democratic Republic of Congo arrived in the United States today and was taken to a secure area at the Nebraska Medical Center.

The physician, who isn't exhibiting symptoms of the deadly virus, was privately transported to the medical center in Omaha, Neb., on Saturday afternoon, officials there confirmed. Ebola, which can spread through direct contact, can incubate for three weeks before an infected person begins showing symptoms.

The individual, whose identity is being withheld due to privacy concerns, will be kept under observation in a secure area for up to two weeks and transferred to a special biocontainment unit if symptoms develop. The center, which is partnered with the University of Nebraska, has previously treated Ebola patients.

"This person may have been exposed to the virus but is not ill and is not contagious," said Ted Cieslak, an infectious diseases specialist at the medical center. "Should any symptoms develop, the Nebraska Medicine/UNMC team is among the most qualified in the world to deal with them."

University officials said that the physician was transported by private plane and car.

"The individual was moved safely and securely," said a spokesperson for the State Department, which arranged the physician's travel. "The individual is isolated and under observation at a medical facility per standard medical protocol."

The second largest Ebola outbreak on record is currently raging in the DRC, with more than 350 deaths so far. The World Health Organization has determined the outbreak does not pose a major international threat.

International aid organizations are warning that the DRC’s worsening political situation — with protests and attacks on aid workers — will hinder efforts to contain the outbreak. The International Rescue Committee on Saturday temporarily suspended its Ebola response efforts.

More than 11,000 people died from an Ebola epidemic in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia that began in 2014 and eventually spread to the United States — the largest outbreak ever recorded.

Before he ran for office, President Donald Trump opposed bringing Ebola patients to the United States, issuing repeated warnings while patients were en route during the 2014 outbreak. The Trump administration this May sought to cut $252 million in Ebola funding but reversed course after complaints from public health groups and Democrats.

Nahal Toosi contributed to this report

From night Driver.