Friday, December 28, 2018

No, We Don't Need Death Squads.

From Comments:
"to EFFECTIVELY protect the border you MUST use deadly force. Something we are NOT doing currently as evidenced by the THOUSANDS who succeed in entering America every month. The UGLY TRUTH no body wants to admit is that as long as the benefits outweigh the risks they will KEEP COMING. And when the only real risk is merely being sent back to TRY AGAIN there is no incentive to not keep trying. People denigrate the Berlin Wall but he truth is IT WORKED....and it worked because it was enforced by DEADLY FORCE. So YES!!!!! Want to end ilegals invading America? Kill a bunch trying. Don't have the balls to do that? Then say goodbye to your culture and country. THAT is reality."

Um, no.
Not even close.

When they can't come here because it's too hard, too expensive, and they get caught 99.999% of the time, they'll stop trying. Most people stop trying to beat their heads bloody against a wall long before they suffer skull fractures.

Somebody may die falling off the fence onto their head; if that happens, tough luck, Pedro, that's Darwinism in action.

But we don't need death squads patrolling No Man's Land and gunning down strays. That's quite simply fantastical bullshit. I could be wrong, I was only on the border directly for about ten years, and personally apprehended a couple of thousand or so illegals in that time, without needing to kill any of them.

A couple of our apprehended OTMs from DirkaDirkastan somewhere were whisked away one dark night by MIB in black SUVs, and all knowledge of their final destination disclaimed, but otherwise, the rest were just tossed back over. (I'd have preferred working them to the bone for six months on bread and water, and I'd have walked them under shotgun guard chained at the ankle from our location to San Diego proper, some 80-100 miles on foot, but I wasn't the sheriff of that patch.)

But once we got the Monster Wall put in, they stopped trying there, for 10 miles. Do that X 200, and that party is over for good. The only way in at that point is the front door. The bare few hundred Olympic athletes who could cross annually, instead of 1M+, wouldn't raise a fuss at that point even if they all worked across the street from Nancy Pelosi's house.

And if anyone is asinine and foolish enough to think shooting them out of hand is the answer, there are 7 BILLION of them. You don't have that many bullets, nor anyone who'd fire them, and anyone willing to try is certifiably psychotically sociopathically insane.

Just a hunch, but I suspect the rest of the world, including our nominal allies and friends, might have a say if we decided to unilaterally begin a genocide of brown people.

If you didn't take away that lesson on why the Berlin Wall failed, you weren't paying attention.

There are also ten other things we can do that don't involve bullets, and vastly more effective at ending the flood. Starting with closing the border and taxing remittances at 50%. Mexico's economy would crash in a month, and they'd start shooting attempted crossers from their side, without any further impetus from us at that point.

This isn't going to be solved by guns, nor need it be.

Suggesting otherwise is akin to saying that in order to stop burglaries, you need to slaughter you neighborhood, and man machinegun pits at the corners of your front yard.

People serious like that get hauled away in a rubber truck.

All this takes is a few things, which impact actual Americans minimally to not at all, other than those criminal lawbreakers exacerbating the situation:

1) Build the wall.

2) Deport the illegals already here.
On Monday, DHS raids all the companies in each town starting with "A" to audit and arrest illegal employees. On Tuesday, do the "B"s. And so on. By Wednesday, the wait to cross south at I-5, I-19, and I-35 would stretch north to the 36th Parallel, and that would be the end of that problem. When you finish with businesses, do the schools next. Watch grades and test scores climb like a moon shot when 98% of the country speaks English again. Bummer about having to arrest and prosecute all those harboring illegals in violation of federal law. Lather, rinse, repeat.
3) Tell Mexico that all legal entry is closed until illegals stop trying to get here from there.
One attempt, anywhere from Brownsville to San Diego: one day closure. Ten attempts, ten day closure. Etc. Group punishment worked in kindergarten and boot camp. Take Mexico to kindergarten boot camp. Another problem solved. I'm betting at 300:1 odds, after the third or fourth such disruption, the locals on the entire border will behead the attempters, and present their severed heads to border guards as a goodwill peace offering.
4) Prosecute everyone helping or hiring illegal aliens. Start with US governors and mayors.
"Sanctuary" city or state? Your mayor, city council, and chief of police, or governor, AG, and the entire legislature, get arrested by feds tomorrow. The president may need to appoint territorial governors in the interim. For any such entire states, declare martial law. Good luck with your case in DC Military Tribunals, and enjoy your time in federal prison. 50/50 the Congress declares your city or state's reversion to permanent territory status as "in rebellion". You can re-apply for admission to the US in a couple years, if you can manage to convince Congress you'll faithfully execute and enforce the laws of the land. (Bonus: US territories don't get to seat voting representatives or senators in Congress!) Or remain Washington D.C.'s chew toy in perpetuity. I don't care which. Starting with my home state of Califrutopia. Actions have consequences, and words mean things. Especially in federal court.
5) Seize businesses under RICO for any number >5 illegals employed.
More than 5 is clearly a criminal conspiracy, not an accident. CEOs, CFOs, and HR management being frogmarched to prison by feds on national TV, and seizure of the company, will nip that in the bud after Arrest #2. Less than 5? Only arrest the head of HR. And start in Silicon Valley, with the custodial and food service staffs of those SJW companies that want to fix America for its own good. Amazon, Microsoft, Google, WalMart, etc.: auctioned off to the highest bidders. Auction buyers must be 100% US citizens/corporations. Proceeds to the US Treasury. Say goodbye to the tax deficit for the next 50 years. (And personally, I'd rename "Amazon" to "Mississippi". F**k that rainforest worshiping BS.)
6) Tax remittances at the top US tax rate, in perpetuity.
Require real ID and an SSN (not a TIDN) with InstantCheck, and report the transaction to the IRS, by law.
7) No social security number? Impound the transfer 100%. Require notification of INS of the sender on the spot. Failure to do so: See Item 5 above.

8) Stop all legal immigration cold for the next 50 years.
No exceptions. No waivers. No entry. Have a nice demi-century. Unf**k your own country. (You want a humanitarian exception for SAfricans? Hell no. They had a half century to see that coming. They should've asked the Chinese formerly in Macao and Hong Kong how to deal with that. Ship them all the AK-47s we grabbed in Grenada they need, drop off metric fucktons of ammo spam cans, and tell them to deal with things, or run somewhere else. If they take the AK-47s, send them any SF advisory teams if they ask for them. If they turn down the AK-47s, wish them best of luck wherever they land. The US as not the world's tampon means Not The World's Tampon.) Want to marry a foreign national? OK. Usual hoops, then they can be permanent legal residents until 2070. If you divorce before then, they go back, same day. Possibly with half your stuff. Pick your mates wisely.
Those eight things would stop this whole problem in about an hour.
Total bullets required? Zero.

If someone's trigger finger is still itchy? :
Weapons free on boats and planes entering or attempting entry illegally. Zero fucks given.
Same deal as Mexico, with a twist: After cutting off any U.S. aid in perpetuity, we'll start bombing the airports and harbors of any country from which those craft are embarking. No apologies, no reparations, no payouts. Just bombs. Then tell them to have a nice day.

Under international law, piracy and banditry are crimes against humanity, and to this day, pirates can be hung on the spot by any navy that chooses to so do, consequence free.

And that won't start a war, but regarding drugs, it'll end one. Once again, in about an hour.

Problems solved while you wait.


1chota said...

the last figures I saw concerning remittances were about the remittances sent to Mexco alone in June: 3.1 billion. Must be more than 11 million of the little vatos here, huh?
50% of that would go a ways to pay for mucho help on the border.

Aesop said...


I seem to recall someone orangey saying "Mexico will pay for it".
Baseball: meet bat.

Phil said...

There ya go making sense again Aesop.
You know that ain't allowed.
Am I gonna have to talk to you about that?

Anonymous said...

I have suggested using the remittances plan you describe in letters to Presidents Trump, Obama (yah, I know, why did I bother) and Bush (same as Obama) on numerous occasions to each, as I suspect have many others.

Of coarse, if President Trump issued an Executive Order incorporating any of your suggestions, The Ninth Circus would immediately issue an injunction preventing implementation. If Trump were really the Bad Orange Man that the Dems and the press make him out to be on daily basis, he'd pull an Andrew Jackson on the Ninth, then keep firing Cabinet Members and Agency Heads until he found someone that would ensure his Executive Orders were enforced. (I know, wishful thinking).

Funny that The Ninth Circus never issued an injunction against any of Obama's illegal Executive Orders, yet when Trump issues one, an injunction magically appears within hours of its promulgation. But hey, according to Chief Justice Roberts, there aren't any Obama Judges or Bush Judges etc etc ad infinitum.


Lee Van Queef II said...

So which of the four people: Schmuckles, Piglosi, Magoo or Trump has the network (Chamber of Cocksuckers, Presstitute Inc., Deep State, Mao Youth Brigades, Obamarrhoids, The Clinton Killbot Network) to burn cities and assassinate people on February 1st when the gravy faucet shuts off?

Which of the four will wait out MIC vendors not getting paid and parts not arriving to depots?

Which can compel Deep State to manufacture evidence of Trump in a threeway with Putin and his black labrador?

Which of the four can direct the Federal Reserve shitstem to (and did) tank your 401k?

How long before Treasurys stop selling at their usual shit rates because foreigners are demanding a higher premium due to social unrest? Overnight. One week tops.

How much discomfort, never mind short, sharp danger do you think herds of half-ton Wal Mart scooter hogs, soccer moms, and blue hive insects and will suffer before they shout UNCLE!

Face it. America is a nation of mostly cunts. We are weak bodied, weak minded, soft, coddled and retarded cunts.

Resist? How about a nice ERPO dance party at your place courtesy of an anonymous denunciation.

My solution is to take that 17MM GFM account purchase or lease a piece of high-traffic borderland in Texas and build a wall on it. Lather, rinse, repeat for 1254 miles until we have the Republic by its balls and then twist, squeeze, poke, kick or if necessary, cut to isolate Texas from the rest of Cuntland.

I can SMAW and GTAW if you need a weldor. Shit I'll even run a squirt gun if I have to.

But I like your list of fixes nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

We need to quit incentivizing the problem
No DL, Medicaid, EBT, housing etc for non citizens especially Unlawful Entrants
Lawful aliens receive a much reduced "well we won't let you starve " level of assistance until returning to their country of origin which will be paid for by the taxpayer (save money in the long run)
Oh, and all legal "green card " holders must speak English
The federal courts jurisdiction will be limited by statute, oops no restraining order for you

Anonymous said...

The wall is a good step, but it is not enough.
Yes, a good wall will eliminate a large percentage of illegal entrants, but the facts are we are giving illegals benefits for doing fuck all except running the gauntlet and making it to the US.
We also have MILLIONS here already that suck on the government tit and nothing is done about it, despite laws already in place to prevent this.
Trying to get the governments of South American countries to help us is an exercise in futility. It's in their interests to shed their countries of the useless, and they will continue to do so, while pretending they're helping us.
When you look at the actions of our government, you can really only come to one conclusion. They are working overtime to bring foreigners into the country for whatever reason, and want nothing to do with preserving our borders.
Trump may say he's against all this democrat stifling, but he could quite easily declare martial law on the border, repel the invaders and establish precedent. He has the entire military at his disposal, does not need to worry about Posse Comitatus, and has thousands of troops coming back from abroad that would be more than happy to sit in the sun and shoot southern invaders. If he wants to get re-elected in 2020 he needs to do what he said he would do 2 years ago.
We are being invaded, and posturing will only exacerbate the situation. We need to make it very uncomfortable to come here illegally.
The wall is great, but the money is greater.


T-Rav said...

Yeah, but watch a black-robed tyrant bang his gavel and declare any and all of these measures unconstitutional, because reasons. And evidently, no one in the Trump administration is going to tell said tyrant to pound sand.

Until someone comes up with an effective way to put the judiciary in its place, and then actually has the spine to follow through on it, my optimism only goes so far.

Ominous Cowherd said...

If we don't guard the wall, it's just a speed bump. We will have to kill a few. Once word gets out that we really mean it, we won't have to kill any more. There won't be any caravans, either. Mexico will stop letting them through when we stop letting them in, and not before.

John Wilder said...

On board.

Chuck said...

"I could be wrong, I was only on the border directly for about ten years, and personally apprehended a couple of thousand or so illegals in that time, without needing to kill any of them."

And how many of them are comfortably living in the US today?

Aesop said...


Ask your congressweasel.

I got my ten miles of wall built. How about you?

Aesop said...

@Ominous Cowherd,

How many people have you "had to kill" at your front door?
And I'm guessing your front wall isn't 20' tall.
Rethink your suggestion in light of those realities.

Currently, there's no wall in most places.
Most of the wall there is stands maybe 7' tall, at best.
You can vault it in about a minute, or burrow under it with a coffee can in about 5 minutes.
In vast stretches, it's still just 4-strand cattle fence, or old tri-X tank barriers welded with one piece of rail 3' high to stop cars, not people.
That, you can just step through in 2 seconds.

Call me when it's all 20' tall 6" steel pickets six inches apart, set in concrete 10' down, and get back to me on how much of a "speed bump" that is.

Show me how you'll cross it, and I'll watch.
I don't even need bullets to stop people from trying; a can of old auto oil will do it.
Ask me how I know. ;)

skybill said...

Hi Bubba!!!
I think yer' on to sumpthin'!!!!! The Bitch is puttin' it into service!!!

DAN III said...


Shoot the invading hordes ? Gee, that would be inhumane.

Before the Berlin Wall (and the Warsaw Pact) fell, the East German and Czechoslovak borders were "walled". That is, the walls were fencing 12 feet high, triple barrier (3 fencelines) having unending strands of barbed wire laid at the bases and tops, with landmines tactically strewn in between the fencelines. Even the rabbits learned not to venture into that no-man's land.

Today the wall concept, as used by the communists, is alive and well in Amerika. Yes, it is. One can see the same "wall" at any medium security and greater, state prison. The only difference between the commie "walls" and the Amerikan jail "walls" are the compassionate Amerikans replaced the landmines with buried, electronic ground sensors. All of which is monitored with numerous cameras feeding into a control room.

All of the above reinforced by unscheduled patrols of Corrections Officers. Never had a jail break through one of THOSE "walls" !

I disagree with Aesop on his unwillingness to release the dogs of war on the invading hordes of enemy combatants. Make no mistake. FUSA is at war. Not in the Middle East as the neocons would have you believe. But rather, right here at home on our invaded borders by uninvited, foreign nationals and federal traitors ensconced within the confines of the Deep State and Washington District of Criminals.

If stategov and fedgov can build jails with the security I described above, they can afford to secure our no longer, sovereign borders. It is simply the fact that Amerikan "leadership" in District of Criminals and their communist partners in the alphabet agencies do not have the will or desire to do so.

"Kill all they send."

In the meantime....


Aesop said...

Shooting people isn't wrong because it's inhumane.
It's wrong because it's stupid.

Building The Wall is a simple solution.
If you build it, they won't come.
Nobody drives down a dead-end street.

Lack of building a wall is what's going to get you that shooting war - on the street where you live.
Won't that be fun for you and your family?
To have a war right on your own block?
What could possibly go wrong?

Teeeye81 said...

Fat chance off any of that happening. I agree wholeheartedly though. But who would initiate even one of those items let alone actually do one? Trump can't even get funding for the wall from the his own side of the aisle. I know, never say never, but yikes!

Matt Bracken said...

Now, if we could just get an hour alone with Trump to go over the list....

MingDaMerciless said...

Shoot first - shoot last. All 7 million went to Plan B.

Anonymous said...

Has anybody read CALIPHATE by Tom Kratman?
There the US President is plagued by the same Problems. But he solves them.
By Presidential Pardon.
Judge X.X. Releases a illegal who murdered a US citizen.
BLAMM! Someone shoots Judge X.X. and five minutes after the Arrest the LEO`s receive a message that the President pardoned said shooter.

X. Circuit says the acttion of the President are unconstitutional.
Entire circuit is shot and five minutes after the arrest of the shooters the Presidential Pardon is on its way.

Chas said...

Nice dream. Now find a repub with the ass to push it and defend it.

James said...

I would say absolutely no social services/housing/schooling ect. on the taxpayers dime,will not seem a great place to go without this and all other non violent ways suggested.

Ominous Cowherd said...

Aesop, you're thinking of Mexicants. I'm thinking of well funded caravan organizers and narcotraficantes, who will pay big bucks for ladders when they want to be obvious and expertly dug deep tunnels with narrow gauge light rail when they don't.

Absent guards, Mexicants will bring a hacksaw, and be through in a few hours.

I don't even need bullets to stop people from trying; a can of old auto oil will do it.

We agree, then: no guards makes the wall a speedbump.

Shooting people isn't wrong because it's inhumane.
It's wrong because it's stupid.''

You keep saying that. You haven't established that it's inhumane, nor that it's stupid. Defending our border is obviously neither.

Ominous Cowherd said...

I would say absolutely no social services/housing/schooling ect. on the taxpayers dime,will not seem a great place to go without this and all other non violent ways suggested.

James, that will surely help. Still, living under a bridge or in a cardboard box and eating out of dumpsters here is going to look far better than staying in Squatemala without bridge or box or dumpster. We have built a functioning society, and the leaches will come from all over the world to parasitize and destroy it.

We absolutely need to eliminate jobs and welfare for aliens, illegal or legal. We will still need to defend our border.

elysianfield said...

Regarding those attempts to boat around the border...what of letters of Marque and Reprisal? It/they are provided for in the Constitution.

Aesop said...


If you think you're hacksawing through the fence, you clearly have no idea what you don't know.
You'd sooner hacksaw through the structure of the Golden Gate Bridge.
And nobody ever suggested building it, and then going to sleep.
You just don't need 90% of the guys manning the line you have now, because the lead time to cross goes from 2 seconds to half an hour, and you can't get more than one person at a time up and over.

Right now, groups of 100, including old men, fat women, and little children, pour over at will, all day and night.

Any attempt to cut through that fence with less than a ton of C-4 and an hour to rig it is doomed to fail. That gets you one 12" gap.

And the whole world falls on top of you.


It is to laugh.
You'd need a fire ladder truck, and that only gets you to the top, 20' up in the air, on display for miles, and no way down.
Well played.
Then what?

Narcotraficantes have no interest in being picked off that easily and obviously.

Tunnelling under works until you find the tunnel. It takes months to build, and about half an hour to close. We can play whack-a-mole all day long.

Fly over?
No problem.
Ask the Air Force how well that'll work.

Once you build a wall, the easiest thing to secure is the southern border.
If you don't build it, it's impossible.

Why do you suppose the Communists in congress have shit-fits at the mere idea?
It undoes their entire 60 year Long March through the institutions, in about $30B dollars. Less than the government spends every 3 days.

Anonymous said...

A 13 cent 'cap' would work just fine ..... " VIOLENCE WORKS " !!

Anonymous said...

Aesop, You didn't shoot the muzzies you caught coming through the porous border?? Shame on you!

AB.Prosper said...

Throw in some repatriation and you've got a plan. The 50 million or so legals here since 1965 are as big a part of the problem as the 20 or so million illegals

Anyone with a green card, a felony or serious misdemeanor, weak connections doesn't speak or read English at High School graduate level. no familial ties, poor/under the table employment history that sort of thing needs to go back.

If we do that , we can manage to get by.

That said we the fluky election of President Trump not withstanding we probably won't

both sides want a replacement population and unless we can replace the elected, appointed and the rest it may well come down to lead.

Anonymous said...

I liked the suggestion of charging migrants the highest tax rate for their entire lives. It's fair.

To be blunt, no Western Nation requires even one migrant. We're doing the migrants a favour. Migrants have nothing to offer, even the doctors among them

Anonymous said...

Read this and then carefully think if our current President will be "permitted" to succeed.

S.Bishop said...

From your lips to Trump's ears...

Anonymous said...

Aesop: The problem with ALL of your "solutions" is that they require a HUGE powerful government to make all that happen...not to mention the TRILLIONS of MORE dollars "spent" (that don't exist) and at a time where we are BROKE beyond comprehension as it is...No, bullets are much cheaper and THIS IS AN INVASION! This isn't merely people wanting to come work hard for peanuts, NO, it is an invasion of criminally minded people wanting to TAKE every thing they can from the "gravy train" that exists BECAUSE of people LIKE YOU that LOVE big government "solutions" that ALWAYS end up being misused. Because of YOU and those like you, we are all going to live in a hell hole of nightmarish proportions. Mark my words.

Phil said...

Tsk tsk tsk tsk. I take it none of you follow Q on 8Chan. The money for the Wall was included in the military spending and Trump signed off on a contract for 115 miles of it on Christmas Eve while he was alone in the White House. Trump is completely fucking with the Democrats with this shut down.

Irish said...

Off topic EBOLA:

Looks like they brought a DR back to the USA who was exposed:

Anonymous said...

I was coming here to post the same

and in their duplicity, they are quick to add "not contagious"

Aesop said...

@Anonymous 2:48

The problem with your objections is that you never noticed you already have a huge powerful government, and have had such for nearly 100 years.

And no, bullets aren't cheaper, because you don't have enough to kill everyone, and you aren't ready for when they're flying both ways on your own block, which will be thirty seconds after you open that ball.

Only a raving jackass wants open war on his own block.

You want to turn off the tap on the government teat of handouts, go ahead on. Good luck with that plan, after handing the Congress over to Queen Alzheimer-Pelosi for the next two years, instead of beating on your own congressweasel's door for the last two years, non-stop, to get it done when you could.

And if you think I "love" big government "solutions", you haven't been here fifteen seconds, and don't know your ass from a hole in the ground. (To be fair there, there may in fact be no discernible difference, at least given where your head is parked. Just a hunch.)

Thanks for dropping by, and DLTDHYITAOYWO.

Old Grafton said...

"This Ain't No Party. This Ain't No Disco. This Ain't No foolin' Around!" "off to the races...

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aesop;

I do agree with your solutions, basically just stripping the financial inducements for them to come over and going after the employers that hire them. Also going after the people here that shelter them.
The Democrats plan is 2 fold...One they want to create another monolithic voting block like the blacks and second is to replace us with a pliable population that is used to being subservient to a central government. It is all about control.

horsewithnonick said...

OT Ebolageddon watch:

Anonymous said...


From the NY Post article:

"He or she will be kept in the secure area for up to two weeks and be taken to a specialized bio-containment unit if symptoms show up."

Can anyone (besides our esteemed host) spot what is WRONG with that statement?


Anonymous said...

Illegal Immigration and your original post,

Those recommendations all make sense. They would work.

They won't work because WE don't have the political will to do any of them. If we as a society had the will, most of would be not be necessary because we would already have solved the problem. We need to train our politicians that we want illegal immigration solved.

Here is what EVERYONE can do today to start solving the problem, CALL AND EMAIL YOUR SENATOR TODAY!

Message: Pass the funding bill including $5 Billion Dollars for a border wall. Reopen government and secure the border with FIVE BILLION for the wall.

Especially Call the Democrat Senators. They are the primary roadblock to funding the wall. (Personally I don't care if FEDGOV stays shutdown, but we need the wall and this is the price.)

Do something. Call your Senators!

AB.Prosper said...

Good advice 6:59 but I'm in California so its a waste of air alas.