Monday, December 17, 2018


h/t OddJob

And the answer to Number One is "Because the answer to Number Two is 'No!'"


Tactless Wookie said...

MOAR! Harder! Faster!


Mike_C said...

Rabbit meat will not save Venezuela. But you could probably get more than a few good steaks out of Nicky Maduro there.

Now if they got hold of the assets Hugo's daughter Maria Gabriela Chávez had stashed in various accounts, we're talking real money, as in over four billion USD.

Aesop said...

Not to worry.
Soon, everyone in Venezuela will be a multi-billionaire.
In pesos.
It won't cover the cost of a loaf of bread, but there's always a catch.

Anonymous said...

Lots of rabbits round here, thank God.


Tannhauser said...

I highly doubt that El Presedente Nick would eat anything as lean as rabbit. He has gained close to 70 lbs.since assuming leadership . However,the Venezuelan people have lost an average of 24lbs. Dog ,cat and various rodents are also on the menu. Obviously, Socialismo is much more healthier for the!

Anonymous said...


They are killing little old ladies for half of her cat!

Via Kate at Smalldeadanimals.


TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

Counting down the days until Colombia gets fed up with Venezuelan refugees and gets NATO to invade their neighbor. BTW, did you know Colombia was in NATO now? Because they are. Here's hoping Russia doesn't turn Venezuela into it's North Korea and be a thorn in our side for a century.

Aesop said...

What right wingers?
You get that socialism is as fucking left as you can get, short of Pol Pot?
They're headed there.
Oh, and Venezuela without oil is Somalia.
Good call there.

As to Venezuela becoming a Soviet pawn, they'll find it hard with cluster bombs up their asses, and this president isn't dithering Hopey Dopey. Caracas is a short round-trip hop from Whiteman, and we could do daily runs, unmolested, forever, at least until the ordnance runs out.

They'd be Somalia long before that point, and dollars to donuts we would chose to solve that lingering Cuba problem at about the same time, with a strong hint to Mexico as well.

Fixing a problem, locking down Florida in 2020, and cleaning up three festering boils in our own hemisphere at once?

The hardest part would be getting Mattis to stop at three countries, without invading Mexico and taking a 50-mile buffer sanitized of all life but jackrabbits for the next century or so.