Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Big Green Finally Unf**ks Their Uniforms

h/t Borepatch

After only about 60 years of wearing cabbie and bellboy attire (a black Lt. Gen. was once famously mistaken for an airport skycap, for example), the US Army has finally gone back to uniforms that actually look rather military and squared away. Nice work at doggie leadership finally admitting the obvious. Kind of like that ACU couch camouflage problem finally being replaced by Multicam, which actually works.

No word on how long before they set to unf**king the soldiers they put into those uniforms, by shitcanning the Obozo-era PC bullshit to which they currently subject everyone from E-1 to O-10, and stop recruiting fruitcakes, gender benders, and other mentally defective snowflakes, and start manning the line with actual, y'know, men.

But this is a start.


LL said...

I liked the WW2 style uniforms for all services. Pinks and greens looked good on soldiers, I liked the Navy uniforms from that era, and the USMC has remained constant.

What will the space force uniforms look like? Any ideas?

Eliminating the stain from the Obama Years will take time.

Anonymous said...

I almost crapped my drawers when I saw the black army uniforms when they came out. My immediate thought was where's the death's head insignia on the uniform cap.

As to unf*cking all of the PC bullshit, first they'll have to get rid of all of the bunghole sucking, gutless senior officers, in all services, installed during the Obama years. As an example, take a look at what they're trying to do to Maj. Matt Golsteyn.


George True said...

Excellent! They are actually going back to olive green. Those uniforms look exactly like my father's WWII uniforms. Which are still hanging up in my closet. And which fit me perfectly. Still not quite as good looking as a USMC uniform, but then again, what is?

Badger said...

FWIW, some friends still in report that the BS, Death by PowerPoint being only one of the blades used to terminally neuter Soldiers, is actually fading, noticeably. That is a good thing. Whitespace on the training calendar for other stuff. For every slide sent to the system's trashcan, a deuce-and-a-half of ammo, med supplies, maps, compasses, etc. training allocation should show up outside the door of every platoon's AO. Find it, kill it, patch up your people. Rinse, repeat.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Nemo; we need some SERIOUS house cleaning at the O6/above and E8/ above levels.
I'm VERY glad to see the "Brown Shoe Army" (as my Dad calls them, which is to say his Army) uniforms come back. IIRC those uniforms were actually considered when TPTB chose the current travesties.
NOW if we can just get folks into the Uniform Of The Day and leave cammies and flight suits to the people who are in the field or flying aircraft, we'll have started to get back on track
Boat Guy

James M Dakin said...

It is a good start. Since they insist on staying 2nd Gen warfare, at least look like it. Not the shapeless PJ's of the 4th gen VC.

Popular Front said...

Snappy, smart and squared away. Those soldiers look good.

Anonymous said...

Dunno as "2nd Gen" uniforms mean 2nd Gen mindset. If these uniforms can get us back to WARFIGHTING and a "Victory" mindset it will be all to the good.

idahobob said...

It is about time that they returned to the look of soldiers.

But that bus drivers hat............

Pat H. said...


That "bus driver's hat" worn by those in the photo is exactly like the one my WW2 fighter pilot father worn. It's called a "50 mission crush", when not wearing a leather helmet, they wore a headset that produced the look. My late 1960s USAF hat looked like that.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to tell you this but the Corps took away my brown shoes, my Ike jacket and my herringbone fatigues in the early 60's and late 50s.

USMC 1961-65

Aesop said...

If you had an Ike jacket in the Corps, it was a brief abortive experience of mainlt the post-WWII years until the early '60s.
Other than that, there's precious little difference between the green service dress blouse of today, and what was worn in 1914 before WWI. All they've done is go to a notched lapel instead of a standing stock collar for service greens.

DAN III said...

The posted photo has ONE problem....the social justice FEMALE hire ! The depicted "troop" is:

1. A female.
2. A negro.
3. A commissioned officer.
4. A soetoro-obama SJW.
5. A former assigned SJW to a infantry unit, 4th ID.

Get RID of all women in the military. Start with the commissioned ones. Better yet....shitcan them all regardless of rank.

Anonymous said...

Current USMC service dress greens differ from WWII only in the belt ( now fabric instead of Cordovan leather) the lack of division patches and the crossed rifles added to the chevron of LCpl and above.
Believe the One jackets were short-time variation in WWII, but Service dress is/was service dress
BG, starting my 46th year as a jarhead.

Anonymous said...

Gorram spelcheck!Sposed to be Ike!

Badger said...

@ PatH. Any of the cold-war era dress hats depicted could get "the crush" done on them, whether one's Dad flew fighters or drove a B-29 like mine. Anyone in the Army who's had one knows to simply take that stupid stiffening grommet out of the inside - instant "crush."

George True said...

I knew you meant Ike jacket, not One jacket. I believe it was General Vandegrift who first had the Ike jackets issued to the First Marine Division during their R&R in Australia after the long and difficult Guadalcanal campaign. I did not know that One jackets were still worn after WWII.

Congrats on 46 years as a Marine. Thirty-nine years here. I wonder how many years for Aesop. Urrah !!

George True said...

Whaddaya know, my phone also changed Ike into One and I did not catch it before I hit publish. I think I will just turn off the idiotic spell checker. It changes not just words but often entire phrases into something totally different than what I actually typed.

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

Men are overrated. Take a page from the Amazons and have an all women army. Get a Queen Tomyris to lead them. Or a Boudicca. Imagine the YPJ but with DOD funding. Unstoppable. If you really want the male diversity hire in there, follow Thebes example and make an elite Sacred Band unit of all gays. Then the military can really be great again!

Mike_C said...

>the idiotic spell checker. It changes not just words but often entire phrases into something totally different

Friend of a friend turned down a moonlighting shift. He meant to say (type) "Can't. Going duck hunting in Maine." But that was transmogrified into "Can't. Going dick hunting in Maine." FOAF was then puzzled by a series of jocular texts such as: "Is there anything else you haven't told us?" And "Does [Mrs FOAF] know?"

Whether that's a factual account of what happened, or whether that's one of those things the pshrinks wear under their trousers, Freudian Slips I think they are called, you have to decide. FWIW the duck (or dick) hunter is former USAF.

-- er --
/takes cover

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

Luckily, dicks aren't hard to find. Ask if they drive Ford or Chevy and respond accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Mad Dog Mattis is out! So long and DLTDHYAOTWO! Hopefully the military can get back to the business of fighting instead of worrying about whose genitals our soldiers like lick.

commoncents said...

Laura Ingraham interviews Brian Kolfage who is running the "Build the Wall" Go Fund Me page


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