Saturday, December 1, 2018



Aesop said...

In person only;
valid photo I.D. required;
instant eligibility test.

Two problems solved simultaneously, forever.

Anonymous said...

One problem!
Where in the Constitution or Bill of Rights does it say I need an ID to purchase a firearm? Answer: nowhere. And regardless of what anyone thinks, it's unenforceable anyway.
You should have to prove who you are when you vote, however. In order to accurately count votes, we need to know who cast them.


Shrimp said...

I read it so fast, I thought it said IQ requirement... need more coffee.

MMinWA said...

1,000s(?) of illegally registered voters, using legally issued state IDs to register, voted here in Texas a few weeks ago. 9 poll workers have been charged with voter fraud so far.

I don't know what it's gonna take but our voting systems are whack and are most definitely being used against what I believe is in opposition to what a majority of citizens want. Top that off with even when we get the people we vote for into office, most turn around and crap on us, it's bringing things to a boil.

beau said...

wouldn't that prevent illegals from voting? there's your answer as to whether, or not, it will be enacted, with the answer being 'not'.

Anonymous said...

Voting is so last month.

Study up on "ballot harvesting", how it affected CA, and why it was the tipping point that is now in the rear view mirror.

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

Ah, the spirit of compromise. That's what made this country so great in the first place!

Aesop said...


My resolution eliminates ballot harvesting overnight.
Can't by a gun by absentee ID = Can't vote absentee either.
Game over.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ned2

Voter ID? Absolutely.

ID to buy a gun? NO WAY!


Anonymous said...


Unfortunately your resolution will probably never happen, and harvesting has already had a large effect, and will increase in both frequency and impact.

Identification is a legitimate goal that has little chance of occurring; harvesting is a de facto reality.

Aesop said...


Ah, but you see, that kind of double-standard is exactly the problem now.
I don't care whether voting requires full I.D, or none, just that whatever you chose, it has to be the same for buying a firearm and voting.

Stops the Mickey Mouse games no matter what you choose.

Don't let the fact that you have common sense and the law on your side go to your head.

My solution makes that sort of thing completely unnecessary, while simultaneously giving Team Progtard an obvious incentive to not add any more nonsense when buying a weapon, as it will automatically boomerang back and take out their hordes of illegal voters.

If they leave the firearms purchase ID requirements alone, they lose 20M votes every 2 years; if they instead choose to keep voting ID-free, then we can eliminate the entire top half of the first page of the 4473, and the registered owner of every weapon in 50 states and seven territories would be listed only as "Sumdood".


Comedy ensues.

DTG said...

How about changing the meme from firearms to automobiles or other motorized conveyance? Even private vehicle purchases must go through DHS screening at State level DMV offices. You MUST have a valid ID to purchase a car, truck, motorcycle, ATV, boat, etc.

Everyone who buys something to ride in or on gets screened by the DMV and DHS. Every purchase. I bought my last auto a year ago, and my salesperson told me that we'd be done quick, so long as the DHS responded's almost like NICS.

In any event, leave guns out of it. Buying a gun is no different than buying a chainsaw. It's a tool of self-defense; a natural right.

But you know that.....

Old NFO said...


G-man said...

Except that this would then necessarily disenfranchise MOST of the .mil. The only way I can vote is absentee, since it’s been three assignments since I’ve been stationed where I vote. I’d caveat your plan with requiring the ID allowed for absentee voting to be active (or active dependent) ID. But other than that, I see have no problem linking up the ID requirements for ‘buy a gun’ and ‘vote for things which involve the State enforcing said things with THEIR guns”.

Aesop said...

Not necessarily.
Set up polling stations monitored by any officer or SNCO, and arrange for in-person ballots to be delivered to each registered service member from their respective states. Allow them to do it up to 24 hrs before or after election day, and you'd capture 99.9% of military votes. Send them back in via registered mail, just like crypto and such.

This could happen virtually anywhere short of a line unit in combat, or an SSN or SSBN on patrol.

Any other unit could handle it just fine.

It still forces an in-person vote, with ID check. Just like payday used to be before direct deposit became a thing, every month since Valley Forge.

No, it has to be firearms and voting in tandem chained together at the neck, because only that hits the other side where they live.
If ID is too strict for voting, then badda-boom, it's too strict for guns.

They're never going to make it worse than it is now, and even leaving it as-is takes away their chance to stuff the ballot box forever.

horsewithnonick said...

I'm interested in your thoughts on the use of a chainsaw as a self defense tool. ;-)

Aesop said...

Pretty sure Bruce Campbell answered that question forever with the Evil Dead flicks.
But the boomstick is always the preferable option.

Shop Smart: Shop S-Mart.

Anonymous said...


Absentee voting is bullshit. Soldiers are too busy fighting to worry about voting. Support our troops and take absentee voting away now!

The Gray Man said...

Either that, or no ID required at all for either.

Wxtwxtr said...

Coming soon: fingerprints, retinal scans and ear tags for the herd's ID.
Or like the requested Florida re-vote, except tripartisan:
“... new election shall proceed with hand-marked paper ballots that are counted by hand in public and reported immediately and publicly at the local precinct level.”

Anonymous said...

Orange County CA

Linda Fox said...

So, if you've got to show up in person to BUY a GUN, you have to show up in person to VOTE!