Monday, December 24, 2018

And They Still Can't Figure Out Why "A" Led To "B"

Sultan Knish connects the dots:
Los Angeles had doubled its homeless budget to $450 million. Despite that its homeless population had only dropped to 39,826, a reduction of only 256 people. The only surprise in those statistics is that the population dropped at all. Homeless spending has the notorious effect of increasing homeless populations rather than diminishing them as vagrants swarm in and agencies inflate their numbers.

But while doubling its homeless budget didn’t significantly diminish the homeless population in Los Angeles, it did have another spectacular statistical effect on the wellbeing of city residents.

LAPD statistics showed that homeless crime actually increased by nearly 50%, jumping from 5,976 crime reports of homeless perpetrators in most of 2017 to 8,906 crime reports in most of 2018.

When they start handing them PR-24 shampoos and letting them drink from a firehose, instead of giving them motel vouchers and turkey dinners, they'll solve their homeless problem.

When you feed pigeons, you get a lot more of two things:
More pigeons.
More pigeon shit.

Put another way:
If we simply locked those 40,000 deranged whackjobs up for life, like we used to do, we could cut crimes in just L.A. by 10,000 crimes/year, forever.
(And that's just the ones that someone bothered to drop by the police station and report.)

Either the leadership of L.A. figures this one out, or people are going to stop dialing 9-1-1, and start cleaning up the streets with 3-5-7.

Nature abhors a vacuum, and right now, there's an absolute dearth of any enforcing the law against the homeless wastrels and refuse with legs infesting major cities.
The cops can't stand the smell, and because they're crazy, the D.A. and city attorneys won't prosecute, because defense counsel will just plead insanity, and they'll walk, which makes D.A.'s records look bad. (And to hell with protecting the taxpaying citizenry, which never enters into the calculus of enforcement or prosecution. Ever.)

There are limits to what folks will tolerate, and when someone decides randomly shooting batshit crazy homeless people (which, anecdotally, is 95% of them) is a better, more efficient, and more permanent solution than letting government deal with them, it's going to become a thing. Mark my words.

And then the money the city wasted pampering them will be diverted to Potter's Field, to bury them.
A few million BTUs of gas, and a plastic bag to bury them will be a lot cheaper than $450M/yr.
With a 0% recidivism rate. (Shame about all those homeless advocacy make-work SJW jobs.)

This prospect will make politicians itchy, because once The People figure out that most problems can be solved with 150 grains or so of copper-jacketed lead, they tend to reach for that solution for a lot of other problems as well.

Like the problem of the politicians who created and fed that problem to begin with.

And yes, these are macabre prospects to be discussing on December 24th.

Merry Christmas.


Cetera said...

Merry Christmas, Aesop!

Dad29 said...

movie "Death Wish"

Jonathan H said...

Very good points. We should be considering real life instead of a fairy tale, but there are too many vested interests in keeping things the way they are... Which will make the accounting all the more brutal when it comes...

George True said...

A mere 40 or 50 years ago, those who were seriously mentally ill (SMI) were institutionalized. Which is exactly what needs to be done with them, for their own sake as well as society's sake. The new 'enlightened' policy of mainstreaming these people is a tragic disservice to them.

Rather than fending for themselves on the mean streets, which is fraught with danger, they could be in a controlled environment where they get three squares a day, their own bed every night, the psych meds they need, and 24/7 medical and mental health care. Also known as a mental institution.

450 million dollars divided by 39,826 homeless people comes out to $11,299 each. Holy flaming shit!!! You could actually afford to give each one of them their very own apartment for that! What the flying f**k did the wise and wonderful gummint employees overseeing this program squander all that money on?!? Hookers? Blow? Exotic vacations?

For that kind of money they could easily afford to build and staff DOZENS of state of the art in-patient mental facilities that would get all these denizens off the street and into the mental health care they so desperately need.

Francis W. Porretto said...

...the cause of pauperism is relief. We shall not get rid of pauperism by extending the sphere of State relief...On the contrary, its adoption would increase our pauperism, for as is often said, we can have exactly as many paupers as the country chooses to pay for. [Thomas Mackay, “Methods of Social Reform”]

Anonymous said...

I'll have to disagree on high speed lead poisoning the whack job homeless. I surmise that some of them have self induced psychosis due to excessive alcohol and/or hard drug use. I do think that something needs to be done with the wastrels, i.e. the sane that just don't want to work for living.

The truly insane do need to be institutionalized. It's not their fault that they're insane. It's biological.

The ones that should be getting said lead poisoning are the "enlightened" phd social scientist experts who convinced government that doing away with institutionalizing crazy people was a good thing for them and society.

The other group that deserves said lead poisoning are the "enlightened" politicians that believed and continue to believe the experts and legislated mental institutions into the dustbin of history.


Anonymous said...

Pay them, and they will come.
Same goes for illegal immigration.
If we don't give them benefits, they'll stay where they come from.


Anonymous said...

Winter,1985, I was a newly discharged veteran military cop now deputy sheriff in a very small town in very rural Nevada. It was about 11 or so at night, I had stopped a station wagon with a family inside for running the only stop sign between Las Vegas and Reno. I was explaining that to the driver when a disheveled man came up and started speaking to me. I asked him to wait on the sidewalk until I was done. He immediately attacked me. We ended up fighting on the hood of the car while the tourists watched in open mouthed amazement. (Funny how your mind focuses on details when you are fighting for your life). After subduing him (with my holster nearly ripped off my gun belt, thank God I had purchased a "security holster) I got him to the jail, fought him into the cell. We found his discharge papers from a California mental institution in his crap, dated less than one week prior.
We got the town doc-a PA to sedate him before he could heart himself or anybody else.
This was my introduction to the "homeless problem".
Some are what we used to call "bums" and could be dealt with- a one way bus ticket and advised not to return. This is the population that will be deterred by lack of support and good enforcement of existing laws.
The obviously insane- nothing works, they need to stay on their meds, and they won't
I believe we called them "asylums" for a reason, it protected the insane as well as society

Stealth Spaniel said...

Notice how the homeless problem became worse as social workers, social justice warriors, do-gooders, and other assorted personalities started addressing the problem? We simply canNOT take care of willing drug users and alcoholics by spending a fortune on them. Either you want to get your shXX together or you don't. The truly bat shXX crazy need to be back in the asylums where we can control them and their demons. All of these Poor Peopling Projects supported by the wealthy who use other people's money to fund them is certifiably insane. First class living areas have become slums due to the social sob festival masquerading as care of the individual.
Merry Christmas Aesop. Love your take on all.

MMinWA said...

Merry Christmas my friend.

Aesop said...


Their psychosis is chicken-and-egg: in their more lucid moments, most of them admit they were already schizo, and they take the drugs/alcohol to get the voices too stoned to tell them to kill themselves.

They don't like the way they feel on their psych meds (the rest of us call this feeling "sanity"), but when the voices kick up, they self-medicate on purpose, with anything they can smoke, shoot up, sniff, or smear on their belly.

I'm not advocating shooting them, I'm saying it will be a utilitarian solution at the street level to a Gordian knot. If I get set upon by a given homeless nutjob, I don't care why he's suddenly my immediate problem, I care that he's never a problem for me again.

That's true whether it's one, or a full camp.

Shoot, shovel, shut up works for animals with any number of legs, and with the homeless, the people most impacted won't even have to shovel. "Nobody saw nothing" covers a multitude of sins, and just like with dead illegals in the desert, everybody pays the coroner to clean up the mess, which is far less than $11K@, forever. So the savings is immediate, and notable.

When TPTB abdicate on solving the problem while ringing up ever larger tabs for the non-solution, Joe Average is going to step in and clean up his neighborhood, the first time it becomes a problem for his kids or spouse, and it'll be a one-size-fits-all permanent reset.

You'll notice there's not a big population of wolves outside of federal lands (funny, that), nor do sea mammals range too far into commercial fisheries once out of earshot of dry land.

When 40-50 homeless trolls start showing up newly ventilated in some area code, the word will spread, and they will self deport in haste to other regions. Observed times beyond counting, they're all only as crazy as they have to be, and unwise, but generally not stupid.

When Somewhere Else offers a longer life expectancy than Hereabouts, they'll be on the road, and stay gone. And that day is approaching, in multiple communities.

The authorities, per usual, will be as baffled as to why they went away as they are to why they showed up in the first place, but as a double bonus, when you no longer have 40K homeless people, you no longer need to fund 400 or 4000 rent-seeking SJW civil employees or their attendant programs, and they'll all have to get paying jobs too, in the private sector, or move along as well.

Anonymous said...

In Minneapolis Minnesota a homeless encampment was created in the right of way for the Olson Memorial Highway. It consisted mostly of Native Americans. A local group, "Natives Against Heroin" started to take control of the camp. Soon there were several deaths and drug ODs. A few weeks later, the secret came out, the NAH leader was actually a drug dealer. This Fall as it got colder, there were several fires that burnt multiple tents.

Domo said...

"450 million dollars divided by 39,826 homeless people comes out to $11,299 each. Holy flaming shit!!! You could actually afford to give each one of them their very own apartment for that! What the flying f**k did the wise and wonderful gummint employees overseeing this program squander all that money on?!? Hookers? Blow? Exotic vacations? "

Wages for the social workers managers board, senior managers, managers, social workers, and if theres anything left, helping the homeless.

waepnedmann said...

About forty years ago my roommate, Tom, for the NAUI training course for instructors was a psychologist for the Alabama State Mental Hospital.
Tom had a wicked since of humor. One morning we were gearing up for class and noticed a well toned young man whom we assumed to be a SEAL (no wetsuit, no fins) from a nearby base swimming parallel in the breakers until he was out of sight. Shortly thereafter the SEAL reappeared running back toward the base in the loose sand above the waterline (just to make it more difficult).
Tom observed, "You know, we have places to live and medications for people like that,"
On a more sober note he told me that the vast majority of people who are institutionalize chose to be. They got free room and board and really good drugs and they like it.
My experience with those who get institutionalize when young bear out that observation.
Yesterday morning, we saw a middle-aged woman sitting on a bench under an overhanging storefront for protection from the cold drizzling rain. She had several large black trash bags filled with clothes and such. She was shivering.
She was also clean and had good posture. I don't think she had been on the street for more than 48 hours.
We swung by McDonalds and got a large hot cocoa and gave to her (she was genuinely gratef) and then spent the rest of the day thinking about her.
Do-gooders seem to end up doing more harm than good and I am suspicious of their true motivatives.
Where does one start?
Where does one end?

Anonymous said...

One real problem is the de-institutionalization.

More ACLU liberal cruelty. Insane/Psychotic people don't belong in society. They will end up homeless as this article notes - or in Jail because in their insanity they will commit crimes.

And Jail is expensive. It was wonderful as proposed - close the Mental Hospitals, and dump people on the street and they will all to to community mental health and they will just VOLUNTARILY (even they are psycho) go there. And it will be MUCH cheaper! Win win win!

Instead they are filling up the Jails, often the treatment is unavoidablly cruel (Jails aren't hospitals), or they are left on the street, or end up injured or dead.

AWB said...

Anyone who is paying attention is aware the homeless problem was exacerbated when the mental hospitals were cleared, and it's only going to get worse. The decision makers live in gated communities and walled estates. We're going to end up a society with two levels of benefits, gold plated for the elite, and rationing for everyone else. Politicians continue to vote benefits for themselves and make promises they can't keep to everyone else. It's unsustainable, so we'll see a crisis of some sort to justify a global currency. It's inevitable, and the only defense to this evil is the truth of God's word.

God bless one and all in the new year.

mike nomad said...

Jesus said "the poor will always be with us". Therefore makes no sense to waste umpteen tax dollars on wastrels when they will always be part of the landscape anyway.

mtnforge said...

Like Lysander Spooner put it, Government is force. In other words control and money.
Homeless are not a defect, they are a feature. The two entities are foundational elements of the same thing.
The extreme ends of the equation are what you are talking about here Aesop. It is the evolution of power and averse. Ageless. Timeless.
And the western hemisphere is turning into a homeless camp. Because those same members of the human extinction movement running this system can't social engineer and force enough of the white christian people population of the West to their bidding and participate in their collective insanity cultural suicide movement. The results of this "war", because it is war, by other methods, as politics are, on the ideas history, legacy and traditions, the whole basket of precepts of Greco/Roman history, is exactly what you see.

You wrote, and it is epic in no uncertain terms, because it is, exactly the eventual consequence: Either the leadership of L.A. figures this one out, or people are going to stop dialing 9-1-1, and start cleaning up the streets with 3-5-7.
I can tell you, because I live in the heart of, and by live Im saying live this culture, what once was, and if it ever existed in shitopia it barely exists now, I really live, asa in a component person in one of the places in the forgotten lands, where dirt people still take care of their own, family and tribe members, exactly because of what the human extinction movement is out to eradicate, Christian White Men of The West and their ages old culture of charity, family, faith, and courage of those convictions, which constitute the culture which created America as we here so admire and look towards with such passion.
We don't have homeless members of our small communities, because we know the hardest of loves, we provide the means where we have charity, charity for those who can and will help themselves, and our judgement is not our way of ostracizing or evading our duty to help others, it is our way of acknowledging the truth. All else follows this simple thing. The results are self explanatory.

I look out from this forgotten America and it is the truth that world is auguring in, it won't stop till it augers in. Its that simple. It is past the inflection point of paradigm and is like the pig, committed to its fate. Like I said, feature, not symptom.
There are no saving graces or salvations in this collapse which can save things for those there. Those things await the Ragnorak. It is then they possess the power to help. Thats the hard loves for everyone there. People out there literally have to end up at rock bottom, everything, everyone, before the way up and out, the light of salvation shines on them when the dust clears and they finally recognize it for what it is, for it will be not just the only light, but the light of faith and redemption from above.
Sure there's always those who know and live this, but they are outnumbered. Those who come out the other side will provide example by being examples.
Actually, for all the doom it may seem, it is simply inevitable, and those who accept faith and fate will become stronger for this tribulation.
This thing called "Homeless", is actually the common condition thru most of history once enough of the earth was populated where hand to mouth existence was replaced by the existence of free shit provided by usurpers who usurped others wealth creation. Like I said, feature, not symptom. Name another feature of "The State" and its actors which is more suitable to being the ultimate form of tyranny over others than "homeless" who can be a captive population under the raw absolute power of those who are insane with acquisition of raw naked power over others. The "homeless" have a home, an abode of being ruled. Its just a dirty disgusting without dignity mob, like all the other mob under the thrall of the human extinction movement.

LargeMarge said...

Nope. Out of my price range. My wallet is empty, my bank account is drained. I have nothing left for you to take.

If you want to lock your goofball relatives in your basement, you go right ahead. Taking care of your goofball relatives is NOT MY JOB.