Thursday, December 6, 2018

"Roger Shuttle Columbia, You Are Cleared In Hot..."

h/t WRSA

"Spread Far And Wide"??
Well, I don't think they meant "like the Space Shuttle Columbia, coming in to land with a big chunk of heat tile missing on the wing", 'cuz that's about how this is going to go, so let's get started on that re-entry.

The "Cunning Plan" .

So, how's that going to go?

"Have fun storming the castle..."

It's also a little late (like by an effing year, minimum) to try and pull something like this out of your ass on D-Day.

If you're trying to fail publicly and demoralize your base (that is, the 5% who'll still be around by the time they get to the end of that .chan thread), it's a great way to shoot off several toes in one go. Maybe even a whole foot. Winning!!!!!

Double Bonus Points for deploying the Stormfront sourcing as the BLUF, because nothing succeeds against Hollywood like throwing on your NSDAP armband and holding a torchlight rally with a bunch of guys with toothbrush moustaches who missed the news in 1946.

"Gee, I wonder how everyone from the Lamestream Media to Norm the Normie will react to guys in swastikas attacking Jooooooooooooooos!!!!! What could possibly go wrong there??

But hell, I've only worked in that town and that biz for twenty years or so, so WTF do I know?

The worst part is, Hollywood IS yuuuuuuuuuuuuugely over-ripe for such a takedown.

But when you let autistic twelve-year-olds and the Henry Gibsons from The Blues Brothers come up with the "strategy",

and it doesn't even give Haxo a chubby, anyone marching in that parade is pretty well fucked before you get started.

{Strategic Tip To Anyone Concerned: Probably not the best idea to get the World's Worst People At Media Savvy to do anti-media campaign. Like hiring termites to guard your woodpile-bad. Like putting Rosie O-Donnell on guard at the Twinkie Factory bad. Like handing Rep. Evita Guevara-Castro a microphone and putting her on CNN bad. Like asking DiFi about AR-15s bad. Times a  million. Let me know when the penny drops; I can go on if I haven't quite jack-hammered that particular point home with a 20MT hammer..}

In fact, they're probably so far from Fucked, they couldn't see it with a telescope orbiting in space.
Just saying.

Find some people like Sabo, who know how to craft a message, and get the fucktard minions to keep their Nazi-dicks in their lederhosen for a week or two hundred, and then try this for real. With an actual strategy (besides resolving to smell bad), a fuckton of actual planning, and a way to appeal to flyover America with less swastikas. Like maybe none. Think of swastikas like camo at a press conference: it's pretty much the equivalent of wearing a beanie with a propeller for your presidential debate. Not even the faintest whiff of swastikas that only a bloodhound could detect, ever, with 5 weeks of sniffing. Please. I'm begging you with tears in my eyes, because if you fuck with this, you'll kill everything, and people will talk about what happened for a hundred years. While Sy Snoodles and the Tatooine Cantina Band plays marimba riffs on your whitened skulls.

This is like a landing craft dropping the ramp at Normandy, and having 100 retards with Airsoft gear try to take the beach. After tying all their shoelaces together, wearing their underpants outside their trousers, and putting their shoes and socks on in that order.

Funny as hell to watch, but only on newsreel footage.
In person, not so much.

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?

Oh, wait, you were serious?

Start with when you want this to hit.
Say, the Oscars in 2020, and the summer after that, eight months to two months out from Election in November. (Which event, I'm reliably informed, could be of some importance to the future immediately afterwards.) Which means you've got this month to plan taking them out starting next month, and building that snowman for all of 2019.

Not posting it on Fucktard-Chan on Monday for a Thursday roll-out.

Start there, and work your way forward.
Finding someone over twelve, and with an IQ over 12, to mastermind your Cunning Plan would also be a healthier prospect of actual effectiveness, unless the plan all along was to drop the lit road flare you're juggling into that wading pool of racing gasoline.

And BTW? Gibson made Passion Of The Christ, with his own wallet of money, for $30M. I dunno what his distribution deal was, but to date, worldwide, it's only grossed $611,899,420.
So I'm just spitballing, but I'm pretty sure Mel's over Hollywood's snubs, by a paltry half a billion dollars or so.

And this, boys and girls, is how we get a post. Those fish in the barrel aren't going to shoot themselves.


Anonymous said...

Epic synopsis, thank you.
I think we need to focus on purging the retards from the Right.


Popular Front said...

You may not know this but Hutton Gibson - Mel's father - moved the Gibson family to Australia in the 60s PRECISELY so the elder Gibson boys could avoid the US Draft for Vietnam, which they did. As a veteran myself and a patriotic Australian I find it abhorrent that Gibson would make a movie about Vietnam, starring himself when he went to great lengths to NOT go there.

Anonymous said...

I don't think this will work.

But I am willing to support the cause by continuing my fifteen year boycott of Hollywood for another few months. As if there is anything worth my time or my money?

I will also be sure to drop a reference to any Hollywood pedo story that breaks in our breaktime BS sessions.

Anonymous said...

I just looked at the new releases coming out, and if Hollywood fails, it's going to be because it came out with crappy movies this season. There's NOTHING on that list I'd want to see or hell, even pirate if I was inclined to watch fuzzy movies with bad sound.

As for Mel, you do realize he was born in January 1956, right? So on the very last year of the Vietnam War he'd have been 18. When his (I think a bit deranged) father brought them all to Australia, Mel was the ripe old age of 12, so probably didn't have a lot of input into the matter.

I know that my father, if he'd said "Well, we're all moving to Australia" when I was 12, we'd have moved to Australia. That happens when the major breadwinner and your father decides to do things. So Mel didn't go to great lengths not to go to Vietnam, he was 12 when the decision was made FOR him by his father (who, though deranged, is a WW2 vet).

Anyhow, whatever this "plan" is, the second you start putting parenthesis around names and hauling out the swastikas, yeah, you've lost me, and you've lost most of the U.S. population no matter how disgusting some people in Hollywood are behaving. Just point out their disgusting behavior - leave the B.S. Nazi crap far away.

But it won't be that that kills Hollywood this upcoming season, as I said. It's their own really horrible movies coming out. The world is chomping at the bit and all abuzz about Game of Thrones right now... THAT is more interesting than anything on the new release list for theaters.

sdharms said...

what the hell was this all about? I didn't understand a thing

Scott halloween said...

Sdharms nailed it. What the hell is this post about?

Aesop said...

@Popular Front
1) As noted earlier, Gibson was 12 when he moved to Oz.
2) The US draft ended in 1973, when he was 17, and wouldn't have been eligible for it for another year after that.
So trying to paint him as some sort of draft dodger is flatly recockulous.

@ the last two posters:
I cleverly included links to "what this is about", as I've done for some years. I just checked them, and they work fine. If a couple of mouseclicks and 5 minutes' reading are too high a hurdle to attempt to achieve comprehension, well...

California Hill Folk said...


Hate to jump a thread, but I'm too confused to find and email for you. Did notice Ebola hit that large city you were watching for though...

"Butembo, with more than 1 million residents, is now reporting cases of the deadly hemorrhagic fever."

Unknown said...

Same. Seemed like a crazy rant.

AB.Prosper said...

Neo Nazis, White Supremacists and the rest of the Hitler Fan Base are just Commies in drag. Granted Hugo Bass drag but they still need to go.

Our weirdos are the Throne and Altar crowd and the Monarchists.

Them we have room for.

Anonymous said...

This is not a "crazy rant". I'll try to explain for people who might not be able to see the links on their teeny dinky phone screens or whatnot.

It started with this:

That's questionable enough in itself - Mel Gibson says this in the Green Room of the Graham Norton show and someone decided to quote him verbatim? And it's not massive worldwide news? Where are the recordings? What's the source? Was Mel drunk to the gills at the time if he said any of this stuff? It's very strange. Anyhow, that started to make the rounds.

8chan /pol/ decided to come up with a "plan of action":

WRSA then talked about it, and Aesop commented there pretty much the same thing he posted here:

Hope that clears it up for people trying to read blogs on screens the size of an Altoids tin.

Anonymous said...

And Aesop, you might want to let the folks at WRSA know that there's been a Nativity Scene at the White House for a long time:

Seriously, people need brain transplants.

Anonymous said...

would not "try to drag in" be better than "try and drag in"?

James said...

I really do not believe most of the folks on the chans are nazis,but,like any who disagree with the left wing insanity we have been called deplorable/despicable/nazi/racist/misogynist ect.I have taken all to heart as a badge of honor though am really not any of the above,at least I think not.

A call for boycotting hollywood is fine by me and really not a hard decision given they seem to have run out of decent scripts and movies for the most part.

Aesop said...


Fortunately nowhere at no time did I say anything like "most of the folks on the chans are Nazis", so What's yer point?" When one's entire focus is Jooooooooooos!!!, "deplorable/despicable/Nazi/racist/etc." is not a badge of honor, it is an accurate descriptor. I share your feeling abot it when it's hurled my way, but I'm not too shy to call out the would-be goose-steppers trying to pass for principled opposition to the progressive disease.

About 90% of the comments on that thread (whether the OP at 8chan, or the re-boot at WRSA) are kleine Nazis, most of them with the obligatory chin-drool trails on their onesies, which makes them much easier to spot.

When a thread overwhelmingly appeals to that demographic, you probably want to re-think that idea.

As for sticking it to Hollywood, ROWYBS. They deserve it.

All I ask for is a realistic business plan for that.
Preferably not one designed by pre-adolescent autists, nor with an unhealthy fascination for the Third Reich.

Show your work, and we can talk.

SteveP said...

When I see (((this))) in a post, or read any positive reference to Stormfront my thoughts are, "Go fuck yourself, shitstain. If I catch you in my AO I'll kill you on sight".
As for calls to boycott Hollywood, as so often happens when I see a call to boycott some leftard assholes I can't help but think, "I kind of wish I did business with them so I could boycott them".

Anonymous said...

Virtue signalling?

"we're not with those guys!"

That strategy hasn't worked for anyone right of Chairman Mao since ever. It *may* seem like it's working but only because they haven't gotten around to you yet.

Unknown said...

Wow, where to begin? Aesop, you have spoken many a wise thought on the liberty blogosphere but I think; 1) you have your own normalcy bias and 2) I detect a bit of "me smart you dumb" arrogance in most of your posts. My take is you come from the medical field, perhaps you are a Dr. My wife is in the same field via cardiology and electrophysiology - 35 years. I am a lowly engineer, but started out as a millwright and put meeself thru gek school and a BSME. I have three patents ranging a wide scope of the technical landscape as well as doing some really cool shit as a lowly salesman in a very broad manufacturing space.

So, that's my cliff notes CV and intellectual street cred. To me, your rant re this whatever fuck chan post about boycott H wood, Gibson's revenge or whatevernot is tilting against windmills. For fuck's sake - let it go.

Why are we even talking about this? I am scared shitless that Apple or Android listened in on my conversation with my beloved son tonight at our local small town watering hole about how I am gonna gift him an AR and a XD cuz he is worthy - and you are bitching about this? Let's talk as a community how we are going to secure fresh water, food, sleep, my Mom's diabetic meds, my nephew's SSRi meds (yea, I know its bullshit but it keeps my sister sane). Whatever, fuck it, I dont even know why I read or comment. You can all piss off if you are not figuring out how you will take care of your tribe or as Jesus said, "...the least of these" in your AO. All will stand before Christ and atone.