Friday, December 21, 2018

Can't STFU To Save Her Life

Poor Ann Coulter. After another epic pointless rant about how President Trump is "gutless" and "cares nothing about a wall", then the "gutless" President bends Congress over, refuses to sign a stop-gap spending bill without funding for a wall, and squeezes a $5B last-minute concession out of the House of Representatives.
Y'know, like presidents who are serious about something do.
It must suck to be nothing but a shrill harpie with no clue about how the government actually works, and then go on the biggest bitchfest of this administration, to the delight of only the liberal Trump-hating media (but I repeat myself), and then be shown to be 180 degrees out from reality in less than 48 hours.
If only President Trump had vowed to shut down the government over this issue, berated the Democrat leadership about it publicly, on camera, and finally wrung concessions out of the legislative branch, and outgoing House Speaker Quisling.
And then there's the small matter of whose job it is to get a wall built.
Ann Coulter, former law clerk in the Eighth Circuit, and Michigan Law School grad, yet total constitutional blithering idiot:

Article I, Sec. 7: All bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur on Amendments, as on other bills.

ZOMG! It’s almost as if there were some sort of separation of powers, or some such shit. WhoTF knew???

Maybe Ann was sick the day they covered the US Constitution in law school…?

If Ann Coulter voted for Trump because she thought he could seize the government, and rule as Caesar, god-like, from the Oval Office, or thought he was going to pay for the wall out of petty cash and poker winnings himself, she’s a world-class fucktard.

Meanwhile, find me her scathing rejoinders to Paul Quisling Ryan and Bitch McConjob’s dithering on a wall, non-stop, any time in the last two years.

Go ahead, post them all.

I’ll wait.

Wait, what?
You're sure about that?
How can that be...?

Wow, it's almost like she's the one who claims to be conservative, but can't seem to get her foot out of her mouth when there's a whole do-nothing GOP Congress who voted for wall funding twelve times - until they had a president who'd actually build a wall.
And then all took early retirement rather than facing the wrath of the voters.

Say, wait a minute, wasn't that what happened with repealing ObozoCare??
And wasn't the mantra then just "Repeal"??
Not "Repeal - and Replace (With More Socialism)"???

Quick, get me Lexis-Nexis...there must be dozens of Ann Coulter's shrill ranting pieces giving Quisling Ryan and Bitch McConjob rhetorical hell for that one, week in and week out, for the last two years.

Crickets chirping again??
Gosh, it's almost like Ann is shrilly shilling for the George Will chair on ABC's This Week With Clinton's Former Toady, (from back when Fat Bill was raping women and molesting interns in the Oval Office).

This is Ann, giving a tongue bath to the Never-Trump crowd, because she’s going to need them for a gig when Trump’s gone.

Apparently, when your ovaries dry up, insanity sets in with a vengeance, regardless of where you sit on the political spectrum. It’s going to hit cat-lady Coulter particularly hard. Ask her how rampant senility has worked out for George Will’s career.

And we’re hosed because the GOPe retired en masse after doing nothing, and is sitting perplexed, with its collective head up its ass, while the Democrats steal entire counties from them in the weeks-long election of 2018, just like they’re going to do in 2020 nationwide.

Quick, get me the Coulter columns attacking the House and Senate for ignoring the ballot-box stuffing going on nationwide just last month, since the Constitution explicitly states that those bodies are the sole arbiters of whom they seat, and could refuse the shadily-elected members in a heartbeat, right now, with full legal authority, and the Dems couldn't do shit about that.

Oh, c-mon now, you're kidding me?
She hasn't said anything about that either?

Geez, it's almost like she was...a Democrat stooge.
Naaaaah, can't be, they'd be harping on Trump for not doing things outside the scope of his office, and focusing on witch hunt investigations run by corrupt crooks with iron-clad conflicts of interest and partisan hack staffs, and if that happened, Ann would certainly have written reams of column ink about...wait, what?


Not a single column drawing upon her stellar legal expertise, by pointing out that the prior AG, and the current acting AG, could both fire Mueller tomorrow, then follow up with shit-canning  undercover  hiding-in-plain-sight Obozo holdout deputy AG Rosenswine, which should have been her mantra 24/7/365 since the day Mueller was hired?

You're kidding me, right?
No scathing calls about the endless ongoing slow coup since before Trump was even elected?
Are we sure she's even registered to vote Republican?

Well, with friends like this clueless banshee, her prediction about 2020 is prescient.
Pay close attention to the D nominee in 2020: that’s your next president, short of ropes and nooses for the guilty.

You’ve got about 22 months – maybe – to unfuck your preps before we begin the reign of HopeyDopey/Clinton v3.0.

And the next Great Depression could be any time.

If anybody’s hosed, it’s from electing jackholes, and their own apathy and lethargy for not even showing up, at any level, and not because of anything done or not done in the White House since January 2017.

I'm sure next week's column will be another apology for jumping the gun and getting it wrong, just like she's done the last ten times she's been wrong about Trump.

Wait, WTF??
She's never done that once either?
Color me shocked.

So, anyone: tell me how it worked out dumping Bush (41) for that other guy over his "Read My Lips: No New taxes" blunder?
1993-2001 worked out so well for her then too, I suppose?

Then explain to me the faux-outrage over Trump signing away bump stocks, when five minutes ago anyone with an opinion was busy pointing out bump stocks are worthless for doing anything but converting ammunition to noise, without any accuracy, and oh, BTW, can be replicated with a rubber band?

This horsesh*t is just trolling for the actual Never-Trumpers to come out and self-identify.

Coulter, meanwhile, seems to have sold a lot of books, including one totally drawing on Trump's election, without helping the political debate much.

Trump is simply a the guy with his finger in the dam.
And loudmouth twat Ann, once again, is the Wrong Way Corrigan idiot with both feet shoved way down her own throat, as the last two days have proven.


Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Ann is about Ann. Please give her no more press so she to will wither on the vine after becoming irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

He's also making all the little brown people wait in Mexico for asylum.
That paperwork shouldn't take long.
Maybe we can trebuchet romaine lettuce over the border to help feed them.


S18-1000 said...

I see a common thread across the internet.

"Why hasn't Trump done this, or done that, why hasn't he gotten a law for this, or against that, no wall built yesterday/today/tomorrow..."

And I keep saying the same thing:

"For everyone that slept through your basic civics class, or were too busy huffing rubber cement in the back...the President is, pay attention now, this is very important...NOT A KING. So stop expecting Trump to act like one."

The fact Trump can't magic into existence every item he campaigned on, or sounds like a good idea on any given morning, is the same reason Obama couldn't get everything done he wanted. Our political system is cumbersome, slow, and inefficient by design. Unless Coulter wants to go back to having a king, she and hers will have to learn the virtue of patience.

Anonymous said...

POTUS has ultimate authority on defending the borders of the nation. Trump could have dotted the border with hesco barrier firebases staffed with national guard and 24/7 drone surveillance in his first month if he so chose. Funding being earmarked two years into his term isn't encouraging. I'm not ready to crucify the man but I worry this is too little too late. I don't see a wall being constructed in the next two years, given the sclerotic pace of anything does, plus multiple rounds of traitorous 9th circuit judges feeling entitled to stop the show and the inevitable resistance along the California portion.

You're not wrong about the ballot harvesting and vote fraud, but if the flow of invaders isn't stopped there will be no need for fraud and tricks. Demographics is destiny. Strong white turnout can still hold the line but not for much longer.

RE: bump stocks, yes they're stupid but that doesn't lessen the peril of regulatory agencies ruling contrary to black letter law. Bump fired weapons are not machine guns. If they can ban bump stocks because "they fire too fast think of the children" they can ban your plain jane semi autos because "they fire too fast think of the children". Not one inch in that direction. Trump has to know gun control will tank his support levels.

Hard agree on 22 month notice of bad shit coming our way.

David Spence said...

Outstanding rant, as always!!

Anonymous said...

Outstanding post on Ann the man and her self serving career (what’s up with that Adams Apple?). Always hawking a book and looking for ways to posture as a intellectual leader of the right. Meh.

Angantyr said...

"He's also making all the little brown people wait in Mexico for asylum.
That paperwork shouldn't take long.
Maybe we can trebuchet romaine lettuce over the border to help feed them."

Thread win, right there!

Back to the subject, Vox Day was reminding us all about the First Rule of Trump: Wait a few days after the Tweet/Speech/Whatever and see what the actual action is.

Anonymous said...

Not all of us go nuts when our ovaries shrivel up, man. We get MORE logical - I've been learning calculus without the pesky hormones in the way! Coulter's that way because she's only got her cats to talk with, I'm pretty certain.

I'd like your take on Syria and Mattis, if you'd be so kind?

MMinWA said...

Over the years, like the fabled blind squirrel, Ann has made some spot on points and so I've gone back & forth with her. Now? She's right over there with Kristol, Will, W, Rice, Romney, in a large group of idiots that merit not a sec of my precious time

She can't be unaware of the horizon to horizon(in spots) of new wall construction because I've sent her links to youtube videos that you have also linked. Funny, when I send them to REgressives cackling about no wall, it shuts their asses up.

As for 2020, if anyone thinks REgressives will be taken by surprise again in those 1/2 dozen states that won the EC for Trump, just get it over now because you're stealing valuable air from my pecan trees.

In fact you can bet your last donut that after the in our face voter fraud that last go around and the not even a tepid response(at least TX arrested 9 poll workers, yeah BFD), the plans are afoot to make damn certain Trump doesn't get a second term.

I have been and will be using the next 2 years to get my seat in the lifeboat as ready as possible.

Anonymous said...

"I have been and will be using the next 2 years to get my seat in the lifeboat as ready as possible."

With all due respect to the host, and to Mssr LaMesa, where is the lifeboat destination?

As I have previously asserted, when you live in a culture that has been (and is) steadily and willingly replaced by its citizens eagerly and aggressively placing their children onto the communist conveyor belt of the government school system ("Oh, but OUR SCHOOLS® are different), from pre-K to post-graduate, how can you reasonably expect to end up with a survivable culture?

We are where we are because we have recreated in the fashion that we have. Until that changes, no real change can happen. Imagine what would happen if tomorrow, every (even nominal) Christian family said "we are out" of the government school system. The immediate impact of the loss of "butts-in-seats" money would create hysteria.

Nope. Aint gonna happen.

Aesop said...

@Anonymous 12:49

Re: Syria: Why'd it take 2 years? We should have been pulled out by summer of '17.
Ditto for A-stan.
If you're not going to slaughter everyone who opposes you, it's not a war, and you should bring the troops home. Send in the State Department, and the Girl Scouts, with some cookies. Troops are too valuable to squander on that sort of nonsense.

Re: Mattis:
As he noted, the President has the right to have a SecDef who agrees with and will pursue the goals and policies of the CinC.
Mattis was already retired once, and he at least had the class to give Trump 60 days' notice, and not get into a public pissing match over his disagreement(s) with POTUS.

I think he's ready to hang it up and go enjoy his sunset years, and he also doesn't want to spend the next two years of his life getting berated by the Democrap halfwits who'll be chairing or sitting on any of 28 committees and subcommittees while trying to make brownine points with airheads and J-school mediocrities.

He's started to turn the DoD around from the tailspin of the Obozo years.
That'll make it somewhat easier for the next guy to move things further back towards reality, and away from insanity. There's still a loooooooong way to go on that.

He's going to be a tough act to follow, but Trump will find someone who can do what needs to be done, just like he's done his whole life. The only downside is the next guy won't have Mattis' military cred, so other countries (like China or Russia), and more importantly, the non-government terror entities, may think the next SecDef isn't the same hardass Mattis was for the last 20 years, so we'll probably have to make a flaming example of somebody And their village. Just to underline that point for the back half of Trump's first term.

This is where the boot camp advice to stay in the anonymous 80% in the middle is gold. The first geopolitical screwball to stand up is going to get a haircut down to the collarbone. Because in the long run, it'll save lives, and point out to lesser lights not to try our patience.

Assad and Putin thought they were badasses; now Assad is missing 1/3 of his air farce, and Putin is short most of a battalion combined arms team and a crapton of tanks and APCs. Nota bene that message has been received loud and clear, and there haven't been any occasions to need to re-visit the point.

Short-term, we're liable to make the same point regarding Venezuela, and long-term, China's cruising for a re-calculation of trying to expand into the South China Sea and make it their private pond.
Iran and the Norks are the Usual Knuckleheads too.

One of them is almost certainly going to get an attention-getter, and it's 50/50 something's going to happen this side of Election Day 2020.

Unless international sanity breaks out.

Slim odds on that.

Anonymous said...

Bump-stocks are ridiculous. They're a waste of money and ammo. I would never own one.
That being said, the fact that our "government" thinks they can ban them even though they don't have a Constitutional leg to stand on really PISSES ME OFF!!!
Thankfully there are a few states that aren't going to put up with their crap. They already have laws effectively nullifying this kind of drivel. Don't bother telling me about the supremacy clause. That only applies to things that are Constitutional.
As long as the states refuse to allow their people to enforce fed law, we have a chance.


Anonymous said...

I really think PDT screwed up on bump stocks.

The BATFEIEIO gave him cover by saying "Legislation was needed to ban bump stocks." He should have said, "Gosh darn it! I guess it is up to Paul, Nancy, Mitch, and Chuckie to get it done."

The same clown show that cannot pass twelve simple budget bills every year as required by our US Constitution. Let the legislature screw things up, chances are nothing gets passed. If they pass a bump stock ban, then sign it. If they go gonzo gun banner and send out something that bans other things BESIDES bump stocks, PDT can veto it and say, "No I agreed on bump stocks only, not all this crud too."

I think there is something else happening in Syria. We are pulling out, but the Brits and France are staying. Suddenly Erdogan said Turkey is not invading NE Syria. Are we clearing the decks for Israel to hammer Hezbollah and Irans Revolutionary Guards? Don't know?

The Democrats are willing to shut down the government over a measly Five Billion dollars. Not for DACA, not for anything important. Let Trump build his wall, the Democrats keep saying it won't work; go on, prove how wrong PDT is! (They know the WALL will work!)

Dad29 said...

The bumpstock thing is no big deal until you read part 2, whereby if you have one you must turn it in or destroy it--and if you don't you're a criminal.

THAT stinks.

Anonymous said...

Ann ain't worth all the ink. but if it makes you feel better, so be it.
the next two years are going to be a dogfight.
then the defecation will really hit the oscillation.

Anonymous said...

Now we know why PDT felt it was reasonable to remove US Troops.

KSA and UAE are replacing them with their troops to defend the Sunni Kurds, and hopefully finish off ISIS. They should be able to deter the Turks, and also their mortal enemies, the Iranians and Iranian proxies like Hezbollah.

Although if they get into it with Turkey, I think I would bet on the Turks in any battle. They were tough as hell in the Korean War.


Pat H. said...

Aesop, no matter how often you claim otherwise, Coulter is correct on the wall construction. Those images of "a wall" you've used in the past aren't what Coulter is talking about.

She's talking about a "Israeli style" wall, of which we've seen test samples. You appear to think that the so-called steel slat wall as being sufficient. It's not.

Go here to see the test walls, at least four of which are concrete and are what Coulter is writing about when she says the wall isn't being built.

She's correct.

Ominous Cowherd said...

Pressuring Trump like she is doing isn't going to change Trump: he has his plan and he's working it. Pressuring Trump like this is going to show the GOP traitors that Trump has support. It's going to show mercenary elements in the Deep State that Trump's side is growing, and they'd better be on it. Mobs howling for Leftist blood will hearten the Right and dismay the Left.

Coulter is peddling blackpill outrage porn for profit, but it's not entirely unhelpful.

Robert Schecter said...

Excellent post. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Build the damn wall, deport them all then we start dealing with the traitors

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Aesop!
Thank you for all your insightful commentary over the year.


Unknown said...

Ann Coulter is more ballsy than any Republican man I know of.

Aesop said...


I'd be happy for an Israeli Great Big Beautiful Wall Of Trump.
But the reality is you aren't getting under, over, or through the steel pipe wall without an M1A1 Abrams platoon, 20 rounds of HEAT, and about half an hour, and/or a combat engineer platoon and half a ton of C-4.

Which kind of shoots any stealth right in the ass.

The pipe wall stops 99.99999% of crossers, and if you post a watcher every few miles, you get the other .00001% too. But I'm only going by firsthand experience with it.

So Ann is wrong about 0 miles constructed, yet she chooses to lie about that because the on-the-ground reality doesn't fit her perpetually whiny narrative.

Which makes here different from, exactly?

That schtick gets old, and the freshness expiration was about 22 months ago.

She needs to STFU about Trump, and start laying the blame where it lies.
Something voters figured out in both 2016 AND 2018.

Diarrhea-mouth Coulter couldn't be bothered to berate Congress for effing the wall funding and not repealing ObozoCare, but she's got time to sling shit at Trump, who has precisely zero control over either item.

If she didn't learn American civics by now, she's probably beyond help, but the CATO Institute sells a handy pocket US Constitution for around $5.
Maybe some thoughtful soul - even DJT - will send her one for Christmas, and suggest she familiarize herself with the contents when she's got some downtime flinging poo from her monkey cage.