Monday, December 3, 2018

This Is My Not So Shocked Face

Former DPD Officer Killshot is now under indictment for manslaughter murder.
Couldn't happen to a nicer killer:
(DALLAS) Amber Guyger, the [former] Dallas police officer [later fired, and] charged in the shooting death of Botham Jean, was indicted Friday on a murder charge — an upgrade from the “manslaughter” charge at the time of her arrest.

The shooting occurred on September 6, 2018. Guyger claimed she mistook Jean, an accountant, for an intruder in her apartment but realized she had opened fire inside his unit in the same building. She was fired weeks later by the Dallas Police Department.

Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson told reporters Friday that the charges were upgraded from manslaughter because “at the moment of the shooting it was a knowing… offense.”

Guyger claimed that she did not realize she was at the wrong apartment until she called 911 and was asked for her location. According to USA Today, the family has questioned her version of events, alleging discrepancies:
An affidavit for a search warrant states that Guyger and Jean encountered each other at the door to his apartment, instead of having an exchange across the room.
After the shooting, Guyger’s blood was drawn to be tested for alcohol and drugs, according to Hall. Authorities have not released results.
 Guyger posted a $300,000 bond and will await her trial outside of prison.
Deadeye Douchebadge also neglected to mention that she had made multiple complaints for noise about the very upstairs neighbor she murdered, including one complaint the same morning of the day she killed him. Whoops.

So he was not unknown to her, and the idea that her 1-block drive from PD HQ to her apartment left her so groggy she missed 20 obvious visual cues, including the blazing neon lit door plaque and red carpet outside his apartment, make her farcical claims that this was a tragic mistake flatly recockulous.

Like we told you at the time: this was an execution, under color of authority.
Because she thought she could do that, and get away with it.

Nice of the Dallas D.A.'s Office to finally pull their heads out of their asses and admit the obvious.

Now she just needs a fine public trial, and a choice between confession and LWOP, or the needle for premeditated homicide.

The real tragedy in this case is that public hanging has gone out of fashion.


Anonymous said...

It does give us hope that "the only ones" are susceptible too.

June J said...

The Grand Jury raised the charge from the Texas Rangers’ recommended manslaughter to murder. Will be interesting to see the evidence come out in court to fill in the many blanks. Door lock data, whether there was GSR on the victim’s clothes indicating the shots were fired much closer than across the room and more things that have been questioned.

Aesop said...

Two disinterested witnesses already stated she was heard to be knocking on the door and demanding entry immediately prior to the shooting, which pooch-screws her recockulous alibi from Day One.

And the Texas Rangers investigators get the 2018 Inspector Clousseau Cluelessness Award.
The Texas Rangers baseball team could have done a more circumspect investigation.

She's quite deservedly fucked, and the only way she gets any slack is to plead guilty before trial in exchange for a lighter sentence. This gets to a jury, and she's going down in flames. 2 to 1 on a guilty verdict at trial, the judge throws the book at her.

Jim Scrummy said...

"The real tragedy in this case is that public hanging has gone out of fashion." So true. Some in DC need this type of justice for treason... Much of the excrement would stop after about 3.

I am a bit surprised, I thought she'd get voluntary manslaughter. I hope the DA has an airtight case, hate to see this "female dog" walk. Lethal injection is too nice.

Popular Front said...

I've heard some bullshit excuses in my time but hers is a real standout. I hope she gets the needle. Also that Somalian asshole in Minnesota who blew away the Aussie woman.

robins111 said...

There was a recent news story about 2 Regional Cops (Niagara Region Ontario Canada) where they were investigating a vehicle accident, got into a fist fight and one hauled out his Glock and did a mag dump into the other. He was hospitalized with 5 that made it through his kevlar.

Anonymous said...

The Texas Rangers have been in steady decline in direct relationship with their embrace of statist social engineering protocols.

James M Dakin said...

They throw one out of the castle to the peasants every once in a great while. Keep the morale of the Dirt People up. But nothing changes. Sure, it is nice to celebrate a random victory, but see it for what it is. A foot soldier sacrificed by the Generals for a strategic aim.

Badger said...

Penultimate paragraph. WTH do you mean "or"...?

Aesop said...

You can't lock her up forever and kill her.
And the only reason to plead up front is to get the D.A. to take the needle off the menu at sentencing recommendations.

Unknown said...

I eagerly await to see what apologist Mas Ayoob says about this - NOT! His posts on the Guyger assassination have been so damn idiotic.

From the Early Christmas Gift Dept, easily startled slime bucket Noor has been charged with murder.


Dan said...

I suspect the charge of murder is a strategic decision by the DA. By doing so
the pressure is on the defendant to plead to a lesser charge....probably to
either voluntary or involuntary manslaughter. Odds of actually getting a murder
conviction are minimal but juries are fickle....they could easily acquit. And
an acquittal would look bad for the DA AND could lead to a lot of property damage
in the more vibrant and diverse neighborhoods. This is almost certainly strategy
to avoid a trial and get a plea so the whole case just goes away which is what the
city desperately wants.

robins111 said...

This is the cops shooting each other story.

RDB said...

I still wonder if it won't come to light that Botham was slipping Officer DD the salami and she was pissed off because he stopped giving it to her. Don't stick your dick in crazy when it has a gun and a shield.

Anonymous said...

Article roundup on developments with the ebola story

"Ebola Spreads Into DR Congo's Urban Areas

The newest urban locations to be affected are the city of Butembo, as well as Kalenguta, 25km to its north, and Katwa, 30km to its east. These areas have all seen an increase in confirmed cases as well as some resistance from the community."


beau said...

"The real tragedy in this case is that public hanging has gone out of fashion."

abso - fing - lutely...and not a lifetime later.

Carl "Bear" Bussjaeger said...

I'm curious as to what her version of events will be when it goes to trial. So far, she walked up and took an elevator to the wrong floor, drove up to the wrong floor (let's see surv vid), stuck her key in the lock and nothing happened until Jean opened his door, the door was ajar and open when she attempted to put the key in (um... automatic closers on all the doors), went in and put down her stuff and saw a "burglar", set her stuff down outside and saw a "burglar", shot from outside (but apparently both casings were found inside the apartment).

And the police version varied: she did a 12 hour shift, and they were investigating where sh'd been for 3 hours between leaving work and blowing away her neighbor; then it was a 15 hour shift and she went straight h/o/m/e/ to the kill.

I like the part where she still thought she was in her own apartment, but when 911 asked for the address, she went out to check the apartment number.

And where's that pesky tox screen...

Unknown said...

I wonder if PDs are now rethinking their policy to not hire too high an IQ. At least by hiring smarter people they could construct better alibis.


Anonymous said...

No more cops. Give everyone guns, wait five years, then bring cops back. Problem solved.

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

I'm not sure I follow, Anon.

Anonymous said...

@Tired ... All the stupid people will be gone after 5 years.