Monday, December 4, 2017

Odds, Ends, Random Bits

This has nothing to do with the post; I'm just trying out décor ideas.

Government remains the one branch of the entertainment industry everyone can enjoy, but lately the show has become rather one-sided.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court on Monday allowed the Trump administration to fully enforce a ban on travel to the United States by residents of six mostly Muslim countries.
 WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump gave embattled GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore a vigorous formal endorsement Monday
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Republican National Committee is once again supporting embattled Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore after President Donald Trump formally endorsed him Monday.
WASHIGTON (NBC)---approximately 15 percent of federal judgments are vacant.
This is unprecedented and provides Trump with an extraordinary opportunity to reshape the entire judicial branch of government.
And let’s remember why the makeup of the federal judiciary is so important. Federal judges are appointed for life and hear a myriad of cases dealing with federal statutes and the Constitution.
I must admit, I've always enjoyed watching Democrats go down to defeat, but the thwarting of those Democrats in office within the Republican Party has been the sweetest victory in all of this.

And after Britistan harpy PM Mays' snotty whinging, Trump's state visit to the last remaining shadow of the former empire has been postponed by American diplomats indefinitely, possibly for as long as she, worse from the Labour party, or any other pro-jihad apologist, holds the semblance of power in that branch of the caliphate. Boo frickin' hoo, losers.

Meanwhile the Senate, in a last-gasp left-handed recognition that a number of them are up for re-election next year, managed to find a way to make ObozoCare optional (which still has to get past the House, and come out of conference intact), which would gut the original thieving wealth redistribution scheme, and make government pocket-picking optional for the vast majority of people who want nothing to do with it, and never did.

This while the Left, from the Senate to Hollyweird, is happily forming ad hoc circular firing squads on their dearest and most esteemed progtards for any whiff (and usually an entire festering sewage pile) of scandal about their footie-pajama beta-boys' serial rapes, molestations, and sexual battery of the simple-minded lunatic feminazis who finally break the shackles of Stockholm Syndrome to note that all their own heroes are waging a War on Women, and have been since the 1950s. Just like everyone from Phyllis Schafly to Anne Coulter have told you they were, from then until five minutes ago. (Yet again, ladies, if you can get past your own foolish pride, there are Real Men on the Right, in hordes, which is generally the only place you'll ever find any. But be advised, they won't put up with your silly bull$#!^, so you'd better get your heads straight beforehand.)

Antifa, which was supposedly going to launch the Zombpocalypse a month ago, is now found primarily on milk cartons from coast to coast, looking for all the world like the Wicked Witch after getting a bucket bath from  Dorothy, and virtue-signaling is now the next best thing to yelling "Pull!" on a skeet range.

Which may get even easier to do in reality, if national reciprocity hits CCWs from coast to coast.

So while there's still dismaying amounts of muck in the swamp, both nationally and locally, still needing some comprehensive drainage applied, the water level, like the shrieks from the offended, are receding, and there don't seem to be enough liberal tears left to refill the quagmire anytime soon. They've been too busy cock-a-doodling about managing to stave off right-wing challengers in the outskirts of DC, and NYFC, with a (D) population that numbers around 80% of all residents. Well-played, progtards. Next, you can tackle shaped blocks.

Color me happier, while I attend to more pressing matters, like watching movies, stockpiling PMs like gold, silver, and lead, and sandbagging a tidy pallet of staples and canned goods for the day, now hopefully more distant, when the pendulum begins to swing back again.

And I'm getting much closer to moving the blueprints for Camp Snoopy from the planning stage to the active file, yearning for the day when living here in Castle Anthrax is but a distant memory, and the only thing I hear in the morning is songbirds, roosters, and gunfire from the backyard range.

It'll be a longer drive to Disneyland, but I'll get over it.


Anonymous said...

I believe your friend Theresa May is on the conservative side of British politics rather than Labour. Really makes you wonder does'nt it?.

I do like your blog.

Regards from the land downunder.

loren said...

Great that you're on the road to a retreat. You might even get there one day. Not likely but probably more likely than actually needing it.
As one who built a retreat from scratch and lives in it do be aware that unless you live there in post SHFT like conditions you won't be ready. Never think that just buying stuff and storing it is enough. There is a learning curve that's best done before you need it for real.
1) if there are services crossing you property line - disconnect them.
2) Store as much stuff as you can easily afford. Guns and fun stuff come last in importance.
3) Make real good friends with the neighbors. They're your support and i worse comes to worse They'll suck up the bad stuff before it gets to you.
4) Do it now.

Aesop said...

It won't be a retreat, it'll be a retirement home.
With weapons emplacements.
As for the rest, way ahead of you there.

Sorry, didn't make it clear: I know she's nominally a bloody Tory; with "friends" like that, who needs enemies?
Labour, OTOH, would be building the minaret atop Big Ben.

Anonymous said...

National reciprocity is a VERY BAD IDEA!
The last thing we want is hordes of gun owners flocking to get their CCW, just so they can travel armed across state lines.
This will essentially enable the Federal Government to compile a database, complete with fingerprints and personal info of all the CCW owners in the country.
Nothing could go wrong with that, right?
Imagine every cop from coast to coast instantly knowing if you have a CCW or not. Do you trust all of them to respect you for that? Really?
Go back to Maryland a few years ago when a Florida CCW holder was stopped for no reason by the Maryland Transportation Authority. Held for no reason, supposedly speeding, although no ticket was ever issued or recorded, verbally abused and threatened in front of his family etc etc.
Story here
Turns out the MDTA was using plate readers and cross referencing with the NICS data, which Maryland had been ILLEGALLY retaining within the state. OOPS! Guy was lucky not to get shot. I lived in Maryland for almost 20 years, and have a son in law enforcement still there. The very last thing we want is to entrust law enforcement, nationally, with this kind of info.
There is so much wrong with this idea. Hopefully it will get shoved in McConnels desk drawer until it's forgotten.
What we should be rallying around is the idea to repeal the 1968 Gun Control Act. If ever there was a piece of legislation that has shown itself to be of no benefit to society whatsoever, this is it by leaps and bounds.
And encourage everyone you know to protest ANY gun regulation, whatever it is, however small it seems.

Aesop said...

You've obviously no idea what the point is.
We already have national marriage license reciprocity.
It's called the "full faith and credit" clause of the US Constitution.
Do you imagine there's a national database of wedding licenses?

All reciprocity means is that any state's CCW is de facto good everywhere, and no one may fail to recognize another state's legal act in giving you a CCW.
Not even Boston, Chicongo, or NYFC. Swarms of people will move out of postage stamp states and live in states where they can get a CCW, just to stick a thumb in the big city's eye.
(Bonus: how pissed off will New Yorkers be when everyone else from neighboring states and passers-through can have a gun with a valid CCW, but NYFC residents can't? Say goodbye to the Sullivan Act, in 3, 2,...)

Currently, most CCWs are already valid in something like 40 states.
National CCW forces the other 10 to join that party, like it or not.
Freedom, it's what's for breakfast.

Anything can be fucked up. Throwing out the baby with the bathwater because of what could happen is retarded.

And if you imagine that exactly that sort of data isn't shared nationally already, you don't know what you don't know.

But when you've got the votes to repeal the '68 GCA, give a holler.
Have fun storming the castle.
In the meantime, don't f*** everybody else because you're afraid of your own shadow.

Anonymous said...

I want to know what happens with out-of-state CCW licenses and if they'll need to be honored in the state-of-residence. For instance, as a NJ resident I can get a Florida CCW, would that then allow me to carry in NJ and NYC?

The mind boggles. It would be tempting if not for the expense of being a test-case.

Of course it probably wouldn't come to that, I'd just be executed out-of-hand on the roadside, in the interests of officer safety.

Mark D

Anonymous said...

I think you missed my point. My point is, I don't want every swingin dick in a uniform knowing I'm carrying, and I will not possess a CCW for any reason.
Telling the whole word you're married is quite different from telling the whole world you're armed.
I don't subscribe to any gun laws, as I think they're all an affront to my freedom.
I travel infrequently out of my state, where I supposedly enjoy "Constitutional Carry", and carry wherever and whenever I deem necessary, regardless of any local law.
If something bad happens, I may get in trouble, but at least I may still be alive.
National Reciprocity is just another wave of gun regulation, and paves the way to having all gun owners registered as such.
I suppose I'm guilty of not trusting my government to do the right thing with the laws they pass, and feel more comfortable not being on their radar.

Aesop said...

Best wishes with that plan.

If anything ever happens, your fault, their fault, nobody's fault, you'll have handed them the means of denying you firearms, forever.
You won't have to worry about trusting your government, because you won't be voting for it anymore, and every time your name is run by the police, your record will be right there on top.

Being a gun owner, you're already on their radar.
See what's it like when you're an ex-inmate.

Pretending in your mind that's it's still 1933 is a poor defense.
You can guess the clinical name for it.

Hope you never have to find that out.
And likely the only reason you have "constitutional carry" in your home state is because millions of others were willing to chew the wall down stick by stick to get it for you over the last 40 years.

Anonymous said...

"Being a gun owner, you're already on their radar." Not so fast, Parnelli!
If the indicated items are bought off paper and diligence adhered to in the incognito lifestyle pertaining thusly: regulatory hunting, ammo and parts purchases, no transfers to mfgrs for repairs, no publication purchases except at Delgado's news stand, no range membership, etc., then Ned2 may well be off the radar. Fact.
As to interstate travel......bend over, Ned

Aesop said...

Uh huh.
That's a lot of Iffing to get from A to B, yes?
I would still counsel to act like you were on the radar even if you aren't.
The nail that sticks up, etc.