Friday, December 15, 2017

Just Saying

This is simply no fun. It's not like I'm Ferris Beuller, and I get a day out in a Ferrari with Mia Sara. It sucks feeling like crap, going on and on, and I can't do anything about it; can't even go out much, since five minutes outside and I sound like Typhoid Mary, horking up a lung (but I suppose it'd thin out the line at checkout quite a bit).
Someone mentioned "Whooping Crud" in comments. That's as apt a descriptor as anything, at this point.

I got a pertussis booster with my last tetanus tDAP update, so this isn't actual whooping cough. Thank a merciful heaven.
But I've never coughed up so much crap for so long that my ribs and abs hurt.
Until now.

And waah.


Irish said...

Get well soon Aesop.

MMinWA said...

Try some fresh pineapple juice(bromelain). A few drops of peppermint oil in some chamomile/rosemary tea with honey. And Ricola is a food group all by itself, I keep a bag next to my .40 in my nightstand.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you're under the weather.
My mother's cure for a cold was a strong cup of tea, large mug, with honey, a bit of lemon juice and a shot of scotch.
Do it, now.
While enjoying this, you might want to read this for some further laughs:
Money quote "there was no indication the families two doge were also trans"

RCW said...

Black Elderberry extract when taken w/ vitamin C was shown in tests to relieve symptoms faster than Tamiflu w/o the side effects.

Anonymous said...

Of it helps any Bride and I are both down with similar symptoms. Goddam airplanes, there was the same tuburcular one row back both ways.

The Gray Man said...

I'm kind of sick too, but I'm working night shift anyway. It's just a cold. But I'm charge nurse tonight and we just rolled out AllScripts computer charting system. The system is bullshit. It's basically non-functional and has created an unsafe environment for our patients.

Anonymous said...

Hot Toddys work well on what you are experiencing.

1 part whatever your favorite hard liquor is (I prefer brandy)
1 part hot orange juice
1 large dollop of honey

Mix, drink while warm or hot.

The liquor will suppress the urge to cough for coughing's sake, which means you'll only cough when you need to get rid of lung butter.

The orange juice helps keep your Vitamin C levels up.

The honey coats all the rough patches in your throat that tickle and help cause coughing.

And, yeah. Whooping Cough. Yet another childhood disease that was supposed to be eradicated by this time. What next? Polio? Oh, wait, that evil is returning to the USA too.

Anonymous said...

Tends to happen when you inject that shit into your body. In the medical field you probably have no choice.

Phil said...

You gonna live?
Been pretty quiet over in this corner of the web for a few days, thought I would check on ya.

Aesop said...

The odds are good, but man, this crud Just. Hangs. On.