Saturday, December 2, 2017

"F***k you, you ignorant sanctimonious retarded bitch." Strong Message Follows

If Angela Merkel had a retarded British cousin, she would sound exactly like the twit (or something like that with one vowel changed) running formerly-great Britistan.

"Islamic terrorism does not exist."
Hey, thanks for clearing that mystery up too, you shit-headed ignoram-ass.
I never thought ordinary expletives in English could ever be found so wanting, but to describe anyone with their head shoved this far up their ass adequately would beggar the language of Shakespeare and Milton, even if we trolled the docks on the Thames or in Liverpool for helpful linguistic suggestions.

You've single-handedly probably sold more blood pressure medication there to Tories under NHS than HopeyDopey sold guns here in eight years of concentrated fucktardation.

Seriously, you'd have to feed your baby lead paint chips every meal, drop her on her pointy head daily until it went flat, and shake that baby until her eyes rolled like a doll's with every jiggle to begin to approach the level of pure, unmitigated c*ntish stupidity she manages to pack into just that brief minute and forty eight seconds of codswallop, claptrap, and fermented steer manure.

Thank a merciful universe we kicked your silly asses all the way back there in 1787, because for a dollar, countless Americans would happily go to 10 Downing Street just to have a go at slapping the stupid out of such an airheaded pratt. And you could owe them the dollar. The trouble is, it'd be a wasted trip, because all there can be in such an empty head is nothing but stupid, otherwise her skull would have sunken in from atmospheric pressure long ago.

Enjoy becoming Islam's bitch, and anybody who voted for such an irredeemable mound of pompous dung deserves to get her for prime minister, good and hard, until Big Ben is replaced by a minaret with loudspeakers for the muzzein.

The only problem with your right wing, you monstrous quisling, is that they haven't seen fit to drag you out by the hair and hang your head from Traitor's Gate. But I live in hope.

And when the temblor caused by Winston Churchill's body spinning ceaselessly at St. Martin's Church finally ceases, and one of your jackassical successors - should your embarrassment of a nation survive long enough for same - comes begging again for help to survive, we already gave, both in 1917 and 1941. You're on your own from here on out.

Unless your emissaries come with your stuffed head on a platter, humbly asking our pardon for the idiotic remarks of someone clearly out of her depth since first form, in which case for that, and the OED renaming the bowl in every watercloset the Theresa May in your honor, the answer will be a hearty and heartfelt suggestion that your entire festering nation attempt self-fornication. At least, the ones who survive growing up being serially raped by your Muzzie imports long enough to get to adulthood.

If President Trump had half the balls he should, he'd name Ann Coulter the permanent ambassador to your country, with instructions to hector you ceaselessly and publicly until she had successfully instigated another war, just so we could kick the door in, haul you out in the street, and give you the public spanking mum and dad obviously failed to do so many years ago, unless your own long-suffering people beat us to it. And if he were half as devious as he's accused of being, he'd be running guns and ammo by the ton to your right wing bootnecks.

Shut your festering gob, and stop embarrassing a once-great nation with the realization of the levels to which it has sunk.

You'll have to excuse me for now, PM Shitforbrains, I'm off to the Theresa May to box your Christmas present. Will that be one lump, or two?

And the next time some not-so-smart-bomb goes all Aloha Snackbar, and grinds a few sodding peasants into pate on the sidewalk, remember, loyal subjects of PM Retardia, Queen of Hearts, it's the fault of all those backwards people who insist Britain should be British. She only barely left off calling you all "a basket of Deplorables".

What a malodorous sack of pus to put in such a theoretically important position.
Your country is now a laughingstock, your history so much kindling, and your leader an embarrassment even to stupid people.



Anonymous said...

As a Brit I couldn't agree more.

Anonymous said...

What are you trying to say here? Grow a pair and spit it out!

Anonymous said...

"I never thought ordinary expletives in English could ever be found so wanting."

May I suggest "coprophagous microcephalic" as an expletive someone with an adequate vocabulary might use, although "ignorant sanctimonious retarded bitch" has a nice ring to it.


Tim said...

Actually these are just muslim missionaries doing as their inman's have instructed them.

reltney mcfee said...

One minor quibble: I consider her an "ignoranus": both ignorant, and an ass.

Anonymous said...

As an ex-Brit, I have to say Europe is fucked.
They just can't acknowledge the muslim threat; there are too many already in the country for it to be politically advantageous.

MMinWA said...

"...British moslims are peaceful..."

WTF? The Delusion, it hurtz.

Anonymous said...

For a mighty Empire on which the sun never set to be reduced to this. As much as I am familially obligated to detest the British monarchy, the state of Great Britain saddens me greatly. The state of most of the West, of Christendom, is quite depressing. I wonder if having fought two horrendous wars in the 20th century which cut down the best and brightest of two generations wasn't a mortal civilization wound. Corrupted from within and relentlessly pressured externally, eventual destruction almost seems inevitable at times.

Too bad one of the younger royals didn't have the balls of their predecessors. Seize the throne, disband parliament, put appropriate heads on pikes and lead the army in a battle to expel the cancer from the British isles and chase it back to the shitholes it slithered out of. Alas the two in position to do so seem more interested in virtue signalling, being media personalities and hanging on to the trappings of "royalty" than doing anything historically important.

shaughand said...

Should never have allowed women to vote

Anonymous said...

Follow the money … and the blackmail?
Saudis wouldn’t possibly want to fund the invasion of Europe, would they?

Welcome Black Carter said...

The maddening wines of her adulteries...

Anonymous said...

Ms May - perhaps before they behead you they will rape you repeatedly on live tv in order that they whole world may see your folly.

Thud said...

Don't confuse may with the rest of the country, she just struggles to keep a lid on the anger barely kept in check.....she will fail eventually.