Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Teddy Roosevelt Lives

h/t CDR Salamander

SecNav Spencer travelled to A-stan for some chats with the troops (above).

Note the pic above, and see if you can spot what an actual leader does when he's doing it right.

This, sportsfans, is a wartime consigliere.

Non futuis nobiscum.


G-man said...

SECNAV rockin the M-9, with a mag in the magwell? Righteous!

Anonymous said...

Love it! A military leader with the balls to know Assholistan is a dangerous place and he is responsible for his own safety.

Anonymous said...

+2 points for the side arm.

-1 point if side arm is an M9.

-5 points for failure to properly deploy and utilize the knife hand. Nothin' rocks the school circle like using the ol' knife hand. 9 out of 10 Lance Corporals and below love the knife hand. 1 out of 10 can shut their fucking pie hole and do flutter kicks till I get tired.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the example of personal responsibility. Points for taking an M9 under the " if it's good enough for you guys... " vein. Delete points for the POS serpa holster.
Boat Guy

RandyGC said...

The folks giving crap due to the choice of weapon, holster, etc:

Criticizing a civilian politician for those choices is sort of like criticizing a talking dog because of it's accent and word choice; ignoring the fact it's a freaking talking dog.

Of course he was a jarhead, aviator type, in a previous life, so maybe not so surprising.

Badger said...

Actually I think his demeanor and the atmosphere of the gathering, "this is commander's intent" but with less-than-pontificating body language, etc., speak more than the choice to arm himself.

Troy Smith said...

Wasn't this where we developed the Marine Combat Hunter program...?

Anonymous said...

If your talking dog's gonna go strapped then we gear-queers are gonna comment. Just the way of this world.
We desperately NEED a guy who's gonna undo the damage that the last shithead(s) did and someone who's showing up in a photo like that may be just the guy. Certainly hope so.
As my son's original Chief has said "Ray Mabus did more damage to the US Navy than Admiral Yammamoto could ever have hoped to do."
Boat Guy

Anonymous said...

"As my son's original Chief has said "Ray Mabus did more damage to the US Navy than Admiral Yammamoto could ever have hoped to do.""

The other day I was discussing how the Navy has changed over the last 20 years with another ex-sub sailor. Both of us agreed that we probably wouldn't make it in today's Navy.

Aesop said...

Au contraire.

I suspect instead, a lot of 0-6s and 0-7s would "fall overboard" underway during the mid watch.

The Gray Man said...

Are we talking about the fact that he's armed?

Aesop said...

Nonchalantly so, and no one's gotten a case of the vapors over it.

Anonymous said...

A nice thought Aesop but those pogues wouldn't be anywhere topside during the mid. The former CO of Shiloh probably never ventured onto the weather decks after dark. He'd be a good start to the program, along with that bitch holly graff. It'd take a lot of underway time to clean up the Fleet. Be a lot of E-9's practicing their drownproofing as well; the CPO "community" needs a thorough cleaning too.