Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Yakkity Yak, Ain't Got Jack

1) Flu shots work. Against flu.
They do jack and squat against a cold.
Oh, and all the little piggies out there who don't wash their grubby little hands and stay home when they're sick should die, slowly, from dick cancer.
After being skinned alive, and then slowly lowered into a vat of rubbing alcohol.
Just saying.
I never get sick at work. It's always from the hoi polloi everywhere else, and while I wash my own hands, I can't wash the prepared food I buy. (Soggy freshly-scrubbed burgers and fries kind of lose the gastronomic appeal of the warm, dry variety.) Douchepigs.

2) Number of things going on in the big wide world I can find that even interest me at the moment is hovering right at 0. Some of this is due to the still-hanging-on coughing fits from a cold that won't die. Most of it is due to the Usual Idiots simply being the Usual Idiots.

I'd love to have something here but this. Unfortunately, there's just nothing I can find the motivation to scribble about. Maybe I'll go see a movie.


MMinWA said...

I had a p/t gig last year working with DOC, sitting on inmates while they had medical procedures. Never got sick. First thing, I would wipe down my area with antiseptic wipes. Turned down many commissary offers. Was fairly reluctant to touch anything and was washing my hands regularly. Injested oil of oregano and olive leaf extract daily along with my own prepared lunch.

Saw some shit too.

Anonymous said...

Go see a movie? Hopefully it's a bad one and you can write a stinging review.
Hope you feel better ..........

Anonymous said...

flu shot work on the prior flu. I never had one, never will. last time I went to urgent care for a back issue, the nurse asked me about guns in the house and flu shot. fuck them never went back. geriatric or sick...sure do what you gotta do. as for able body human dirt bags - biggest risk factor with the flu and just about every other medical issue outside trauma is smoking, drinking, drug use, lack of exercise and poor diet. Why get healthy when you can get a magic shot, then go have a drink, a smoke, and double burger.... wash it all down with 32oz sugar/salt drink. meanwhile my insurance rate is at 350% increase and deductible is 400% increase. but hey it is Trumps fault and I'm a racist.

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better, soon.

James M Dakin said...

I mega-dose on Vitamin C, besides a better diet than most although not close to perfect. The Old Lady brought the Whooping Crud from work, hacked and coughed for a week, contaminated my air. I never got sick. On occasion when I do, it is at a much reduced severity and duration. Okay, the ChiComs could be poisoning the tablets, but there is little I can do about that. It's like sucking in Fuki fallout. Oh, and I'm rarely scrubbing my hands. Too much and you don't let your body build up its own immunity. I think I had antibiotics forty some odd years ago. And I never go to the doctors. Those humpers will kill you, if the fellow patients don't. I worked at a food bank for almost a decade surrounded by the homeless. Cleaned up after their nasty asses, too. Foul creatures. Still almost never sick. Yes, good genes. But I swear by the vitamin C.

lineman said...

Rain Check Then;)

jim rock said...

Thieves oil on the bottom of the feet and a 7.4 PH. You'll be healthy as a horse.

loren said...

You want to try a kid in the house. That's a germ spreader if ever there was one.
Just got over the cold you might have. It did suck bigtime. Can't believe how crappy I felt. I've always considered my hands to be the best germ injector there is. Always manage to touch my face several times a day, as most of us do.
In the third world now taking Doxy just in case the two step is around. Working so far.

Andrew said...

I always got sick when my wonderfully thoughtful coworkers brought their little disease vectors into my office area for me to watch while the 'adult' was waiting for a doctor's appointment. It seems so much better to come to work with an open petrie dish with legs running around while waiting rather than staying home and keeping the crud away from people.

Nowadays, both my wife and I do a complete delousing cleanse after coming back from any doctor's office, medical place or big box store. Soap, water, clean clothes, before anything else is done. This, and avoiding the coughers out there have significantly reduced the numbers of acquired illnesses we get from other people.