Thursday, December 7, 2017


(MORDOR - ABC) Minnesota Sen. Al Franken will resign from the United States Senate "in the coming weeks" he announced Thursday, a day after a number {That number would be 23 at last tally, or half of all the Democrats in the US Senate. -A.} of his Democratic colleagues called for him to step down amid mounting allegations of sexual misconduct against women.
Resigning...the minute he and the Demotard governor of Minnesota can agree on a suitable Vichy senator from the extreme left to appoint in his stead, until next November's special election.

He was also quick to note that he didn't recall ever doing anything bad, and that he was resigning because he didn't do anything dishonorable when he didn't harass all the women who misremembered him harassing them, in depth and detail, going back to even before he was in the Senate, with photographic proof and corroborating witnesses. ("Fakes! Lies!" shouted Franken-stein's psyche.)

What a fat, festering pus-bag.
He can't even go back to Hollywood, because they're binge-purging their shitweasel molesters too.
How sad.

Shitweasel. Douchebag. Unemployed.
Hat trick!


Phil said...

You say "Unemployed" like it is a bad thing. Remember this A^%Hole is going to get a lifetime government pension (100% of his "salary" if memory serves me correct) funded by you and I.

Anonymous said...

Phil beat me to it.
Oughtta be some way to take that pension but there won't be.

MMinWA said...

He put off resigning to get the cover of Moore's election..oh wait, Moore's accuser just admitted she forged the yearbook.

Hip boots are of no use to keep the shit in DC from soaking your balls.

The Gray Man said...

Hero dad puts down thug bastard in thug's natural habitat:

The Gray Man said...

Gotta have a drysuit for that.

The Gray Man said...

True, but these people have egos that MUST be constantly stroked. Love of their own ego and power is comparable to their love of money. His ego just took a big hit, and his power just got greatly reduced.

The Gray Man said...

As much as I can clearly see that A LOT of these accusations coming out about everyone are BS, as in yes they happened, but they're being mislabeled as "rape" when they're really just "put his hand on my waist" type incidents, I can also see that a lot of them are (or are symptoms of) highly powerful people thinking they're entitled to touch and grab anyone they want in any manner they want, and many of them have gone across the line into rape land. It does appear that the vast majority of them are leftists (or whatever we call them now, progressives or liberals or communists). The Hollyweird elites are heavily leftist in number obviously. The politicians are generally split evenly between left and right, but even the majority of violators of our new "can't touch me" rules are leftists.