Monday, April 17, 2017

Mene, Mene, Tekel Upharsin

"The Berkeley PD has been tried in the balance and found wanting." - Daniel 5:25

     Exhibit A: The Berkeley Police are, and have been, an open joke.

The point of the exercise in Berkeley Riots 3.0 was to shut down the Right. Period.
If the Right loses, game over.
If they win, the Leftards push back harder; eventually, the po-po will show up with Mommy Logic(c), blame everyone, and shut everything down. Game over again.
Heads they win, tails you lose.
This means we either push it beyond sanity, or get beat.

After the Third Battle of Berkeley, our side is 1-2. Ann Coulter is showing up 4/27, and then there's May Day, 5/1. This ain't over until it's over.(I suspect it's just getting warmed up. This has been pre-season play, so far, until someone decides it isn't worth it, and retires for good.)

At least those representing our side aren't getting punked now, like they were at first.

And all the cops are doing is teaching our side to ignore them.
Hey, Chief Dumbass, and Officer F**khead: is that really the message you want average citizens to take away? That you're at best neutrally uncaring while they're getting beat, and at worst, actively aiding and abetting the clear enemy? Well-played; let's see how that turns out when this goes to guns, all around, as it will with near inevitability.

(Dear Leftists: These fat-bodied trolls are your version of JSOC Ninjas, if you go there. The rest of your team gets worse from here on down. I urge you to reconsider trying armed violent protest. You'll be going up against a lot of people who've played this game for real, in three wars, and came out ahead against far better than you could ever hope to recruit. This is not your game. Stick to tantrums, or make out your wills.)

You should take a lesson to heart, Blue Hordes:
You don't have enough ammo, guns, or TROOPS for things, once Joe Average marks you as a bigger threat than staying home.
Which means you'll be staying home, or not ever returning there again, and the streets will belong to whichever side has the demographic edge. It won't be you, even if they call out the National Guard. (Think about that long and hard, @$$holes.)
And when you try to make a comeback, you'll be rightly greeted like Nazi collaborators by society, and I don't mean figuratively. If you're lucky, they'll only stamp swastikas on your faces with hot fireplace irons, and then turn you lose. If you're not, history will be rather instructive in where you'll end up. The overwhelming likelihood is at the ends of ropes, in batches.
What will happen to Antifa at that point doesn't bear serious thinking, if one wants to sleep at night.

But before then, the problem will be Team Blue, not Team Fucktard.

Or, those charged with upholding the paperwork outlining a peaceful civil society could go back to being impartial keepers of the public peace, and start bitch-slapping the violent Left, totally precluding the necessity for a violent Right.

Think that one over long and hard, Blue Crew, and tell us how many paychecks you'll collect sitting on your hands, after you're dead or disabled.

"When you make peaceful change impossible, you make violent change inevitable." -JFK

Your ball, Barney Fife.
You can be the cops, or you can be the Keystone Kops, but not both interchangeably.
So, did y'all want to be the referees...or just the soccer ball?


LFMayor said...

I've been monitoring these scrote locals via their indivisible web site and they've managed to keep a half dozen Facebook and blog sites updated through the first week of April. I'm very disappointed, other than some coffee talk in a few of the university towns these guys are really goldbricking it.

Aesop said...

Yeah, the locals here got their collectives @$$#$ kicked in HB last month, and haven't shown much enthusiasm for another sparring match starring as the punching bag since then.
Hopefully that's a continuing trend.

The good news is that every time they show up, for every person they muster, they convert five people watching to leave their side and join ours.

Gordon Scott said...

There are some basic facts that everyone needs to understand regarding the police and what they will and won't do:

The police chief works at the pleasure of the mayor. The officers work at the pleasure of the chief. Sheriffs are elected and can operate on their own; police chiefs are appointed and must take orders.

Police officers are well paid, with lots of opportunity for lucrative overtime. But the real prize is the pension. It comes early, after as little as 20 years, and it's generous (and that overtime pads the pension, too). There are retired cops in California pulling down over $100,000 a year in pension.

Neither the chief or the beat cops are going to put that pension at risk, no matter what their personal opinions are. We have seen it too many times already in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis and Berkeley. The mayor passes the word, orally, for the cops to stand back. The cops stand back. Sure, they might react if someone started shooting, but someone being beaten? Shoulda stayed home, dude. We have our orders.

It is not 1968, and big city mayors are not Frank Rizzo, or Dick Daley. They are all lefties, and left lefties at that. they are content to see Trump people beaten up. Trump people do not live in Minneapolis, and they aren't wanted there. They mayors are sure of this because no one they know supported Trump.

You cannot count on the police. You can spin all of the "we have more guns and ammo" scenarios you like, but the cops won't believe you. They do believe in that pension, though.

Aesop said...

Got it, Gordon: They're merely whores, "just following orders".
Say, how'd that line work out in 1946?

Just wondering.

When the public has had enough of the polizei (and they always reach that point), the reckoning is usually a formal affair, with the guests of honor wearing hemp neckties for the occasion.
And the dancing usually takes place several feet above the ground.

Dulce et decorum est...

Gordon Scott said...

It could happen, Aesop. I find it difficult to imagine it happening in the US.

For one thing, there is no obligation for the police to step in and help you. That's different from, say, the police helping round up the Juden for shipping.

Yes, they're whores. They are a very different breed of man from what they were in 1970. This is deliberate; the recruiting standards have changed greatly. They also have an "us versus them" attitude inculcated during training, and afterward. This could lead to the result you envision (if you haven't read it, Radley Balko's The Rise of the Warrior Cop is very interesting.

Still, I suspect they really don't think that they are vulnerable. Of course, police are a very thin line, and would be crushed quickly if the population rose up. I think the cops forget that, until they are vulnerable, such as in a riot.

But for what you suggest to happen--well, I don't see it. I can see them recognizing that civil order is gone, and that the local government is being killed off, and staying in the stations while that happens. But the citizenry stringing up the cops? Only if the cops fire on the citizens.

Aesop said...

Look harder. Neutrality is a myth.

Police who myopically think they took an oath to uphold their pensions rather than constitutions are going to run smack into the wall of reality.

And then they'll be stood up against it.

Ain't going to be any forgiving and forgetting.
And what they're doing so far is more akin to standing by and watching kristallnacht. Some cities get that. Berkeley doesn't.
Imagination is a poor defense against reality.

Long before we get to the trains and camps stage, the police will already be dead.