Sunday, April 23, 2017

100 Deadly Skills

 This book offers you all the fun of doing cool Seal stuff, without the downer of all the BUD/S School Hell Week hazing and weeding out suckage.

Example in point (1% spoiler; 99 other skills to go):
Skill 008 - Improvised body armor. (Pic embiggens.)
How hard is that? Let's see the author do it:

So cool, easy, and cheap, I might have to build one or more, test it out with live ammo, and YouTube the real world results.

Next evolution for you? Buy the book. Why? Life is hard and cruel. Even if you're Walter Mitty.

It pays to be a winner.

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LFMayor said...

I wonder how cheap all those Hilary! books could be had? Irony, thy name is...