Wednesday, April 12, 2017

More CMP Garands Coming

h/t WRSA

Link: CMP Garands coming home from Phillipines

Woo hoo.

 Do what you need to qualify for a CMP Garand now.

There were only 6 1/4 million made, and the survivors should all be given a good home, back here in the US.
As a bonus, they’re hell for tough, great for DRT terminal ballistics, as thousands of Zombie Good Krauts, Japs, Norks, Chicoms, and VC could attest, and they don’t look like eeeeevil Black Assault Rifles, while still providing a steady rate of semi-auto fire on anything that’s pissing you off.

Something to consider for any future sportiness on your horizon.

{FWIW, its invention by John Garand was prescient. They sold to Uncle for $85, in the day. In the wild now, a decent one goes for about a Ga-rand. CMP price ought to be decently less than that.}

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theirritablearchitect said...

A tip of the hat in your direction, sir; thanks for the link on qualification.