Sunday, April 16, 2017

Antifa Pwned: Commit To The Comedy

There seems to be a Clowncarnucopia of Fail videos going up on YouTube by the minute, showing Antifa to be just exactly what I said some weeks back. Color me side-splittingly tickled pink. I highly recommend that if you like a good laugh, you look them all up.

If anything that I wrote here, which was linked numerous places, contributed to Saturday's comeuppance to the Pussy Hat Army being so epic, I'm happy to have served. The preparedness game seems to have been upped on the MAGA side notably. Which is only a surprise to Antifa, and their foolish tagalongs.

So much for the notes from others than only the Left is showing up to move the ball in the streets. They are, in the words of Patriot Retort, "Tissue Terrorists": i.e. about as sturdy as Charmin. So now, it isn't even safe for them in liberal idiot bastions like Berkeley.
Boo frickin' hoo.

Long video:
Slow-mo close-up of the money shot:
(FTR, punching bag's new internet nickname is Moldylocks. ROFLMAO!)

Nota bene she grabs his collar with both hands before he adjusts her outlook on violent protest. Self defense, in all 50 US states, 16 territories, and the District of Columbia. 
Gender equality isn't so fun when it smacks you in the face, is it, Antifa-tardette?
But I admit, it is twice as funny as watching the other side sucker punch old men and pepper spray women going to a lecture.

Comment from Rainman, at WRSA:
[O]n her facebook account the day before the riot she threatened the scalp a 100 nazi’s. The feminazi’s brainwashed this 97 lb girl into thinking she could duke it out with adult men. Luckily she just got off with just a headache and a black eye. She makes her living off of a very liberal 1st amendment, yet wants to take that right form me, by force. If that punch was 3 inches lower she would have lost teeth and been out of the only job she is qualified for. Hopefully that punch knocked some sense into her.

So now you've lost at violent protest, too, and decisively, Lefty Lunatards.

Do you really still wanna scratch the itch of trying armed violent protests against the MAGA crowd??

Yeah, thought not.

Most of us had you figured out about this time in life:
Piss off, Antifatheads.


Anonymous said...

Play stupid games. Win stupid prizes.

Anonymous said...

Personally you couldn't pay me enough to attend one of these parties. I'm more than willing to apply remedial dentistry if attacked, but I see no reason to intentionally put myself in a place where such reaction is predictable.

Perhaps in my case wisdom tagged along with age, at least in this respect.

I also note the difference between this video and the one you posted last time, when the guy just took being grabbed, pulled on, and hit by the little girl, and ultimately got ganged up on and curb stomped. Almost like my Dad knew what he was talking about when he said "If you're attacked by a group, figure out who's instigating the attack and take him out as messily and noisily as possible."

Mark D

Aesop said...

My advice still echoes Remus' frequent suggestion over at Woodpile Report:
Stay away from crowds.
But for those bound and determined to mix it up despite common sense, the more recent forays have been much better-handled than the early ones.
So at least, some learning is occurring.

The Gray Man said...

I really wish these Anti-FAtheads would start something in my area but NW Florida seems to be boring on that front.