Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Dhimmi Crack Corn, And I Don't Care

Item One:
In 2007, the Intelligence folks at NYPD wrote a pretty good guide to the radicalization process in Muslim residents of the West.

Which was written before the Muslim attacks in Ft. Hood, Waltham, Boston, San Bernardino, Chattanooga, Orlando, Fresno, or any of the other 35 terror attacks and murders committed by everyday Muslims practicing old-school Islam in the US, from 2008 to now.

Item Two:
CAIR and the other Usual Suspect terrorist front groups sued NYPD to stop referring to it or using it. Apparently because NYPD Intelligence nailed it, and Team Mo can't be having any of that.

Item Three:
NYFC's Dhimmi in Chief DeBlasio has caved to that action.

But, you can still find the thing for yourself, and download it as a pdf (90 pages, recommended), as a resource. Also available here, here, and here.

h/t Peter @ bayourenaissanceman

TL;DR version:

Radical Muslims give the other 5% apostate Muslims a bad name.
Avoid crowds.

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