Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life

Not a spy, never was, don't plan to be one. But the takeaways from this book are worth the cover price.

You can see the guy's original pitch from Shark Tank,

along with another dozen YouTube clips from various TV shows, to get a small idea of what the book's about, but the book is far more comprehensive in many ways.

Most important is his focus in the book, not on gear, not even on technique, but primarily on the mindset of situational awareness, which avoids a lot of problems from the outset, alerts you to the problems you can't avoid, and gives you time and options to come out ahead when faced with crappy choices.

Even if you can't get to his Utah Spy Camp,

you can teach yourself a ton of various and useful things just with the benefit of digesting this book.

It could save your life from a carjacking or home invasion, let alone foreign trouble, or even during actual cloak-and-dagger work.

And even if you never need it, it's a cool read.

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