Sunday, April 16, 2017

What A Difference A Couple Of Months Makes: Toldja So Edition

Apparently, somebody decided to drop 58 guys nicknamed "Tomahawk" onto Berkeley yesterday. It went about like it did in Syria:

Link: Antifa Beaten Silly by Pro-Trump Rally in Berkeley
(Okay, let's be fair: Antifa was silly before they were beaten.)
[W]hen Antifa was met with force, they ran away.As far as domestic terror groups go, Antifa may try to look the part. But they aren’t nearly as terrifying as they think they are.
Yes, they are a domestic terror group. They use violence to obtain a political objective. And isn’t that the textbook definition of terrorism?
But terror only works when those you seek to terrorize are cowed into submission.
Please, do RTWT over at Patriot Retort.

Q: What's black and blue and red and stupid all over?
A: Antifa, after yesterday in Berkeley.

I can do this for four to eight years. Tip your waitresses. Try the veal.

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