Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Apparently, this week is National Take A Retard To An Internet Café Week.

I didn't know. Sadly.

But the clear and overwhelming proof sits there, as obvious as the nose on my face.
The first response is free.
After that, you're either fighting a holding action, or just jiggling the handle and lighting a candle.

I've just finished 9 months at a perfectly fantastic trauma center, and today I'm taking some time away from kicking crippled kids online,

and going to Disneyland. No, really.

Hopefully today they're all still online, and not waiting to get into the park.


TheAlaskan said...

That was one of the most entertaining threads ever; over there @ WRSA. Thank you for your 'clarity of mind' in your posts. I didn't get to comment before it was closed. It seems that so many over at WRSA cannot wrap their heads around the reality on the ground and the fact that the world is full of "players" (always has been, always will be) where perception is a major component of their strategy , or, as in the case of Assad, key to his very survival. War in large part is deception. Any time weakness is exposed, real or not, players make their moves. Trump is a player so expect his moves to be decisive and deliberate. One must not forget the eight years of feckless maneuvering by Obama that has resulted in today's reality where other players now (until Trump) control the narrative. Your succinct assessments of the strike are salient and obvious facts that many at WRSA can't seem to comprehend. I salute you.

Aesop said...

You're welcome. You'll love the next post here.

Anonymous said...

You made some salient points I haven't read yet. I'm still unsure about everything because the conflicting information is hellish to try to get through, so I go back to my default position of gardening and making sure my pantry is in order no matter what, but that one guy who went on about gook blood on his dress uniform?

Erm.. what?

Is that some sort of parlance for having fought in Vietnam? Because my dad never fought in any dress uniform, and if he ever got blood on ANY of his clothes, he'd have washed them, because regulations were fairly rigid. Hell, the ironing involved back then alone was insane. So I'm not really sure where that came from, but no, there was no blood of any sort on any dress uniform on anyone serving back then because nobody sane wears dress blues to combat (in fact it's completely out of regulation to do so). Also, having green, yellow, and three red stripes on a ribbon doesn't mean anyone's seen combat, so I'm kind of leery of that guy - "Let me see your for-real, actual DD 214" kind of leery. My dad taught me well.

But yes Aesop, please continue to play your video games That had me giggling! Man, the folks you meet on the internet some days (will crush all hope you have in humanity).

Enjoy Disneyland! Please report back on any new Star Wars rides if possible?

Miles said...

Damn, Aesop.
Now you've piqued enough of my interest for me to swing over there and see what all went on.
I basically consigned WRSA to the bottom of the favorites dropdown when the owner continued to let a blowtard continue making whatever indecipherable "point" he is supposedly making.

Anonymous said...

In fact I'm going to go one better because it's pissing me off the more I think about it. NOBODY who ACTUALLY fought in Vietnam would talk like that. Period. My dad was there, my uncle was there. Even when they were talking to younger people in the services online later, they would NEVER have worded it like that. Guy's a fake. I don't care how much he rattles on online, he's a phony. I'm calling it. He can read this and put up or shut up, but I'm saying he's full of shit. I know that's not completely germane to any conversation here about Syria and idiots, but it's these small things that build up over time...

Anonymous said...

You're pretty much the only one in the blogosphere not pant-shitting with wild-eyed conspiracy theories.

Your analysis is spot-on, Sir.

Aesop said...

It's what I do.

Aesop said...

And no new Star Wars rides. Yet.
This summer, they say.

At this point, the Rivers Of America are still sandbag-dammed at the halfway point in both directions, no Tom Sawyer's Island, no Mark Twain (it sits, moored), no Columbia, no train around the park, as that all goes right through the construction zone for Mos Eisley (or whatever they'll call it when it's done).

When they've got what they want done, we get all that back, and Phantasmic.

As an APH a short trip away, I'm probably there 40-50x/yr, because everything but food is paid for already.