Monday, April 3, 2017

Biology 3, Diversity 0

(h/t to Solomon over at SNAFU!)

                         Future Swedish police recruit

Check out this soon-to-be-viral video from Sverigistan:

Apparently three former backup dancers for ABBA made the career switch to being coplettes. Unfortunately, in the course of their duties, they seem to have tried to apprehend a swarthy "refugee" in between acts of arson, and it turns out Dirka Dirka Imawannajihad wasn't having any of that.

Even with help from a couple of male bystanders, the utter ineffectiveness of the cop-chicks is beyond redemption or any attempt at gainsaying. When you aren't packing the biological gear to do the beat cop job, go back to being a dispatcher, or perhaps baking cookies. For the good of humanity.

This wasn't a job for the Three Diversity Stooges, it was a job for Captain Taser, and his trusty sidekicks, Sergeant Pepper Spray, and Corporal PR-24 Shampoo.

No doubt the once and future miscreants in Sverigistan, over on Bakalakadaka Street, will be quaking over this display of diverse community policing. But the quaking will be in mirth.

Look, any man can get beaten too, but it takes a proper flying squad of Constable Barbies to get their asses kicked at 3:1 odds.
If the perpetrator in question hadn't already trashed their po-po ride (while they stood helplessly watching), I'd suggest one of them get in, and run him over.

Maybe the police over there should stop recruiting from amongst the airport welcoming committees.

Maybe it's time for WOW to open a chapter in the rape diversity capitol of the world, Stockholm.
(Which also explains a lot about why Stockholm Syndrome cropped up...there.)
Or perhaps try finding some corn-fed old school opera singers.

Just saying.

And BTW, today Sverigistan, tomorrow Britistan:

That'll end well.


RandyGC said...

I love how the only person one of the cops was able to gain control of and remove from the situations was...the first guy that was trying to help them.

Yeeesh. I wonder if the two good Samaritans will face stronger charges than the goblin.

Anonymous said...

Reminiscent of the (IIRC) New Zealand women's Olympic weight lifting competition that was won, by a WIDE margin, by a trans-gender who'd been male for 35 of his 39 years. So 35 years of naturally occurring testosterone to produce muscles which aren't removed in the TG process. In a sport where the difference between gold and 4th is usually a couple kilos, s/he won by 19 kg.

An old GF was a Women's Studies major (the only excuse I can offer is that men, especially young men, are like carpets, if you lay them right the first time you can walk on them for years). She insisted she could do anything I could, only better. Until there was something heavy to lift. Or something nasty/dirty/disgusting to be handled. Or a bug to be killed. Or, in her case, any sort of math to be done (seriously, she couldn't add 2 and 2 and reliably come up with an answer less than seven). But she could quote the crap out of Sylvia Plath.

Mark D