Saturday, November 27, 2021

This Is The Way

 h/t CA

So many lessons there from philosopher-king L. Frank Baum:

1) The easy way is the wrong way.

2) Build your team.

3) Your enemies will fuck with you every chance they get.

4) Distant Higher Authority is usually worthless.

5) Keep working the problem.

6) You don't fight for abstractions, you fight for your friends.

7) Never give up.

8) The only way to win is by taking out your enemies for good.

9) You can always do more than you think you can.

It's almost like they took this book, and used it to train Navy frogmen, or something.

And that, Gentle Reader, is how we took you from the Mandalorian, to the Wizard Of Oz, to Navy SEALs, in just one post and illustrative meme.


Anonymous said...

Well done, Brother! Words to live by. Great meme!
Boat Guy

Housewolf said...

Remember too, that in the original book, by Frank Baum, the slippers were silver..not ruby.
The commentary about the manipulation of the currency is lost in the film.

Anonymous said...

"...took you from the Mandalorian, to the Wizard Of Oz, to Navy SEALs, in just one post and illustrative meme."
It's undoubtedly a skill, brother. Thanks for what you share here, over the years.
Original Grandpa

Sven said...

Impressive. I plan on using this with people I network with.


John Wilder said...

Excellent lessons learned!!!

Mark said...

Finally got around to reading the linked post and comments.

Protests CAN work if (and ONLY if):

1) You're dealing with a legitimately elected government.
2) Said government finds itself in a position of either doing what the protestors want or losing its rice bowl.
3) The number of people asking politely that the government change its policy is significant enough that having them vote for the other guy next Election Day will mean a change of government.

None of which apply to our current Federal government or the protests our side is holding.

So if you live in a town of 10,000 souls, and the town council considers an ordinance (for instance) outlawing the sale of alcohol, and 2,500 people (read voters) show up to protest, the council members know they'd better backpeddle or they'll be looking for new jobs come next November.

When the government doesn't give a crap about voters because they'll just keep counting until they get the result they want, they won't pay attention to protests. When a couple hundred people show up to protest something on the Federal level, even a legitimate government can safely ignore such numbers.

Protests worked (after a fashion) in India because the British actually CARED about how the rest of the world saw them. Note also that, as far as India was concerned, the Brits were NOT a legitimately elected government.

Notice how well protests worked in Tiananmen Square.

So yeah, we have the RIGHT to petition our government. We have the RIGHT to assemble peaceably. There's no RIGHT that doing so will actually do any good.

Mark D