Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Rot In Hell, You Woketard M*****f***ing Bastards

 h/t Phil

(Gateway Pundit)The Salvation Army wants its white donors to give it more than just money this Christmas season. Its leadership is also demanding they apologize for being racist.

It’s part of a push by the Christian charitable organization to embrace the ideas of Black Lives Matter, an activist group working to, among other things, “dismantle white privilege” and “disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure.”

It'll be a cold day in Hell before these @$$holes get another dime from me, and what I will leave in their pots won't pass for cash or coin, unless you're a dung beetle. It's liable to be folded up TP, with a skidmark. Yes, I'm serious.

If they want money, they can hit up woketards like Colin Krapperdick.

The only other thing they'll get from me from here on out will be fond wishes that they self-fornicate themselves in a tight place, sideways, with a rusty chainsaw.

And because of our generous nature, here's a new logo for the organization, gratis, to replace their now-obsolete one:

But if you'd like to send them a bag of dicks to eat, their US address is

Salvation Army USA National Headquarters

615 Slaters Ln #1112

Alexandria VA 22314

If you'd prefer to give them an earful by phone, that number is 

(703) 684-5500.

As far as we can tell, it's the US branch of the organization that's responsible for the currently-noted rot.

We suspect this cunning plan isn't going to turn out like they thought, and they'll live to repent of it..

For anyone with weak Google-fu:

Satan's Army cultural Marxism documents:

And for the terminally slow learners:

When you accuse an entire race of people of racism, purely because of their skin color, you've just committed the exact sin about which you claim to be all butthurt: judging people by the color of their skin, rather than the content of their character. The Rev. Martin Luther King would have laughed you off the stage, and kicked your ass RTF out of his church. Jesus Christ himself would have started with you by making a whip of cords...

I understand the reticence of acknowledging that Satan's Army is now overrun by Marxist Critical Race Theory. Suck it up, buttercup. No one who demands you self-flagellate because of your skin color is your friend, nor is preaching any part of the gospel of Christ. They're preaching the gospel of Karl Marx. To Hell with them all, because that's where their message originates.


Anonymous said...

I was able to leave a pitchfork pointed goodbye to them at:
I suggest that everyone who has ever donated to t h em do the same.
I also noted that I had formerly respected them for controlling their overhead expenses, but that when they became overtly racist, that I could no longer support their actions.
John in Indy

Anonymous said...

Sorry. The correct address was:
John in Indy

Foot in the Forest said...

Just used the phone # you provided. Left them my name and a close location and a message. I am 61 years old. Since the age of 18 every time I passed a red kettle the largest bill in my wallet went into the kettle. Did not matter if it was a 20,50,100 it went into the kettle, every time. Since they now ASSUME I am a racist I informed them that I will no longer contribute to them now or in the future.

RandyGC said...

Dear Salvation Army

I'm sincerely sorry that you are a bunch of dumbassess that let petty politics get in the way of doing something useful.

For a true picture of how sincerely sorry I am, please view this video apology:

Billy Bob in Texas said...

The Salvation Army is dead to me now. It was the only charity which was NOT political that I supported and now it is dead to me. Not another penny or frozen turkey will be sent their way for their racist woke assholes to dole out.

Shame Shame Shame!

TwoBuckChuck said...

Ph-u-u-u-uck. We moved recently, abandoning our lifelong northeast blue state for something a bit more southwest and red. Since it made no economic sense to pay $1 a pound to move our lifetime accumulation of STUFF down here, we donated about half of all that we owned in this world to a handful of charities, thrift stores and the trusty curb. Unfortunately, the Salvo was a major recipient of our largesse.

The scumbags would not accept sealed boxes or wrapped items, because...we look so much like terrorists, apparently. So we had to open up and unwrap at least 15 crates' worth of baubles, collectibles, small appliances, books and media, before they would deign to receive our charity.

I didn't apologize for my Whiteness, but I did curse their niggardliness.

Bigus Macus said...

Sounds like they just told me that they don’t want my racist donation

sge32000 said...

Sorry, guys. I think you are being played. I don’t doubt the SA is against racism, but I’m not finding anything about wanting white folks to apologize. Took me about 10 minutes to find and read SA’s official position on the issue: (And there’s a separate pdf that I couldn’t find a way to link).

Last time I looked it up, I got the impression that SA does the best job of turning donations into help (that is, very low overhead compared to monsters like the Red Cross or UNICEF). Before you toss SA into the ditch, you might want have more of source than our host’s cite of Phil’s cite of Gateway Pundit and the Washington Times.

Jim said...

Easters and Thanksgivings have found me assisting at the SA kitchens-- cleaning, mopping, passing out food trays, whatever was needed. I just spent an hour this evening reading through their website. Not only anti-white rayssisst crap, but UN affiliations. I'll be sleeping in this Thursday. Piss on the SA and the UN.

Reltney McFee said...

I attempted to back trace Gateway Pundit's assertions, and was unable to substantiate them

Now, does that mean he is mistaken, or does it mean that my search skills are deficient?

(Shrug) I dunno. BUT I would very much like an authentic primary source to review, so as to form my own opinion.

Thanks, Aesop, for your blog & your deliberations. This business ref Salvation Army certainly qualifies as "Important, if true"

Wayne said...

Aesop. Loved The Quiet Man reference!

Aesop said...

@sge32000 and Reltney,

Took all of about two mouseclicks to substantiate everything GP asserted, simply by clicking on the exact source Gateway Pundit cited, and their direct link to official Satan's Army pdf materials:

I repeat for emphasis:
Satan's Army USA is now wholly captured by motherfucking woketard Marxist bastards, preaching not the gospel of Christianity, but of Critical Race Theory, who can therefore go fuck themselves, sideways, with a rusty chainsaw.

If the organization throws the two authors of their official codswallop under the bus, and out of the organization, dismantles their cultural Marxism, disavows it in total and unreservedly, in perpetuity, and humbly apologizes to all of White America for letting those two woketard shitstains speak for the entire organization, and re-emphasizes their traditional Christian message, then and only then, will I avail myself of the option to forgive and forget.

Until then, they can collectively and corporately rot in Hell, because that is from whence their Marxist message proceeds, and I leave it for the reader to guess who the ultimate author of it is.

I don't mind being questioned, but perhaps next time, try taking the extra step of following the link breadcrumbs provided, which were right where I, Phil, and GatewayPundit left them. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

TCK said...

Does this mean we can stop hating Chick Fil-A now?
Or should we simply hate them both?

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Son of a Bitch. Protestant church charity Not any more. WWJD. Sad a few at the top have destroyed this great effort but I will not participate and that pains me. Really down right now but I will over come.

Aesop said...

Chick who?

millerized said...

Just look at all these new red urinals outside stores this season. They even have someone ringing a 'vacancy' bell to let you know where they are.

idahobob said...

Fuck 'em!

Mike Guenther said...

Well hell. They are/were the only charity I donated to. I also have given them a lot of good clothing, furniture and other baubles. Who to give stuff to now? I don't care for the Goodwill.

And the Boys and Girls Clubs and Scout organizations are just as "Woke", so they're out too.

Stealth Spaniel said...

Yes-boycott and starve these racist assholes. They have a big kettle up at the Big Box Store-I listen to the damned jangling bell all day long. The dinglers alternate between a Mexican lady and a black guy. Both seem very nice, but in light of things, I want to ask them how they can accept such haram from infidels? After all, my city is 98% white, so that very money............oh wait. Money is power, so its source doesn't matter. What a screwed up country we are. Maybe Haxo was correct. They are hollowing out everything about this country that ever mattered.

Shitz Popinoff said...

Must be you've never traveled our southern states, chick-fil-a is a chain of chicken based fast food restaurants, with traditional Christian values, e.g. closed on Sundays, f@gs are bad etc.
Great chicken tho.

Michael or Janice said...

I also was having a hard time establishing a connection from to . As near as I can tell with an hour of poking around the Salvation Army USA site they say nothing that would have surprised Rev. MLK and no direct link.

It was only when I went back to DuckDuckGo and from there to Salvation Army International (London) and stayed at the International site that I found International Social Justice Commission. In the Header, under About, third from the bottom of list, footer about, and middle of the page one of the icon- links. So three times on main page.

One take away is that if an organization is international it is woke. National maybe woke maybe not. Local depends on the people. Problem is a portion of my support for local will be going to national and International.

I will continue to donate to the store. Have think about the Kettles. Thanks for the heads-up
Mike G

Ultimate Ordnance said...

Local - Local - Local.
My donations are going to the local food pantry or to local charity thrift shops from now on.

Ultimate Ordnance said...

I am a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant. When I got married, my bride was a brown, South American Muslim of East Indian descent. The surrogate father-of-the-bride was a black American. The surrogate mother-of-the-bride was a Puerto Rican. The best man was a black Grenadian. All of that doesn't matter, because I am white, I am a racist. I'm so sorry - NOT!

Reltney McFee said...

Thanks for the link. Homework beckons.

Anonymous said...

WTF. So white folk are the only racists? CNN is hosted by a whole bunch of anti-white racists as well as BLM.
I am surprised they just did not do an full blown implode and include apoligies for being any phobe listed in the dictionary as well.

John Wilder said...

BLM is nothing more than Marxist cancer. It keeps spreading.

Aesop said...

@Shitz Popinoff,
Yeah, We had a place like that here in Califrutopia too. Held the line for being not gay friendly, closed on Sundays, then went full prog woketard the second time they were challenged, (BLM, IIRC) after people (self included) had specifically made a point of not boycotting them the first time.
Get woke, go broke. Fuck them, they're dead to me. You don't get to play for both teams. You could look it up.

So I repeat: Chick who?

Anonymous said...

A member of my Team came into a lot of money recently. He asked me (Oh Wise Woman) what good works he could/should contribute to. Tithes and all that. Off the top of my head, I thought SA. Wow. This news arrived just in time. Now the food pantries, St. Jude's, the Shriners Hospital program, and the animal shelters will get a much bigger Yuletide surprise. Much bigger.

libertyman said...

Just cancelled my monthly direct donation. I used to go through the United Way at work, but they are a bunch of thieves, plus they get to decide where your money goes once they have it. My last hope was the Salvation Army, now they have lost my trust.

Plague Monk said...

I can't bring myself to follow our host's suggestion of donating slightly used TP to the Salvation Army(yet), but what I am going to give them are Monopoly dollars. I also have a few Hilarious Klingon $3 bills, and a few of those might make it into the red urinals.
As to where my real donations go, well, the church my wife attends, various cat rescue groups, and most importantly, feeding my Warhammer model addiction. (We also give when we can to the DAV, but we've had to cut back a lot this past year).

libertyman said...

From the Salvation Army email: "Your recurring donation plan was updated.Thanks for your continued support!"

Except that terminated my support. I had them as a recipient on Amazon Smile, now it is the Second Amendment Foundation. A much better choice overall.

Anonymous said...

I've never been niggerdly in my multiple annual donations to the Salvation Army, but now, since I've been accused of being racist and must apologize for my Whiteness, I will now be sooooooooo niggerdly with my donations. Now I will simply drop a folded piece of paper with the words "Redeemable For One White Apology In Lieu of Cash Donation" in the red kettle.

Their actions will turn a lot of generous White donors into Niggerdly donors based on their racist actions towards white people.

Reltney McFee said...

"Now the food pantries, St. Jude's, the Shriners Hospital program, and the animal shelters will get a much bigger Yuletide surprise. Much bigger."

Thank you, Aesop. Did my homework, spake with TDW-Mark II, and she opined as did Anonymous 11/26, 0753.

Kinda sad. Oddly enough, 2021 has been sort of kind to me, for certain values of "kind", and my/our thought has been to share some of that bounty.

As regards the "racist" thing, (a) anybody who can direct that accusation as me, or anyone else, without a single word exchanged, well, their data collection/analysis skills are worse than my internet search skills.

(b) my racism, or lack thereof is the business of The Almighty, and my family members who are not "people of pallor". Everybody else? FOAD. (I'm looking at YOU, SA. And the rest of the loathesome "opinion makers".)

pyrrhus said...

Amazing how much money this wokeness has saved only Boys Town and the local Science Fair are left..

Landroll said...

Gave lots of stuff to SA since wife died in March. Racked and stacked more to give, but now? What to do, what to do. Damned sure not taking anything there or chipping into the pot. Seems like everyone wants to blame 'white' whatever for all their problems. All the while enjoying the benefits that 'white' whatever has provided to make their lives easier. So much for SA!

Anonymous said...

During Hurricane Katrina I learned that the Red Cross dispenses donated aid, keeps a ledger, and bills .gov. That was my end point for Red Cross.

Rhea said...

Landroll, you might try talking to a local church or women's shelter in the area that might be in need.

This is the time of year that I would put a lot of change in the red kettle. Guess those days are over. So sick of the woke retards.


Robin E said...

Take Boys Town off the list as well. Long standing in some child trafficking (Part of the S&L fiasco in the 1980s). Also, their sports teams couldn’t be more woke….they have to sit out the national anthem in the locker rooms because they’re not allowed to kneel in Nebraska. Even the cheerleaders.