Friday, November 26, 2021

Black Friday Bargain

One exemplar from their upload list.

[Dear Racist Racetards: The term "Black Friday" has Jack and Sh*t to do with anything racial. It's the sale day/weekend that is intended to help retailers get their financial books "into the black" i.e. finally turn a profit. Explaining this became necessary once the 40 IQ kids were left in charge of Social Justice, which date is defined as "ever", on any calendar in existence. ] 

For about a year now, on YouTube and multiple other platforms, a few people working as "S2 Underground" have been posting videos once to twice a week, from about two minutes to two hours in length, on intel, counter-intel, and preparedness intel and updates.

They aren't five-star, but the guys behind them clearly know what they're taking about, and have obviously "been there, and done that". Which puts them in front of 90% of YouTube "experts" on anything.

If we had a quibble or three, it's that we wish someone would teach people how to do YouTube videos, starting with "Stop 'umming' and 'uhhing': write a script, rehearse it, and tighten it the f**k up." and moving on to "It's a video, FFS: Don't tell me, show me. Better yet, show me while you tell me." IOW, this is audio-visual presentation. If you're wasting either verbiage or visuals, you're shortchanging your audience by 50%, at minimum.

I would take a salary of $1/yr to consult on this, but most people just bumble along and get better with time.

That aside, the information and concepts they cover, they clearly do from solid knowledge of the subject matter, and you'd have to be a pretty slick operator not to learn something from what they're passing along. (And fully expecting YouTube to eventually hose them out of existence, they're doing it redundantly, on multiple platforms.)

Proving, yet again, they know a good bit about WTF they're talking about.

They have about 90 or so videos up. Some have been overtaken by time, but a lot of the "How To" efforts remain relevant, and you could go from know-nothing to know-a-lot with the investment of some time on their upload list. Topics range from livestreamed intel updates to "5 Minute Tradecraft" to food preparedness. If you can't find something they can help you with, or get you thinking about that you hadn't mentally worked through, you're either not trying very hard, or you're already a soopergenius.

We commend their channel to your watch list, and wish them continued success, and diligent improvement in their offerings. They're worth your time, and to date, your subscription to YouTube continues to cost $0.


Anonymous said...

Thank you -- nice link.I agree totally on the waste of time that comprise a lot of amateur videos.
In my experience with YouTube, if the video begins with "what's up guys" I almost always move on.

JustinR said...

I discovered them when one of their videos popped up on my recommended list about two months ago, and I've been watching their content as much as I can in my free time. In fairness I do wish they would separate their podcast format from video format, and the verbal fillers are noticable, but their efforts to spread knowledge to untrained swine like myself are commendable and deserve a few bucks each month. Also, I have a Soviet trench periscope on its way from Poland right now thanks to ebay. You know, to add to my Cold War artifact collection.

Commander_Zero said...

I call it "Friday of Color"

yachtsecurity said...

Jim said...

While we're at it... PLEASE, FFS, STOP showing us how tall you wish you were by shooting up your nose. And we really don't care how much of the screen you can fill with your face-- just stop doing it. Those two items will get me to not watch as much as the intro-- I do not want to see if you have snot or buggers in your nose. And if you need to see what color your chin hairs are, do it in a mirror, not on a video meant for consumption.

Gawd, guys-- have some sense: PRE-view your work.

Unknownsailor said...

One thing the dissident right is going to need is instruction how to gather what the military calls PII, personally identifying information.

Antifa should not be the only group that has the ability to track people down based solely off of a picture. They have some people who are really good at doxxing, and this is a skill that the dissident right needs to learn, desperately. For nothing else than to learn how to harden themselves against the methods shitheads like Antifa use.

It shouldn't be hard to run down who runs a noxious antifa twitter handle, there doesn't seem to be anyone who has the skills to do that.

RandyGC said...

Those of us who have worked retail on that day refer to it as Black Friday as it is a day of gloom, horror, ​and much stupidity. Yeah, it pays the bosses bills which in turned paid ours, but still...

A great weight was lifted from my shoulders the day I started a new job and realized I would not be working retail during the Christmas season.

Robin Datta said...

Julian Treasure on better speaking and listening.

John Wilder said...

I'll give it a look. Or a listen.